Oh, No-ah! / Oh, ¡No-é!

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IT’S BEEN RAINING and raining for forty daysy daysy.

Well, not quite. It’s been less than a week.

And the sun does come out every now and again.

Sometimes it only drizzles.

And sometimes it doesn’t rain at all. Saturday was actually sunny. Today, too.

But ask San Geraldo and he’ll tell you it’s been raining for forty (frikkin’) days.

I haven’t seen Noah and his ark in recent days (click here). When I saw him last week, he had added a lot more cardboard (and masking tape!) to his construction. But he appeared very nautical in his new skipper’s cap. At least he’ll look rakish when the boat sinks (if it hasn’t already).


HA ESTADO LLOVIENDO durante cuarenta días.

Bueno, no del todo. Ha pasado menos de una semana.

Y hay sol del vez en cuando

A veces solo llovizna.

Y a veces no llueve en absoluto. El sábado era en realidad soleado. Hoy, también.

Pero pregúntale a San Geraldo y te dirá que ha estado lloviendo durante cuarenta (frikkin’) días.

No he visto a Noé y su arca en los últimos días (haz clic aquí). Cuando lo vi la semana pasada, había añadido mucho más cartón (y cinta adhesiva de papel!) a su construcción. Pero él aparecía muy náutico en su nueva gorra de capitán. Al menos se verá descabellada cuando el barco se hunda (si no lo ha hecho ya).


Author: Moving with Mitchell

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15 thoughts on “Oh, No-ah! / Oh, ¡No-é!”

  1. Seems universal that Novembers are not the brightest months of the year generally.
    Hey, we are heading towards spring! Say that three times a day!

  2. I’ve been enjoying the few days of rain we’ve been having. It cleared away the vestiges of smoke we’ve had from the fire. At least here, anyway.

    1. Deedles:
      The rain in California has been a mixed blessing. I read that the smoke had even reached the East Coast. So glad the fires at least are no longer threatening. Anyway, the sun is shining here today.

  3. “Hiiiiigh hopes. He’s got hiiiigh hopes. High aple pie in the skyyyy hopes.” I wonder if it helps him keep the rainy day blues at bay? Not a method I would suggest for you and SG, but maybe a trip to a sunnier clime would be in order.

    1. Wilma:
      I do wonder what this guy actually plans to do with that thing. As for the weather, the sun is shining again today.

    1. Kirk:
      He definitely does look like the Skipper, but I had already named him Noah, so I’m stuck with it. (Did you know that the Skipper’s real character name was Jonas Grumby?!? I just looked it up.

    1. Bob:
      Well, he’ll look like the Skipper from Gilligan’s Island, which is not quite the same thing.

  4. Have I missed something? I’m thinking Noah’s boat is for a parade float, you know, to carry a virgin or two. Not for real water. Do you really think he’s gonna try to float that thing? 🙂

    1. Walt the Fourth:
      I’m sure he has no intention of putting that thing in the water, although I have no idea what his intentions are. I’ve just been enjoying watching his odd progress… including his current “look,” which resembles the Skipper from Gilligan’s Island. Anyway, the city has strict regulations about building your own boat.

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