It’s Beginning To Look / Está Empezando A Lucir

La versión español está después de las fotos.

CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS ARE going up all over the City of Fuengirola. I don’t remember things being lit up so early, but it is kind of beautiful. Friday night, as we headed out for dinner, we noticed that our neighborhood (Los Boliches) Christmas “tree” was already lit. I didn’t want to miss the opportunity for photos on that crystal clear night. So I walked inside the tree and snapped this series of photos.

When we got home from dinner around 11, I took the video from our terrace of the complete light show. San Geraldo didn’t feel like rolling the shutters down last night in his bedroom. But if he leaves them open, the light show from the tree gives him psychedelic dreams. So he slept with me all night! Thank you, tree!


LAS DECORACIONES NAVIDEÑAS están subiendo por toda la ciudad de Fuengirola. No recuerdo que las cosas se iluminaran tan temprano, pero es algo hermoso. El viernes por la noche, cuando salíamos a cenar, notamos que el “árbol” navideño de nuestro barrio (Los Boliches) ya estaba encendido. No quería perder la oportunidad de tomar fotos en esa noche clara como el cristal. Así que caminé dentro del árbol y tomé esta serie de fotos.

Cuando llegamos a casa de la cena a las 11, tomé el siguiente video de nuestra terraza del espectáculo de luces completo. San Geraldo no tenía ganas de bajar las persianas anoche en su habitación. Pero si los deja abiertos, el espectáculo de luces del árbol le da sueños psicodélicos. ¡Así que dormimos juntos toda la noche! ¡Gracias, árbol!

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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26 thoughts on “It’s Beginning To Look / Está Empezando A Lucir”

    1. Anne Marie,
      But we’ve slept together two entire nights! I would enjoy the psychedelic dreams (ok, no I probably wouldn’t). Memories!

  1. I wish I could see that tree up close. I can’t figure out exactly how that thing is wired. Where do the lights go when the tree occasionally go dark? Obviously, they must still be there, but they seem invisible. Amazing achievement.

    1. Kirk:
      I’ll share photos in the near future of the tree with the lights off, so you can get it all figured out.

  2. The best part of the tree light sequence is when the colors run up the tree into the star. Hope your dreams were sweet and that you didn’t hit Jerry in a sleeping flail.

    1. Wilma:
      I love that, too. I’m looking forward to standing inside the tree one night and watching it all from there. Jerry and I have slept together two nights in a row. I’ve only hit him once, but it wasn’t much more than a tap.

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