San Geraldo Doesn’t Know How To Blow / San Geraldo No Sabe Soplar

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OUR PAL LUKE had a piñata for his third birthday. Kathleen filled it with lots of fun things, including, toys, chocolate, and pop rocks — those colorful bits of candy that sizzle and pop in your mouth. After that came the chocolate dinosaur cake. Sugar rush!

There were little party horns for us all. San Geraldo couldn’t get his to work. He said, “Maybe I just don’t know how to blow.” Ahem.

Luke took out his tool kit and tried, unsuccesfully, to fix San Geraldo’s horn.


NUESTRO COMPADRE LUKE tenía una piñata para su tercer cumpleaños. Kathleen la llenó con muchas cosas divertidas, como juguetes, chocolate, y Peta Zetas — esos coloridos trocitos de caramelo “que producen sonido y una sensación de explosión y efervescencia”. Después de eso vino la tarta de dinosaurio de chocolate. ¡Fiebre del azúcar!

Hubo pequeños cuernos de fiesta para todos nosotros. El cuerno de San Geraldo no funcionó. Él dijo: “Tal vez simplemente no sé cómo soplar”. Ejem.

Luke sacó su caja de herramientas y trató, sin éxito, de arreglar el cuerno de San Geraldo.





Author: Moving with Mitchell

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23 thoughts on “San Geraldo Doesn’t Know How To Blow / San Geraldo No Sabe Soplar”

    1. Jim:
      i loved seeing Luke seriously working with the screw driver… and testing the result.

  1. When I read the title of this I thought how unusual for you to go into marital problems on this here blog. Then I saw that sweet little face, and Luke, and I just can’t go to filth town now! Thank you for helping me to stay clean and virtuous. Poor SG, blowing horns can be hard!

    1. Kirk:
      Thanks. I think I’m very lucky, too. And he’s still young enough… for what, I don’t know, but he’s still young enough for something.

  2. I bought a little gun and I learned to shoot.
    I bought a little a horn and I learned to toot.
    Now I can shoot and toot, ain’t that cute?

    1. Spo:
      Wow! Is this something else in which you have some expertise. Whiskey, Psychiatry, Sewing, and Blowing? Your skills know no limit!

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