Sunflowers and tail / Girasoles y rabo

La versión en español está después de la versión en inglés.

OF COURSE WE HAD TO eat while we were in Mijas Pueblo. When we first arrived at the top of those beautiful tile stairs (Wednesday’s post), I spotted the shop Sabor a España [Taste of Spain], a gourmet shop specializing in handmade products. As they say, “A Spain of almonds, of pine nuts, of honey… Smells that are reminiscent of tradition.”

I’ve visited one of their shops in the city of Málaga (on several occasions) and have found myself in heaven. To start with, I’m always greeted warmly by friendly, knowledgable, exceptional staff. Tuesday was no different. San Geraldo was a Sabor a España virgin. But, now, he’s hooked. When we arrived, we were the only ones in the shop, so we got lots of samples and lots of attention. But then the shop got happily busy and we started browsing. A few minutes later we were told we simply had to try the sunflower seeds dipped in chocolate. Now, sunflower seeds don’t do much for me but I obeyed — just to be polite — and we each came home with our own package. As San Geraldo said, “Sunflowers are healthy!” They had some sugar-free options, too; I just couldn’t be bothered.

For lunch we went to a tapas bar and restaurant (recommended by another shop owner) called Koco Bistró (we had no idea the word bistro had an accented “o” in Spanish). I had planned to have a tapas lunch, but we both ended up with hamburguesas de rabo de torro (bull’s tail or oxtail burgers), which simply sounded good to us at that moment. The rich meat is shredded for the burger and is delicious. I saw tapas being served at other tables and decided that’s what I’ll do next time. And another “taste of Spain.”

And now I’ll get back to my café con leche and San Geraldo as we sit and relax outside on this beautiful morning.


POR SUPUESTO, TUVIMO QUE COMER mientras estábamos en Mijas Pueblo. Cuando llegamos por primera vez a lo alto de esas hermosas escaleras de azulejos (mi blog del miércoles), vi la tienda Sabor a España, una tienda gourmet especializada en productos hechos a mano. Como dicen, “Una España de almendras, de piñones, de miel … Olores que recuerdan a la tradición.”

He visitado una de sus tiendas en la ciudad de Málaga (en varias ocasiones) y me he encontrado en el paraíso. Para empezar, siempre me saluda calurosamente un personal amable, informado y excepcional. El martes no fue diferente. San Geraldo era virgen de Sabor a España. Pero ahora está enganchado. Cuando llegamos, éramos los únicos en la tienda, así que recibimos muchas muestras y mucha atención. Pero luego la tienda se puso felizmente ocupada y comenzamos a navegar. Unos minutos más tarde nos dijeron que simplemente teníamos que probar las semillas de girasol en chocolate. Ahora, las semillas de girasol no hacen mucho por mí, pero obedecí, solo para ser educado, y cada uno regresó a casa con su propio paquete. Como dijo San Geraldo, “¡Los girasoles son saludables!” También tenían algunas opciones sin azúcar; simplemente no podía molestarme.

Para el almuerzo fuimos a un bar de tapas y restaurante (recomendado por otro dueño de la tienda) llamado Koco Bistró . Tenía planeado un almuerzo de tapas, pero los dos terminamos con hamburguesas de rabo de torro, que simplemente nos sonó bien en ese momento. La rica carne se desmenuza para la hamburguesa y es deliciosa. Vi que se servían tapas en otras mesas y decidí que eso es lo que haré la próxima vez. Y otra más Sabor a España.

Y ahora volveré a mi café con leche y a San Geraldo mientras nos sentamos y nos relajamos afuera en esta hermosa mañana.

• Candied whole oranges would be way too much sugar, but they sure are beautiful.
• Las naranjas enteras confitadas serían demasiado azúcar, pero seguro que son hermosas.
• Chocolate-covered sunflower seeds (the half-eaten sample).
• Semillas de girasol en chocolate (la muestra a medio comer).
• A nice gift for someone with style, and a taste for wine. Is that a cockring?!?
• Un bonito regalo para alguien con estilo y gusto por el vino. ¿¡¿Eso es un anillo de pene?!?
• No, the bag is not filled with goodies from Sabor a España.
• No, la bolsa no está llena de golosinas de Sabor a España.
• My turón (nougat) with figs and walnuts.
• Mi turón con higos y nueces.
• San Geraldo’s sunflower seeds in chocolate, chilling. (Mine is in the door.)
• Semillas de girasol en chocolate de San Geraldo, enfriar. (El mio está en la puerta.)
• Koco Bistró for lunch.
• Koco Bistró para el almuerzo.

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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36 thoughts on “Sunflowers and tail / Girasoles y rabo”

    1. Jim:
      SG loves rabo de toro as a main dish. I don’t love it as much, but as a burger, definitely.

  1. The burger looks and sounds amazing, I’d have to try the oranges. The “gift set” could have optional uses. Use your imagination.

    1. David:
      Yeah, I guess if you’re kinky, there are other uses for a few of those items.

  2. You don’t need to seel this place anymore…im sold!!!! I would be all about that shop. I love any nuts over in chocolate and tasty treats.

  3. What a lovely day.
    But chocolate covered sunflower seeds? I imagine you couldn’t even taste the seed so it was all about the chocolate.

    And doesn’t everyone have a cock ring in their wine opening set?

    1. Bob:
      Surprisingly, I could taste the sunflower seed. It’s a delicious combination. I had no idea about the cock rings; I’ve never owned a wine opening set. Had I only known.

    1. Wilma:
      It did feel almost normal. Things are looking up around here (let’s hope they continue to do so).

  4. almonds & pine nuts – yum! the sunflower seeds look interesting. I love a man that will wear a cock ring. and nothing better than crispy fries dipped in heinz ketchup!

    1. anne marie:
      I’m not one for ketchup on fries, but to each their own. The fries were perfect. So, you like men with jewelry.

    1. Debra:
      Well, I plan to do some shopping in New York in August, but I’ll be well past my second vaccine by then… and I’ll continue to be careful.

  5. Everything I love. The Turon or Nougat, Chocolate covered Sunflower Seeds, and Candied Oranges except i make Candied Kumquat, Tangerines or Clementines. They make a posh dessert.
    I so want to shop and have lunch here.

    1. Parsnip:
      I love touron and this is one of the best I’ve had. I’ve never known anyone to make those candied fruits. They must be beautiful!

  6. I had no idea that whole oranges could be candied! I’ve only seen old recipes for candying orange slices or strips of peel (which are heavenly when dipped in dark Swiss chocolate). That burger and fries has made me hungry — time to go and make some lunch!

    1. Tundra Bunny:
      Those oranges were a first for me, too. But, oh yes, anything from an orange when dipped in chocolate!

  7. A good time was had by all. I’ve never been interested in sunflower seeds, but dipped in chocolate? I’m interested.


    1. Janie:
      I’m the same. Sunflower seeds never seemed worth the effort. But in chocolate!

    1. Walt the Fourth:
      Of course you would know that… living in France all these years.

  8. That burger looks great! As do the chocolate-covered sunflower seeds. I would have thought they’d be too small, but based on the picture and your description, they seem to work out just fine.

    1. Steve:
      Rabo de toro burgers are exceptional when done well. The sunflower seeds are a surprise to me. You can really taste the seeds and the combination with the chocolate is perfect. I dole myself out a tiny palmful and then put them away.

    1. Urspo:
      I just don’t share the rubbish. We’ve got plenty. Even KFC.

      1. Urspo:
        I agree. SG loves KFC, but he went once here and said ours was awful (thank god).

    1. Laurent:
      Our elegant days are behind us. (We’d have to shave and dress better.) But we do enjoy ourselves.

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