This is not a banana / Esta no es una banana

La versión en español está después de la versión en inglés.

MY COVID TEST WAS NEGATIVE and my major anxiety is gone. I was obsessed with the thought that the test would come up positive and I’d have to reschedule, again, and give The Kid Brother cause to worry. So, happy day! Since I fly from Málaga to Madrid quite early in the morning, I thought I’d share my Friday post today.

San Geraldo and I went to the post office (photo above) Wednesday to ship more books. The only reason I went was so I could have lunch at the Mexican place in La Galeria. I wandered the neighborhood, bought more masks for my trip, and took pictures while SG waited in line. I caught back up with him as the last few boxes were being processed. There was a long line of customers and SG said that made him feel pressured, although there was nothing he could do about it.

I told him the line would be moving more quickly if it weren’t for the asshole in the green polo shirt who was taking so much of one clerk’s time. He looked around to find the asshole in the green polo shirt.

The first image below is a T-shirt I saw in a shop window. I understand enough [written] French to sometimes translate what I see. I think I get it. Anyway, did you know all the uses for a banana peel? You can put it on a splinter to remove stray bits and heal the wound, you can rub it on a DVD or CD to repair scratches, rub it on your skin to remove ink stains or sooth insect bites. You can polish your shoes, dust plants, and even whiten your teeth. (I learned this all from PBS News Hour.) This is why I take such good care of my banana.

Click the thumbnails, although no bananas will grow.


MI PRUEBA DE COVID FUE NEGATIVA. Estoy un poquito estresado por el viaje pandémico, que nunca he hecho. Sin embargo, mi mayor ansiedad se ha ido. Estaba obsesionado con la idea de que mi prueba de Covid daría positivo y tendría que reprogramarla, nuevamente, y también preocupar a El Hermanito. Entonces, ¡feliz día!

San Geraldo y yo fuimos a la oficina de correos (foto de arriba) el miércoles para enviar más libros. La única razón por la que fui fue para poder almorzar en el lugar mexicano en La Galería. Deambulé por el vecindario, compré más máscaras para mi viaje y tomé fotografías mientras SG esperaba en la fila. Lo alcancé mientras se procesaban las últimas cajas. Había una larga fila de clientes y SG dijo que eso lo hacía sentir presionado, aunque no podía hacer nada al respecto.

Le dije que la fila se movería más rápido si no fuera por el imbécil del polo verde que le quitaba tanto tiempo a un empleado. Miró a su alrededor para encontrar al gilipollas del polo verde.

La primera foto de abajo es una camiseta que vi en un escaparate. Entiendo suficiente francés [escrito] para traducir a veces lo que veo. Creo que lo entiendo. De todos modos, ¿sabías todos los usos de las cáscaras de plátano? Puedes ponerlo en una astilla para quitar pedazos y curar la herida, frotarlo en un DVD o CD para reparar rasguños, frotarlo en tu piel para quitar manchas de tinta o calmar insectos. muerde Puedes lustrar tus zapatos, desempolvar plantas e incluso blanquear tus dientes. (Todo esto lo aprendí de PBS News Hour). Me aseguraré de tener mi plátano a mano.

Haz clic en las miniaturas, aunque no crecerán bananas.

• “This is not a banana.” Is the message placed too high on the shirt? It looks like a banana to me.
• “Esto no es una banana”. ¿Está el mensaje demasiado alto en la camiseta? A mí me parece una banana.

The asshole in the green polo.

El gilipollas en el polo verde.

• Seen from the terrace Monday. MSC Splendida. It’s length is about the height of a 100-story building. 3,900 passengers (and about the same number of crew). No thanks.
• Visto desde la terraza el lunes. MSC Splendida. Su longitud es aproximadamente la altura de un edificio de 100 pisos. 3.900 pasajeros (y aproximadamente el mismo número de tripulantes). No, gracias.
• What it looked like before Photoshop. (All I did was select autocontrast, because I wanted to know what I was seeing.)
• Cómo se veía antes de Photoshop. (Todo lo que hice fue seleccionar el contraste automático, porque queria saber lo que estaba viendo).
• Bon voyage pizza dinner with Tynan and Elana Tuesday Night: Lagarto al Ajillo [The name means Garlic Lizard, but it’s really a special cut of pork]: Stewed Iberian pork, mozzarella, scamorza, aubergine (eggplant). Superb!
• Buen viaje cena de pizza con Tynan y Elena el martes por la noche: Lagarto Ibérico guisado, mozzarella, scamorza, berenjena. ¡Magnico!
• I learned Wednesday that the main post office (right) was the original site of the public market.
• Supe el miércoles que la oficina principal de correos (a la derecha) era el sitio original del mercado público.
• Quesadilla.

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34 thoughts on “This is not a banana / Esta no es una banana”

    1. TexasTrailerParkTrash:
      Thanks! It’s amazing how relaxed I now am. And, yes, that cruise ship is my idea of hell, too.

  1. Je suis heureux que votre test de Covid était négatif et je vous souhaite un bon voyage.
    Ah… Cruise ships, towns in motion. One good thing about the virus was the disappearance of cruise ships. I believe they have now been banned from Venice.

    1. Karen:
      That was appalling. One of my portfolios at work was major cruise lines. Not a holiday I would enjoy. And the impact on the environment is shocking. At long last banned from Venice. Thanks for all!

  2. I’m with you and your other readers on the subject of cruise ships – my idea of Hell!

    Poor SG. Butt of the joke, again. Bon voyage – hope you packed your banana tightly… Jx

    1. Jim:
      Thanks! The pizza was amazing. I’d never heard of the dish it was based on.

  3. Bon Voyage, Mitchell! Hope your flights go smoothly — good decision to pass on the floating Petri dishes too. Have fun in New York…. I’m already looking forward to your photos and blog posts about it!

    1. Tundra Bunny:
      Muchisimas gracias… er… merci! Looking forward to being on my way. Just wish I SG were coming with me.

  4. my spanish lessons progress well I am nearly 100% to read the spanish version – but I appreciate learning new words < El gilipollas is my new one of the day.

  5. That food looks so delish and I love the picture of the street scene! I adore that tee shirt! I would totally wear that!!!

    Safe travels to you both my dears and stay safe. I will be thinking of you and trying to feel your vibes while your here since I’m sick I couldn’t make it up to New York. I’m trying to not think about it, but the real fun is about to begin. Not looking forward to it, at least partly. Safe travels boys!

    1. Thanks, Mads. Wish I could see you. Enjoy the work and all the changes coming!

    1. Wilma,
      Thanks! Nah, he’s my one and only asshole in a green polo shirt! Wish I could take him along to hold up a line or two.

  6. Wow. That ship is immense. Eight thousand people is like a small city.

    Those banana peel remedies sound like old wives’ tales, even if they do come from PBS. Color me skeptical.

    Hope you have a great trip!

    1. Steve,
      Although I live being on the water, I’m no fan of those megalopolis cruise ships.

      I’ll have to do research on bananas.

  7. The banana T-shirt is very suggestive in French. Agree I cannot get on a Cruise ship of more than 1200 people max. But with Covid I do not see ourselves cruising in the future.

    1. larrymuffin,
      I should have included the translation. The only cruise ships I’ve been on (for work) have been enormous, although not as enormous as this. Not my idea of a holiday.

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