Available by the hour / Disponible por hora

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Our first time in Bergen, Norway, in 1998, we stayed at The Strand Hotel, recommended by some American cousins. They had their own apartment in Bergen but told us friends of theirs had stayed there. San Geraldo’s mother had a single interior room with a big window with a view of what looked like a tenement courtyard. She couldn’t find the bathroom shower until we showed her the showerhead in the center of the ceiling. The entire bathroom was the shower. No leaving cosmetics or anything else around the sink. Even toilet paper had to be removed from the room. Our room looked out on the harbor and had a real bathroom. That’s as much as I can say for it.

We had never met any of the Bergen cousins. We learned that first day that, until recently, The Strand was known to rent by the hour. Cousin Ellen was afraid to meet us. She wondered what kind of American cousins would fly all the way to Norway and then stay at The Strand. She has since gotten to know us well and loves us as we are.

The Strand has since cleaned up its act and rechristened itself Scandic Torget Bergen. Totally redone, elegant, and uber expensive when we wanted to stay in August, it’s owned by the same company as where we stayed. There’s a great bronze statue however at the entrance that, unintentionally I’m sure, takes us back to when they rented by the hour.


Nuestra primera vez en Bergen, Noruega, en 1998, nos hospedamos en el Hotel Strand, recomendado por unos primos estadounidenses. Tenían su propio apartamento en Bergen, pero nos dijeron que sus amigos se habían alojado allí. La madre de San Geraldo tenía una sola habitación interior con un gran ventanal que daba a lo que parecía un patio de vecindad. No pudo encontrar la ducha del baño hasta que le mostramos el cabezal de la ducha en el centro del techo. Todo el baño era la ducha. No dejar cosméticos o cualquier otra cosa alrededor del fregadero. Incluso hubo que sacar el papel higiénico de la habitación. Nuestra habitación daba al puerto y tenía un baño de verdad. Eso es todo lo que puedo decir al respecto.

Nunca habíamos conocido a ninguno de los primos de Bergen. Aprendimos ese primer día que, hasta hace poco, se sabía que The Strand alquilaba por horas. La prima Ellen tenía miedo de encontrarse con nosotros. Se preguntó qué clase de primos estadounidenses volarían hasta Noruega y luego se quedarían en The Strand. Desde entonces, ha llegado a conocernos bien y nos ama tal como somos.

Desde entonces, The Strand ha limpiado su acto y se ha rebautizado como Scandic Torget Bergen. Totalmente renovado, elegante y súper caro cuando queríamos quedarnos en agosto, es propiedad de la misma compañía donde nos quedamos. Sin embargo, hay una gran estatua de bronce en la entrada que, sin querer, estoy seguro, nos transporta a cuando alquilaban por horas.

• Beyond the WWI memorial, at center is the old Strand (to the right of the contemporary glass building that houses the fish market).
• Más allá del monumento conmemorativo de la Primera Guerra Mundial, en el centro se encuentra el antiguo Strand (a la derecha del edificio de vidrio contemporáneo que alberga el mercado de pescado).
• The old Strand is at left out of the shot. Our hotel, Scandic Neptun, is the mustard-colored building. You can see our terrace near the top.
• El viejo Strand queda fuera de la toma a la izquierda. Nuestro hotel, Scandic Neptun, es el edificio color mostaza. Puedes ver nuestra terraza cerca de la parte superior.
• Does it make you wonder what McDonald’s used to be?
• ¿Te hace preguntarte qué solía ser McDonald’s?

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Author: Moving with Mitchell

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    1. Wicked Hamster:
      7 minutes away on foot. Just to make sure the clientele don’t get confused.

  1. We stayed in a hotel in Rome once that had one of those “entire bathroom is the shower” features. They also supplied the teeny-tiniest bath towels I’ve ever seen. It was like drying off with a paper towel. And the elevator barely fit two people. The room was spartan to the extreme. However, everything was clean and well maintained, and it was only for two nights so what the hell.
    ~~Debra She Who Seeks

      1. Debra:
        It seems blogger has cleaned up its act — which was affecting wordpress, too.

    1. Debra:
      Even when we stayed there, you could see how grand it had been. Now it truly is.

  2. I find the WWI memorial and the bronze whores to be quite fascinating. I’m not so much into the actual housing of harlots though. Hope you’re feeling better today.

    1. Deedles:
      I think harlots should be housed comfortably and kept warm… just not in my backyard.

    1. Steve:
      I wonder what they were thinking when they placed those statues. Especially at the hotel.

  3. I’m just catching up with all my blog friends, and I saw on your previous post that you have Covid. I hope you’re feeling better already, Mitchell! Please take care of yourself! Hugs. xx

    1. Jennifer:
      I’m afraid to say it out loud, but I think I’m beginning to feel better today. Haven’t tested yet.

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