Eliminate the negative / Elimina el negativo

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Yesterday, we went out for coffee before Isabel arrived. We returned home at noon and, while she continued to work, I went back to bed. I had mild cold symptoms and a hoarse voice. Plus the continued fatigue. I got up for lunch and returned to bed after. One of those days.

This morning, I woke up with the cold and sore throat symptoms and the foul mood. San Geraldo threw on some clothes before breakfast and brought home more Covid tests from the pharmacy. I never did test positive in Norway, although my symptoms were almost identical to SG’s and began five days earlier than his. Well, today I’m positive. So that’s what I’ll accentuate in pictures. (San Geraldo tested negative.)


Ayer salimos a tomar un café antes de que llegara Isabel. Volvimos a casa al mediodía y, mientras ella seguía trabajando, yo volví a acostarme. Tenía síntomas leves de resfriado y una voz ronca. Además de la fatiga continua. Me levanté para el almuerzo y volví a la cama después. Solo uno de esos dias.

Esta mañana, me desperté con los síntomas del resfriado y el dolor de garganta y de mal humor. San Geraldo se puso algo de ropa antes del desayuno y trajo a casa más pruebas de Covid de la farmacia. Nunca di positivo en Noruega, aunque mis síntomas eran casi idénticos a los de SG y comenzaron cinco días antes que los suyos. Bueno, hoy estoy positivo. Así que eso es lo que voy a acentuar en las imágenes. (San Geraldo dio negativo).

• This was called cherry crumble at Pascal, our hotel restaurant in Bergen. The sorbet was cherry. Something delicious was crumbled atop a slab of fudge. Not what we expected but we most definitely were not complaining.
• Esto se llamaba crumble de cereza en Pascal, el restaurante de nuestro hotel en Bergen. El sorbete era de cereza. Algo “crumble” delicioso encima de una losa de dulce de chocolate. No es lo que esperábamos, pero definitivamente no nos quejábamos.
• A great Chinese restaurant near our hotel. Described as ice cream with cherries. A nice surprise.
• Un gran restaurante chino cerca de nuestro hotel. Descrito como helado con cerezas. Una agradable sorpresa.
• With the Norwegians, and Adrian, outside Mesón Salvador.
• Con las noruegas, y Adrián, en las afueras del Mesón Salvador.
• Cousin Ellen’s previous drink was a pint of beer. She told Adrian she wanted another but a very small one. He brought her a shot. And she downed it — like a shot.
• La bebida anterior de la prima Ellen era una pinta de cerveza. Le dijo a Adrian que quería otro pero muy pequeño. Él le trajo un chupito.
• Housemade chocolate and turrón ice cream at Restaurante Primavera.
• Helado casero de chocolate y turrón en Restaurante Primavera.
• With Maria and family, after the ice cream. (I look like hell, but then Alfonso wasn’t thrilled with how he looked in the photo.)
• Con María y familia, después del helado. (Me veo horrible, pero Alfonso no estaba emocionado con cómo se veía en la foto).

• I’ve got to accentuate the positive.

• Tengo que accentuar lo positivo.


Author: Moving with Mitchell

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32 thoughts on “Eliminate the negative / Elimina el negativo”

  1. Well, crap. Bad enough you felt like you had it in Norway. Double dipping…and as you say, definitely accentuating the positive this go round since it didn’t show the first time. Hope that you are able to simply take care of yourself. Rest. Drink fluids. x

    1. Mary:
      It’s a bit of a relief to know why I woke up feeling so miserable. Very mild cold symptoms, and tired. I’ll be fine. I can sit on the terrace if I want. Don’t have to do a thing. SG is a great nurse, too.

    1. Anon:
      Exactly. And that’s what I’m doing. I’ll catch up on my walks and the gym when I’m ready.

  2. This COVID curse just won’t go away. It really sucks. Some say we will all get it eventually but I don’t want to believe that. It scares me. Hope you are feeling better soon.

    1. Frank:
      People now are so much less alarmed about it. Thankfully, we haven’t been hit hard. Still, no fun being hit at all.

  3. Small mercies – at least you’re able to retire to your own bed while you’re feeling sick.

    Those sweet treats all look yummy! Jx

  4. I guess it’s good you and SG are testing differently so one can care for the other, but oy, I imagine it’s frustrating.

    Feel better; eat sweets?


  5. Positive? Bummer. Those home tests are pretty hit and miss, aren’t they.
    ~~Debra She Who Seeks

    1. Debra:
      I think the home test are about 85 percent accurate when you have active symptoms. So, I have no clue if I had Covid in Norway or not. But it sure seems likely I did. But then I got it again 2 weeks later? I don’t know. Nobody knows.

  6. Oh, bummer. Well, look at it this way — if you’ve actually had the beginnings of Covid all this time but didn’t test positive until now, you SHOULD be well on your way to recovery, I should think. Take care of yourself, Mitchell, and get lots of rest. I bet the cats love it when you stay in bed. Do they cuddle with you?

    1. Steve:
      That was exactly my thought: I’ll be better in a day! Dudo was especially in heaven today. Every time he wanted a little nap and cuddle indoors, there I was.

  7. OK…..now you can slow down, rest and get better….. as SG will have no one to play with.
    Yes, an interesting take on a cherry crumble!
    Oh those smiles! Lovely!
    Get better soon.

    1. Jim:
      Today was much easier. I felt no obligation to do anything. That “cherry crumble” tasted like more!

  8. Ice cream, you scream we all scream for ice cream ~ BTW question ~ since I have NEVER taken a Covid Test what are you showing us? Colours or just what tells you that you are positive!

    1. Ron:
      C stands for Control and if that line doesn’t appear the test isn’t valid. T stands for test. If that line appears, you’ve tested positive. Every test I’ve every taken until today only had the one line at C. (SG just returned from the supermarket with ice cream!)

      1. Thank you so much. Since 2020 when the tests became available I wondered how they figured this out. Straight frwd as always. Now more ice cream for the sicko, but of course. Jim says hi with ice cream hugs for the both of you!

    1. Deedles:
      Isn’t that supposed to be fun? THIS is not. Thanks for all the hugs and cuddles. I’m not so bad.

    1. Walt the Fourth:
      It’s almost a relief to know this isn’t just the after-effects of Covid fatigue. Cold symptoms are less today. And I must be feeling off. I don’t mind lounging all day.

    1. Kirk:
      We expected the usual one scoop and some cherry topping. This was a major treat.

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