Fish and bananas in chocolate / Pez y plátanos en chocolate

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The fish market in Bergen has anything you could possibly desire (or not). I strolled inside and took some pictures. I showed some of the photos to 9-year-old cousin Olav and he said, “Being vegetarian, I like them better alive.” So, last week on my first day walking (just a little) in Fuengirola, I didn’t buy fish; I bought chocolate-covered bananas. San Geraldo didn’t think much of them, so I was forced to eat them all myself.

We had a decent day yesterday. I took a 45-minute walk, had a siesta, and then we went out for dinner with SG’s cousin Ellen (from Bergen) and two of her friends who are taking a 10-day holiday about 15 minutes from here. We were out until midnight. I called The Kid Brother from Mesón Salvador and he got to say “hi” to The Big Guy (as he calls SG) and to meet Ellen and her friends. He was delighted and delightful. It was a fantastic night. I have photos. We’re both tired today, but we’ll have a siesta and then dinner with Maria and her wonderful parents tonight. And now to bed.


El mercado de pescado de Bergen tiene todo lo que puedas desear (o no). Entré y tomé algunas fotos. Le mostré algunas de las fotos a mi primo Olav, de 9 años, y me dijo: “Siendo vegetariano, me gustan más vivos”. Entonces, la semana pasada en mi primer día caminando (solo un poco) en Fuengirola, no compré pescado; compré plátanos cubiertos de chocolate. San Geraldo no pensaba mucho en ellos, así que me vi obligado a comerlos todos yo mismo.

Ayer tuvimos un día decente. Di un paseo de 45 minutos, dormí la siesta y luego salimos a cenar con la prima de SG, Ellen (de Bergen) y dos de sus amigas que se van de vacaciones de 10 días a unos 15 minutos de aquí. Estuvimos fuera hasta la medianoche. Llamé a The Kid Brother de Mesón Salvador y pudo saludar a The Big Guy (como él llama a SG) y conocer a Ellen y sus amigos. Estaba encantado y encantador. Fue una noche fantástica. tengo fotos Ambos estamos cansados ​​hoy, pero dormiremos una siesta y luego cenaremos con María y sus maravillosos padres esta noche. Y ahora a la cama.

• Chocolate-covered fish lips? (not)
• ¿Labios de pescado cubiertos de chocolate? (no)
• European plaice. A flatfish.
• Solla pescado. Una platija.
• Called Loks in Norwegian. Salmon (or lox).
• Salmón.
• Dried cod. Very popular here in Spain.
 • Bacalao. Muy popular aquí en España.
• Whiting. To give you an idea of prices, 499 Norwegian kroner is about 49.90 euros — for 1 kilo.
• Pescadilla. Para que os hagáis una idea de los precios, 499 coronas noruegas son unos 49,90 euros — por 1 kilo.

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28 thoughts on “Fish and bananas in chocolate / Pez y plátanos en chocolate”

  1. This looks utterly gross to me! Blergh! Balder Half enjoys his fish, and I’m the only one in this household who eats chocolate bananas.

    1. Deedles:
      I thought the chocolate bananas were delicious. And I love fresh fish. I didn’t have as much as I would usually have in Norway, but still enjoyed some good meals.

  2. I like fish and scallops, but I always find seafood markets weirdly depressing. I think I have anxiety about how many of those creatures will actually be eaten vs. how many simply get wasted. I’m with Olav — I like them better alive.

  3. We call our dried cod here ‘Salt Cod’… is almost a staple in some households. Salt cod fishcakes are very good.
    Good to hear you two are ‘coming back’. Take it easy and slowly get your bearings.

    1. Anon:
      Salt cod is hugely popular both here and in Norway. But I never see fish cakes here.

  4. I am not a big fan of seafood, and seafood markets are not my favorite place. Just the smell alone makes me want to walk the other way. But chocolate anyday.

    1. Anon:
      The sign of a truly good seafood market. No smell. The one in Bergen is like that.

  5. OMG! If one isn’t a vegan, seeing those fish would turn one vegan. I always look in the opposite direction when I pass the butcher case side of the market and get my fish nicely cleaned up and frozen.

    1. Shirley:
      We used to always buy fresh fish when we lived on the Connecticut shoreline. Our local seller would haul a swordfish out of the cooler and show us the part he was cutting for us. That was good!

  6. This is Bob …. while I am no fan of “the chocolate” I’d take that over those scary looking fish!

    1. Bob:
      So sorry there was nothing of real interest for you. I’m a hypocrit. I love the fish as long as it’s served to me looking nothing like a fish.

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