The fog / La bruma

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Are you tired yet of hearing how tired I am? Covid fatigue. Ugh. We met Maria and her parents for breakfast this morning. San Geraldo had the energy for that and he actually dared to announce he’s beginning to feel better. I’m not ready to make that commitment. Right now my biggest problem is not the fatigue (which sucks) but the depression that seems to go hand in hand with it. I seriously hope to get out for a walk after lunch. I seriously hope this afternoon doesn’t end up looking like yesterday afternoon. Fog wouldn’t be so bad, but with it was a calima (sand from the Sahara). People left the beach in droves. The dirty damp covered the mosquito screens on the terrace. You can see yesterday’s view above. Immediately below is what it looks like so far today. Wish me luck.

I bought a toy moose in Norway for Maria. She loves it and has named it Moosey. I don’t have a photo today of our Moosey (whose proper name is spelled Musy — don’t ask why; the cats were named at the shelter long before we brought them home). But I do have a photo of Dudo being a love. The cats can’t get enough of us. When we sit on the sofa, Dudo sits between us so we can both pet him at the same time. Today’s photo was taken when SG was given a temporary reprieve.

I started this post at 1:30 p.m., stopped for lunch, and it’s now nearly 4. I’m about to head out for a walk. Then a siesta. Then dinner with SG’s cousin Ellen, in Marbella from Bergen with two good friends. They are kindly coming to us, since we didn’t know if we had the stamina to get to them. So, I am admittedly doing a bit better today. (I just hope the goddesses aren’t listening.)


¿Estás cansado todavía de escuchar lo cansado que estoy? Fatiga por covid. Puaj. Nos reunimos con María y sus padres para desayunar esta mañana. San Geraldo tenía la energía para eso y de hecho se atrevió a anunciar que comienza a sentirse mejor. No estoy listo para hacer ese compromiso. En este momento, mi mayor problema no es la fatiga (que apesta), sino la depresión que parece ir de la mano. En serio, espero salir a caminar después del almuerzo. Espero seriamente que esta tarde no termine pareciéndose a ayer por la tarde. La niebla no sería tan mala, pero con ella era una calima (arena del Sahara). La gente salió de la playa en masa. La sucia humedad cubría las mosquiteras de la terraza. Puedes ver la vista de ayer arriba. Inmediatamente debajo está lo que parece hasta ahora. Deséame suerte.

Compré un alce de juguete en Noruega para María. Le encanta y lo ha llamado Moosey. Hoy no tengo una foto de nuestro Moosey (cuyo nombre propio se escribe Mussy; no preguntes por qué; los gatos recibieron nombres en el refugio mucho antes de que los trajéramos a casa). Pero tengo una foto de Dudo siendo un amor. Los gatos no se cansan de nosotros. Cuando nos sentamos en el sofá, Dudo se sienta entre nosotros para que podamos acariciarlo al mismo tiempo. La foto de hoy fue tomada cuando SG recibió un indulto temporal.

Empecé este post a las 13:30; ahora son casi las 16:00 y estoy a punto de salir a caminar. Luego una siesta. Luego cena con la prima de SG, Ellen, en Marbella de Bergen con dos buenas amigas. Vienen amablemente a nosotros, ya que no sabíamos si teníamos la resistencia para llegar a ellos. Por lo tanto, es cierto que lo estoy haciendo un poco mejor hoy. (Solo espero que las diosas no estén escuchando).

• The best part of Maria’s moose was that I wrapped it in tissue paper.
• Lo mejor del alce de María fue que lo envolví en papel de seda.

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39 thoughts on “The fog / La bruma”

  1. I am so sorry that you have had covid. I must have missed something as I read through your last posts and didn’t notice a mention of that. Feel better soon. And yes, foggy days don’t help with depression.

    1. Anon:
      I never rested positive but wasn’t well. Five days later, SG tested positive with the identical symptoms.

      1. Michael,
        Don’t know what is suddenly going in blog world, but half the people are coming up as Anonymous.

  2. Jim here……..’Calima’ is a great word for the NY Cr.ossword. Will have to remember that one!! Yes, RIGHT!! lol
    Hey, it’s so good to hear that you both may be seeing the light of day!
    Hang in there.

    1. Jim:
      Dare I say we’re starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel? Calima is not very pleasant, but worse is when it rains at the same time. Muddy rain. Heavy fog isn’t as bad. We’re still cleaning up from the muddy rain in the spring.

  3. Fatigue is fatiguing, depression is depressing, and Maria is a tissue bedecked ray of sunshine. See, I can be short-winded 🙂

  4. Bonus when the wrapping is as fun as the gift…especially to a three year old with blonde hair and honey-brown eyes. A darling.

    Hope that for both you the fog–literal and figurative, the blues and the fatigue, as we said as kids, take a long hike off a short pier. Never to return, thank you very much.

    1. Mary:
      Oh, one of Chuck’s favorite sayings: “Why don’t you take a long walk off a short pier!”

    1. Jon.
      Yesterday remained beautiful. Today started overcast but I see blue sky coming around the mountain (when she comes).

      1. Bobanon:
        I know you used to be known as John regularly but never Anon. Thanks for letting me know!

    1. John:
      I’d call what I do “lounging” but that evokes a different picture from the one of me lying in bed like a sloth.

    1. Anon:
      Aw, thanks. Moose jumped on the bed and sat between us this morning to be petted by us both.

  5. The Norwegian Moose is indeed adorable, but not as adorable as Maria! And YOUR Moose is looking at you with real adoration, that’s so clear to see!
    ~~Debra She Who Seeks

    1. Debra:
      Maria is so adorable and outgoing. And funny. And that’s Dudo with the love in his eyes.

  6. All me crazy, but I love me a good foggy day, and we seldom have them. Friends of mine that had Covid three months ago are still feeling tired and not 100% yet. I hear it takes time for the energy and stamina to return.

    1. Maddie:
      I, too, love a good foggy day. Unfortunately, this fog came with the sands of the Sahara, which made things dingy and makes me wonder what I’m breathing. So many people have experienced the fatigue. I sure hope ours doesn’t last (or come and go) for 3 months.

  7. She is so cute! My grand nieces have the same joyful reaction to tissue paper 🙂
    Crazy, the differences in the two beach photos!

    1. Judy C:
      I know that about kids and the wrapping, so I always have a stash of recycled tissue paper.

    1. Walt the Fourth:
      I honestly don’t mind the fog so much. I do mind the fatigue. When that fog rolled in though, the temps dropped, too. Maria and family were on the beach and quickly left because it got so cold. I have no idea WHEN we’ll have a cleansing rain. I wish.

    1. Kirk:
      Apparently the week before we came home was hot, sunny, and clear. This is better.

  8. Well, at least your weather appears to be looking up. Fatigue is no fun, though. I hope it passes quickly for both of you.

    1. Steve,
      Thanks so much. We’re at least able to do a bit each day, but the fatigue can be overwhelming.

  9. The problem with commenting and showing as “Anonymous” seems to be to do with browser security settings, which have been tightened up across the board recently. or so it seems – if you switch off “Enhanced Tracking Protection” (in Firefox) or “Do Not Track” (in Chrome) or the equivalent in Edge etc, it normally sorts the issue. Sometimes, however, I have found myself having to go to, log in, then go to “Reader”, where the blogs I follow such as this one are listed. Clicking on a post there gives a different look and feel, but at least comments are posted in one’s name! Jx

      1. Jon:
        Where I read from hasn’t made a difference. I will definitely try the do not track and enhanced tracking protection changes. Thanks.

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