Kind of a Drag (Queen) / Una Especia de Drag (Queen)

La versión español está después de la versión inglés.

IN 2008, WHILE we were living in Las Vegas, we went with San Geraldo’s sister Linda, her husband Tom, and two cousins who were visiting from Norway to see Cirque du Soleil’s new production of “Love” (the Beatles). One of the songs performed was “Lady Madonna” and the character was costumed to appear about 6 months pregnant. After the show, when we were waiting at valet for our car, San Geraldo commented that the pregnant woman could really move.

I said, “Jerry, she’s not really pregnant. It’s a fake belly made of silicone.”

“It is not!” he insisted.

“Jerry, what are they going to do, hire a new six-months-pregnant dancer every month?”

And then Linda (remember, she IS his sister), the voice of reason (?), spoke up. “No, she really is pregnant. I have her picture in the program!”

You’ll understand why I thought of this when you read the story under the last photo in this series from Torremolinos Gay Pride 2019.


EN 2008, MIENTRAS vivíamos en Las Vegas, fuimos con Linda, una hermana de San Geraldo; su marido, Tom; y dos primas que estaban visitando desde Noruega para ver la nueva producción de “Love” (los Beatles) del Cirque du Soleil. Una de las canciones interpretadas fue “Lady Madonna” y el personaje estaba disfrazado para aparecer con aproximadamente 6 meses de embarazo. Después del espectáculo, cuando estábamos esperando nuestro coche, San Geraldo comentó que la mujer embarazada realmente podía moverse.

Le dije: “Jerry, ella no está realmente embarazada. Es un vientre falso hecho de silicona”.

“¡No lo es!” insistió.

“Jerry, ¿qué van a hacer, contratar a una bailarina embarazada de seis meses … cada mes?”

Y entonces Linda (recuerda, ella ES su hermana) — la voz de la razón (?) — habló. “No, ella realmente está embarazada. ¡Tengo la foto en el programa!”

Comprenderás por qué pensé en esto cuando leíste la historia en la última foto de esta serie de Torremolinos Gay Pride 2019.

“Jerry,” I told him, “those were not REAL BREASTS.” “But she was wearing PASTIES!” he argued.
“Jerry,” le dije, “esos no eran PECHOS REALES”. “¡Pero ella estába usando PEZONERAS!” argumentó él.

Bottoms Up / Fondos Hacia Arriba

While we were in Las Vegas (we got home late Sunday), I found a charming set of drinks coasters for our hosts, my sister-in-law (San Geraldo’s sister) and brother-in-law. This demonstrates that although I just spent ten days in Sin City, I haven’t lost one ounce of my sophistication (nor my fingering).

Mientras estábamos en Las Vegas (llegamos a casa el domingo por la noche), encontré un encantador juego de posavasos para nuestros anfitriones, mi cuñada (la hermana de San Geraldo) y mi cuñado. Esto demuestra que, aunque acabo de pasar diez días en Sin City (el ciudad del pecado), no he perdido ni una onza de mi sofisticación (ni mi digitación). Nota: El titulo es un brindis Americano.

Less Mess, More Memories

Since our return from New York late September, I’ve been trying to get the apartment more settled and organized. We finished most of our renovations months ago and never got around to putting things completely back together. Then My Mother The Dowager Duchess took her final bow and we returned with memories of her. What we carried home with us was followed months later by some furniture, art, and other things we didn’t have the heart to part with.

We also shipped back from South Dakota dozens of framed family photos we had left with Linda and Tom (Jerry’s sister and her husband) when we moved to Spain. About 10 boxes. They were supposed to go through the photos, keep what they wanted, share with the kids, and then get rid of the rest.

Somehow, in the emotions of our departure, Linda and Tom missed that point and thought they were simply storing boxes of papers! So, in September, we whittled the 10 boxes down to 4. We’ve now got a lot of framed photos and not a lot of wall space. I’m doing what I can, while turning what I had hoped would be a minimalist apartment into a Victorian-looking collection of clutter.

I’m trying to keep the clutter under control and, I must admit, we both love seeing so many family photos back on our walls (thanks, Linda and Tom) along with original artwork, including paintings and sculptures by The Dowager Duchess.

We used to have close to 200 photos lining a hallway or stairway in every one of our [more spacious] homes in the States, plus dozens displayed on tabletops. A few dozen is all this place can handle, I think. And each one requires me to drill a hole into the concrete wall. So, if I measure wrong, that’s where it stays! I still have to figure out permanent homes for all the additional sculptures and knick knacks that are strewn on most surfaces.

Mess makes me crazy.

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