Nice knockers / Lindos aldabas

On our walks around old Sevilla, Jerry and I continue to see so many beautiful, unusual, and surprising sights.  Among these sights are the old and new, large and small, door knockers, which I believe are called “aldabas” in Spanish.  During our first week, Jerry would invariably (and innocently) comment, “Nice knockers” — not a phrase usually escaping Jerry’s lips (or even crossing his mind).  I’ve had to explain the double meaning to Jerry, but we really have seen some nice knockers (of the door kind… well, of the other kind too if I’m honest), and I’ve decided to share some of them here (again, of the door kind).  I especially love the very large, plain iron ring (the first image on the left below) I found in an ancient church door, because it tops a little speak-easy window. (“Pssst.  Judas sent me.”)

En nuestros paseos por la antigua Sevilla, Jerry y yo seguimos viendo muchos lugares hermosos, inusuales y sorprendentes. Entre estos lugares están los llamadores viejos y nuevos, grandes y pequeños, que creo que se llaman “aldabas” en español. Durante nuestra primera semana, Jerry invariablemente (e inocentemente) comentaba: “Bonitas tetas”, una frase que generalmente escapa de los labios de Jerry (o incluso cruza por su mente). He tenido que explicarle el doble sentido a Jerry, pero la verdad es que hemos visto algunos buenos llamadores (del tipo de puerta… bueno, del otro tipo también si te soy sincero), y he decidido compartir algunos de ellos aquí (de nuevo, del tipo puerta). Me encanta especialmente el aro de hierro liso muy grande (la primera imagen a la izquierda abajo) que encontré en la puerta de una iglesia antigua, porque está encima de una pequeña ventana de un bar clandestino. (“Pssst. Judas me envió”).

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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23 thoughts on “Nice knockers / Lindos aldabas”

  1. That's great! Being British, I love smutty humour and double entendres! And you did manage to photograph some beautiful knockers!

  2. Love the double dolphins. You see the hand with the ball in it all over the place, maybe it's a European theme.

    Had to laugh at the 'big knockers' vid.

  3. Craig: I got some odd looks from people as I blatantly whipped out my camera and unashamedly zoomed in on the knockers, but it was worth it.

    Peter: I really loved the double dolphins, too. I did see the hand all over the place, and also variations on the theme.

  4. Quite the set of knockers you've stumbled upon.
    Amazing that something so simple, can be also something so beautiful.

  5. Hey Mitch, even I can appreciate a 'good set' when I see one!!
    This was totally up my alley so to speak (not the KNOCKERS but the knockers)! Love the photos! Good job!

  6. Bob: So MANY knockers and I've hardly scratched the surface.

    Jim: So glad you like my knockers (not my KNOCKERS but my knockers).

    David: I would see a door and think, these are my favorite. Then, I'd find the next one. I like each for a different reason.

    Scott: The beauty is in the details. Haven't come across an actual phallic knocker (not just phallic-shaped), but I wouldn't be surprised.

  7. And thank you for including the classic line and clip from Young Frankenstein (Frahken-STEEN)!!!

  8. One of the things I miss most about Chicago is the architecture but this place . . . amazing at every turn.
    The only thing I remember from Spanish 101 is a bit about the Alcazar in Sevilla. That alone made me want to travel there but there is something in each of your posts that adds to my reasons why I really should go there.
    [loved the Young Frankenstein clip!]

  9. Fortunately, you didn't run across Frau Blücher (neigh, neigh, neigh) while photographing Sevilla's knockers.

    Sorry, all the good jokes were taken.

  10. Writer: Ah, sweet mystery of life! LOL

    Sophie: So glad!

    Todd: Makes me want to watch the entire movie again.

    Linda: The Alcazar ( did not disappoint in January. But, other sights here have been even more amazing for me.

    ksatrtle: Happy to make you laugh. Thanks!

    Walt the Fourth: Have you seen Frau Blucher's latest incarnation as a dotty grandma in the show "Raising Hope"?

  11. No… the last time I saw her she was Ellen's mother somewhere in the midwest. Of course, I've seen her since, on my dvd's of MTM. But they're from the olden days. 🙂

  12. John: Oh no. I had never heard of Kenneth Williams and the "Carry On" films. (I just did a search.) Yet another new thing to explore! Thanks (I think).

  13. Walt the Fourth: Cloris Leachman did an embarrassing (to me at least) season on "Dancing with the Stars" (that was around the time I finally got so fed up with the show that I stopped watching). This show, "Raising Hope," is quite a farce and we like it (oddly, we had never heard of it until arriving in Spain).

  14. I have found that one needs to travel to finally see the beauty in the smallest things. When we are home we are always to busy. Always great to be reminded. That is why I love your blog.

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