Magic Wishing Apples and an Enchanted Cane

This morning, Jerry suggested we go for a brisk half-hour walk before breakfast. I was surprised and pleased that it was his idea and not mine. I wondered what magic had come over him. The pleasant walk in the chilly morning air was followed by breakfast in the sunshine at El Sanedrín. I hope we’re going to make a habit of this — the walk, that is; the breakfast is already a habit. Later, after lunch, I went for another walk on my own. This time, I walked for nearly two hours, exploring a bit more of the neighborhood of El Arenal, which ends near the river. On my walk, I came upon what for me are the most elegant door knockers I’ve so far seen. Two highly polished, life-size, bronze hands holding apples. The door is on a busy street and the apples seem to have been permanently — and understandably — affixed to the strike plates to keep passersby from constantly trying them out (I know; I tried). The hands make me think of the Evil Queen from “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” and the poisoned apple that was said to be a magic wishing apple (“one bite and all your dreams will come true”).


After meandering around the city for more than an hour and a half, I decided to take a more direct route home by heading back up Avenida de la Constitución. At the top of the avenue on the edge of Plaza Nueva, which is where so many street performers can be found, I came upon a man who was made up to look like a bronze statue (or maybe he really was made of bronze). His feet were off the ground and he appeared to be supported solely by his cane. Had Jerry been with me, he would have immediately asked, “How does he do that?” The answer is obvious. It’s magic.


Author: Moving with Mitchell

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22 thoughts on “Magic Wishing Apples and an Enchanted Cane”

  1. Must be magic, Jerry is right! And somewhere there's a little seat hidden within that suit with a midget in it… or something like that.

    1. Peter:
      I hate watching magic shows with Jerry. He constantly asks, "How did he do that? How did he do that?" My terse response is always, "It's magic, Jerry!" So, it's magic, Peter!

  2. Which reminds me what the wicked witch said to Snow White: "I want you to take a bite out of this fruit" so, naturally, Snow white bit her.

    Or what Butterfly McQueen said to Scarlett O'Hara on the stairs when the baby was about to pop out: "Mz Scarlett, Mz Scarlett, I dunno 'nothin 'bout birthin' babies…I is a lesbian.


  3. Wow! Those are the best knockers I've ever seen! Mr. Bronze looks like a real statue! We saw one of 'these' in P'town this past summer….he was a soldier and stood there for hours on end!
    Sounded like a great walk you had Mitchell. Now don't forget that walk every day BEFORE breakfast! Ron said this the other morning….that we could be doing this. Why we don't? Guilty, your honour!

    1. Jim:
      But you guys have Sophie to get you out and moving every day.

      I love the knockers. You DID notice that not only does the guy I photographed look like a real statue, but his feet are not on the ground. That's really the best part.

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