Taking a Gamble on Dancing Tuna

Monday night, we went to our first Spanish casino, Gran Casino Aljarefe, which is in the municipality of Aljarefe about 15 minutes outside the city of Sevilla. The casino has a very nice room for table games —such as roulette, blackjack, and poker — and another small room with some video slot machines. We had a great time, but Jerry was disappointed with the number of machines, which means he’s in no great hurry to go back — for which I am eternally grateful.


Our plan was to have dinner at the casino, which has five restaurants. But since it was Monday night, the only place open for dinner was the casino’s Japanese restaurant, Kaori. It was very different from the Japanese food we’d get in California (which I’m sure is very different from what we’d get in Japan). The variety of chocolate desserts, at least, were delicious — if very un-Japanese.


The food looked very nice but was unexceptional in taste. The most interesting part of the meal was Miguel’s “tortilla.” This was unlike a Mexican tortilla and it was also unlike a Spanish tortilla. It was a pancake of sorts with a mixture of ingredients and, as it was being served, it was topped with dried tuna shavings. The tuna is called katsuobushi (or bonito) and is dried, fermented, and smoked skipjack tuna, which is then shaved. Due to the heat of the tortilla, the tuna shavings pulsed and moved. I thought the tortilla was covered with live moths. As it passed in front of Jerry, he asked, “Is that alive?” We all found it a bit creepy. Jerry and I had no interest in trying it and Miguel and Teré both ate it and said it tasted “weird,” with or without the dancing tuna flakes.


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22 thoughts on “Taking a Gamble on Dancing Tuna”

  1. Hello Mitch:
    Dancing Tuna in the sea is one thing, but on a plate is quite another. This food does not look at all appetising and does, as you say, have all the appearance of being 'alive'!! Definitely something to keep in your scrapbook of strange Spanish experiences!!!

  2. The casino at Aljerete has a saying "Ve a Aljerete y te quedas al garete" (go to Aljerete and you're left high and dry) in other words, you will loose a fortune. Thought you should know.

    And the food didn't look bad to me, but then again, I am intrepid and daring when it comes to putting things in my mouth…please don't make a comment on that last statement…lol


  3. That food looks remarkably unappetising to me. The only casino food we have ever eaten, in Las Vegas, was equally unappetising and well over-priced, even though you were allowed to go back and re-fill your plate. Lots of people did !!

    1. Jean:
      Sadly, there was nothing very exciting about last night's meal (except for the dancing tuna). Too bad you had such a bad experience in Vegas. You can really get burned, although there are some good places and good deals.

  4. Raulito:
    ("no comment")

    That saying fortunately didn't apply to us last night, but we watched a young guy lose quite a sum on one spin of the roulette wheel. He was stacking chips on just about every number. One of the few he hadn't covered is what came up. He looked ill when he saw it!

  5. Mexican tortillas I love. And Carlos makes a mean Spanish Tortilla. That "other" thing, well, yeah, let's not talk about it.

  6. Wow! I just discovered your blog (via Elaine) and I'm really impressed with the photography and variety. I loved the bit about the oranges that make their way to England for marmalade. Your page design is impressive, as well.

    1. Peter:
      You're right about it not resembling Japanese food. (I've never heard of Japanese tortillas.) And drowning those bonito flakes in your soup would seem to ensure they'd stop moving. Not a bad idea.

  7. Yessiree! That is a weird plate of food! Wouldn't have gone near that one!
    Now to the million dollar question: did you WIN? lol

  8. The Owl Wood beat me to it. That's the first thing that came to mind. Which only goes to show that I spent too much time watching Star Trek.

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