Tramp stamps and poppers / Poppers y sellos de puta

La versión en español está después de la versión en inglés.

I didn’t have very much to say about today’s first two photos. But, after a couple of conversations with San Geraldo, I found the need to add quite a bit to the caption under the next-to-last image (before the poppers).

We had to go to the post office yesterday to ship some books, so we decided to return to the Mexican restaurant for lunch across the street in La Galeria (click here). I had a tortilla (not pictured) and the poppers.


No tenía mucho que decir sobre las dos primeras fotos de hoy. Pero, después de un par de conversaciones con San Geraldo, encontré la necesidad de agregar un poco al pie de foto debajo de la penúltima imagen (antes de los poppers).

Tuvimos que ir a la oficina de correos ayer para enviar algunos libros, así que decidimos regresar al restaurante mexicano para almorzar al otro lado de la calle en La Galería (haz clic aquí). Tuve una tortilla (no en la foto) y los poppers.

• I like the shorts. I also like the shirt. That’s all I’ll say.
• Me gustan los pantalones cortos. También me gusta la camisa. Eso es todo lo que diré.
• A tattoo in this location is often known as a tramp stamp. What, exactly, do you suppose was established in 1964?
San Geraldo had never heard the phrase “tramp stamp,” which took root more than 30 years ago. He also didn’t know tramp was another word for whore (or someone promiscuous); he thought it only meant “hobo.” Later, he needed sweat wiped from his back while we were at the post office. Since we were in public, I discreetly reached under his shirt to do so (with his handy IKEA dish towel) without exposing his bare back. He said, “Oh, don’t worry. I don’t have a basket stamp.” Sometimes, he’s so adorable I could just pinch his cheeks.
• Un tatuaje en este lugar a menudo se conoce en inglés como “tramp stamp” (sello de puta). ¿Qué supone exactamente que se estableció en 1964?
San Geraldo nunca había escuchado la frase “tramp stamp”, que arraigó hace más de 30 años. Tampoco sabía que tramp, que también significa vagabondo, era otra palabra para puta (o alguien promiscuo). Más tarde, necesitaba que le limpiaran el sudor de la espalda mientras estábamos en la oficina de correos. Como estábamos en público, discretamente metí la mano debajo de su camisa para hacerlo (con su práctico paño de cocina IKEA) sin exponer su espalda desnuda. Él dijo: “Oh, no te preocupes. No tengo un basket stamp (sello de canasta). A veces, él es tan adorable que podría pellizcarle las mejillas.
• Jalapeño poppers at La Galeria. They were delicious, but simply called jalapeños.
• Jalapeños. Excepcional. En los Estados Unidos, estos suelen llamarse “jalapeño poppers”.

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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24 thoughts on “Tramp stamps and poppers / Poppers y sellos de puta”

  1. Now I know as well……..I am with SG on this as far as ‘tramp stamp’ goes.
    When some asks me how old I am I will say ‘est. 1948’!
    I really like the top photo minus the man…..especially the shorts print.

    1. Jim:
      I’m surprised by how many people don’t know what a tramp stamp is. I assume you knew, however, that a tramp could be something other than a hobo? I like the top photo minus the man, too.

  2. Heat and Humidity always brings our the the wonky side of humans I’ve always thought. Your IKEA special could be a new selling feature for their product line. I was at Ikea last week and found these towels (sorry I love a good towel) and it fit all criteria ~ large, absorbent and not heavy. I bought two sets. Now I just might go back and check the dish towel brigade. The print patterns on another of “the walking elite” do work separately very well with solids. However I would not toss out that crop that you showed us as a piece of artwork. Cheers and all ways the best to you both!

    1. Ron:
      We have blue and white stripes and checks, and green and white stripes and checks. I wish they’d come out with something new. SG has been wearing the same fashion headgear for years now. I also like the cropped image.

  3. Never heard of a tramp stamp…so Geraldo is not alone on that! Hope you guys are safe from the fires in Spain. So tragic to see Europe buring.

    1. Frank:
      Did you at least know what a tramp was? We’re safe from fires here. So many have been less lucky. And the air is hazy. I’m sure it’s from all the fires. There are even blazes across the water in Morocco.

    1. Debra:
      It seems SG isn’t alone in his lack of familiarity with tramp stamps… and tramps. I do really like the cropped photo myself.

  4. I loathe THAT outfit, perhaps only because he’s carrying a gingham something in his hand. Is he mixing THREE prints????? I want him arrested at once.

    But more importantly: Basket Stamp? I’m.Dying.

    1. Bob:
      The gingham was definitely the final touch. Of course, you don’t like it because it’s not three different plaids. Yes, basket stamp. I wonder what kind of basket he meant. I wonder if he knows what basket might mean. But that gives me another idea for a tattoo. At least I’d be able to see my basket stamp.

  5. I was half expecting an anecdote about amyl nitrite and a hookup at the post office, but I should have known better…

    Wonder whether any of those garishly-dressed people down the paseo ever dress like that at home? Jx

    1. Jon:
      Do you suppose this is holiday wear? Kind of like the women in 6-inch heels in Las Vegas, who have clearly never walked in them before and never will again. Anyway, the guy pictured was seen in Málaga heading toward the Alcazaba. Big city chic.

  6. Like Debra, I thought the cropped photo at the start of your blog was modern art and something I might actually hang on my wall, LOL! The shorts are sort of cool, but would look much better with a solid blue or white tee. Is it just the tourists who dress so loudly (and badly) or are the locals just as bad?

    1. Tundra Bunny:
      I rarely see a local dressed like that. Well, never exactly like THAT. The black socks and gingham whatever finish the look beautifully.

  7. Beautiful posts. On tattoo! I actually got addicted looking at the skin folds around the waste. Fascinating. The Jalapeno fried thing looks yummy!

    1. Roentare:
      If you find the skin golds around the waist fascinating, I could share so many more photos! The jalapeño popper was as good as I had hoped it would be.

    1. Walt the Fourth:
      Yes, and I’m thinking of getting one myself. I wouldn’t pay for a tattoo I could never enjoy.

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