No Chocolate For A Year, More Or Less

San Geraldo made a commitment Monday morning after our chocolate overdose Sunday afternoon. “No chocolate for a year,” he announced. It might have been more realistic to say “no chocolate until next year.” That’s less than six weeks away. But, it doesn’t really matter. The point is now moot.

After dinner, San Geraldo remembered that we had leftover chocolate frosting in a bowl in the refrigerator. It would have been a shame to let it go to waste. He suggested we get out the soup crackers, but that didn’t sound very appetizing (to me). Then he mentioned a box of ginger snaps. He softened the frosting in the microwave. We dipped. Delicious. But, we didn’t get far into the stack of ginger snaps before another overdose. No chocolate for at least a few more days, I thought. Then I washed the dinner dishes. We had spaghetti. There were three containers of sauce for the freezer. I discovered three decorative slabs of chocolate that had been intended for the top of Miguel’s birthday cake but then weren’t needed. I had to make room for the sauce. So, I ate the chocolate. I had no choice.

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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37 thoughts on “No Chocolate For A Year, More Or Less”

  1. Chocolate is like global nostril hair. If we didn't keep eating it the world would become overgrown and uninhabitable, covered in the stuff. You are performing a public service.

  2. I loved this! One can't waste chocolate, that would be a crime! Yes, ginger and chocolate would work quite well thank you very much!

    1. Jenners:
      I have now gone without chocolate for 36 hours. Oh, wait… We shared a box of PIMS (chocolate-coated biscuits with orange filling)… Well, we've gone without SOLID chocolate for 36 hours.

  3. Ok..this is weird, but when you mentioned that you had found slabs of chocolate, I saw the last photo you posted and actually thought the brown door was a big hunk of chocolate. Wishful thinking, of course. We did have chocolate in the house this weekend: Trader Joe's peppermint oreos. God, I had to take them to work just to get them OUT OF THE HOUSE.

    1. Maria:
      I just looked back at that photo. What a dream!

      I remember the days of taking all the evil goodies to work to get them out of the house. Now we take things downstairs to the staff at El Sanedrín. (But not the chocolate!)

    1. Knatolee:
      What would be the point?!? Besides, it's so healthy… vitamin D, protein, energy, dairy… And it's completely fat-free if you eat it standing up… or stand up after eating it.

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