Learning How to Say Orgasmic in Spanish

Today, I learned the word for “orgasmic” in Spanish. It’s not much of a stretch (the word, that is). It’s orgásmico. Of course, it was San Geraldo who gave me a reason for learning the word. But it’s not what you might think. Or maybe it is.

San Geraldo made what I will avow is by far the best chocolate cake I have ever had in my entire life. And I do believe there are seven other people who will agree with me (San Geraldo, being a saint, is much too humble to say so).


We went to lunch at Teré’s for a slightly belated birthday celebration for Miguel. There were 10 of us in total and everyone brought something. The food was, as usual, wonderful. And the company of Teré and Miguel and their friends has no equal. They are warm, kind, funny, interesting, charming… I could go on and on. I am grateful every day for the moment last year when we met and immediately fell in love with Teré. But, enough of that. I do have my priorities. Chocolate cake.


San Geraldo offered to make a chocolate cake for the party. Since he can’t find many of the same ingredients here in Spain for the meals and desserts he used to make in the States, he improvised. He started by baking two cake layers that he planned to stack with some kind of fruit filling between. But, mid-stream, he changed his mind. Three layers and two different fillings* would be so much more interesting, he thought. He sliced one of the cakes in half (well, sort of) horizontally. Miguel prefers sweet (as opposed to tart) fruits. So, San Geraldo made an apricot jam-based filling between the top two layers. He decided to use a light, cream cheese filling, also of his own creation, for the other. It was all smothered in chocolate frosting and decorated with whole almonds and dried apricots hand-dipped (by San Geraldo) in chocolate. Really, orgásmico.


*Postscript: San Geraldo pointed out that it was actually FOUR layers, not three, with apricot filling twice and cream cheese filling in the center!

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34 thoughts on “Learning How to Say Orgasmic in Spanish”

  1. Wow, that looks amazing! Although I prefer to leave our cooking to Todd, I do love to bake. I could use some lessons from San Geraldo! My stuff tastes good, but does not look as pretty….

  2. Would you please please just stop showing those pics and describing it. It's drinking me forking crazy. Stop, more, stop, more. Muy muy bien, Mitchell. Totally orgasmico indeed.

    1. Paul:
      I hardly slept last night and I got out of bed this morning with a major chocolate hangover. But if San Geraldo were to serve up another slice, I'd dig right in. Sorry for the chocolate envy. If you make it to Sevilla, I'm sure San Geraldo would bake another one.

    1. Ms. Sparrow:
      He baked the cakes Saturday evening. Made the fillings and the frosting and finished it all it off Sunday morning. Hours and hours of work. He and the kitchen were covered in chocolate when it was all over. He's amazing.

  3. Presentation….10/10!
    Taste………..10/10! (taking your word for it)
    San Geraldo…..10/10!

    1. Jim:
      You can definitely take my word for it. I woke up this morning saying I will never eat chocolate again. Then I started thinking about that cake and now I wish there were more! San Geraldo is definitely 10/10 (with or without the cake).

    1. Judeet:
      Teré and Miguel are a joy and they surround themselves with such wonderful people that they graciously share with us. We can't believe our good fortune… And then there's San Geraldo and his cooking!

  4. Just one thing puzzles me. Why are you showing a "slice" when, surely, a cake is a cake is a single serving? One candle, one serving for one person; it's an EU rule.

  5. Wow, that is a fabulous looking cake….I could eat a slice right now. Chocolate with apricots sounds like a match made in heaven. Must try that next time I need to make a cake !!

  6. There is always cake in our lives Marie Antoinette would be so proud!
    It is a family tradition that I introduced to my oh-so-willing partner. Therefore we cake every afternoon (or evening) but I must say that I have never yet made a chocolate cake. This may well have inspired me as it looks so good!
    Does 'frosting' mean butter icing?

  7. I am about to attempt to learn Spanish (again)
    Aviso vacas! Is my first lesson. Thanks to you I can now saw orgasm. I hope the later is more useful.

    1. Spo:
      "Aviso vacas!" Now, that's an interesting expression and I hope will come in handy some day (on the farm?).

      I, too, hope orgásmico is more useful. (It works great for chocolate cake.)

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