Lesbian Seagull

It’s been kind of a tiresome week, what with the stupid drug withdrawal and everything. But all is going as expected and getting better. I even went to the gym today. San Geraldo was my inspiration, which is extremely ironic since he once told me years ago mid-workout that if he died in six months he was going to be so angry with me for wasting his time at the gym. But, he’s a changed man… kind of.

I did manage to go for a couple of walks this past week. You might remember the recent post with bird ‘foot’ prints (click here). Here are some more images mostly for the birds.

(Click to bigger the photos.)


“I know I can be strong when you’re with me” (well, you, and my lesbian seagulls).
In Spanish, Lesbian Seagull, would be Gaviota Lesbiana. Very lyrical.

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