I Feel The Earth Move Under My Feet

We’ve been doing a “Mad Men” (the TV series) marathon in recent weeks. Before we left the United States in 2011, we were up-to-date with the series through Season 3. We finally have the entire series, all seven seasons available and, since so much time has passed, we started from the beginning. Today, we sat mid-Season 6 and enjoyed lunch ala San Geraldo. Suddenly, I felt the sofa shake. Then the entire room started to shake and the plants began to sway.

“Earthquake,” we both said.

After our years in Southern California, the feeling was familiar. It was also mild enough to not cause us (well, me) much concern.

Besides, how bad could it be? The cats were still asleep. Dudo and Moose only showed up in the living room, when they heard the TV go off, thinking we were finished with lunch and it was their treat time.

We went out on the terrace and saw business as usual down below and on the beach.  No one outside seemed to have even noticed.

We checked the news for some details, I gave the cats their treats, San Geraldo took a pill, and we watched the rest of our show.

It turns out there was a series of about 7 earthquakes off the northern coast of Morocco (about 150km/93 miles) beginning at 2:47 p.m. our time and continuing for about an hour. The first was magnitude 5.1 followed within two seconds by two more of similar magnitude. Those are the three we felt.

Really, I just thought all the shaking was due to my close proximity to San Geraldo. (I’ve been feeling that for years.)

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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