Bread And Pepsi

San Geraldo had braces on his teeth when he was in his early teens. He had to pay regular visits to the dentist to have his braces tightened and would always return home with a sore and aching mouth. Somehow, he discovered that what best soothed his aching mouth was bread dunked in Pepsi Cola.

I told this story back in 2012 (click here for that post), but, sadly I have a new chapter to add.

I have no idea how anyone in their right mind would think to dunk a piece of bread in a glass of Pepsi and then eat it. But, somehow, San Geraldo did think of it. And, somehow, he has never lost his taste for it.

As he dunked bread in his Pepsi yesterday while we waited for our meal to arrive at Papas Fritas Y Huevos — yes, he did it in public — San Geraldo defended himself by explaining that it brought back sweet memories of his youth.

Then he wondered aloud why having his braces tightened would be a sweet memory and he realized, still aloud, that the bread and Pepsi itself was the sweet memory.

My sincere apologies to anyone out there who also finds this to be a tasty treat. No offense intended. And I never suggested you weren’t in your right mind no matter what you might have read. Never said it! (Hey, it works in American politics!)

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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