Costa Winter Fashion

Rational people are bundled up here on the Costa del Sol. It’s winter, you know. Today didn’t get above 15C (61F) with a low of 13C (55F) and that doesn’t account for the combination of high humidity and wind chill. San Geraldo’s cyclonic winds were out in force. It’s expected to go as low as 10C (50F) tonight. Fortunately, the wind has died down. So the real feel shouldn’t dip much lower than about 8C (46F).

You can always tell the tourists from the locals around here. I was kept just barely warm in my fleece-lined, hooded sweatshirt (and my scarf), while others walked by the cafe this morning in shorts and T-shirts.

Today’s fashionable photos were collected throughout November and December. The only one taken in today’s chill was the one at upper right. You’ll notice the guy had his hands in his pockets to keep warm, and the woman with him had goose bumps (well, she must have). (And that’s a walking stick reaching to the ground from the left leg of his shorts… or at least I think it is.)

We’re heading out for dinner shortly. Excuse me while I unpack my long underwear and down-filled parka.


In case my recent choices of music haven’t clued you in, this has been a season of melancholy and too much self-reflection at our house.

“Time, time, time, see what’s become of me.”

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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