25 thoughts on “You Can See The House? / ¿Puedes Ver La Casa, Sí?”

  1. Slow down, you move to fast, gota make the morning last – will that tune be stuck in your ear for the rest of the afternoon?

    1. Anon:
      But I keep kicking up the cobblestones. And, yes, I’ve been singing this for 2 days now!

  2. Oh! So you’re the type that doesn’t like to listen to other people’s advice, eh?
    I know it is difficult even at the best of times to do that. But sometimes ‘the experts’ are right.
    Stay calm and heal.

    1. Kirk:
      Well… I was about to take the written test in May for my Spanish license when I had the detached retina. Wouldn’t have passed the vision test. Then, after the surgery came the cataracts and I still couldn’t pass the vision test. So, now I’m waiting for THIS to settle down so I can get back to studying AGAIN for the written test after which I have to take driving lessons (yes, even though I’ve driven since I was 16) and then take the road test. My California license expired and I don’t have a California address, so I can’t renew. So I won’t be driving anywhere for a while!

  3. Not enough chocolate in the world for me to undertake eye surgery! Though I could manage the sedentary period after.
    It’s still one of my major regrets in life that when I had my hernia op a few years back we didn’t have a modern TV, If we did, then there is a very good chance that I would still be stuck at home recuperating.

      1. Want some candy, little boy? First, you have to take ALL your clothes off. (We wouldn’t want to get chocolate on your good clothes). My silly-ass husband used to say something like this to me. Usually around Halloween.

  4. We are waiting on the same surgery in both eyes (few weeks apart) in the new year for Mom…now I know what she has to look forward to. I shall make sure she has lots of chocolate

  5. Look (but don’t strain your eyes) on the bright side: you didn’t see the White House. That would’ve been a lot worse.
    Hey, take it easy and know you’re well loved, as your vision restores itself.

    1. Robyn:
      Had I look through those lenses and seen the White House I would have run from the room.

  6. I recall it taking quite a few days before I could see very much. I basically had monocular vision for about 5 days and then things slowly started to work. But then I was faced with 5 more days of glasses working for my un-operated eye but not with my operated eye because the vision was soooo much better than it had been and didn’t need the correction of the glasses – so I still had monocular vision. At 10 days I had the other eye done, so went through all that again. Except now I don’t need glasses at all and it is wonderful. Take it easy; that really was the hard part.

    1. Wilma:
      This is so helpful. Thanks! My vision is getting better every day. Hoping I’ll be given more freedom after my next doctor’s visit. But it’s going well now. The other eye isn’t on the horizon at this point, so I’ll still have to wear glasses. I have to remind myself it hasn’t even been a week since the surgery. I went for a “stroll” yesterday in the sunshine. Brisk is more my style, but a stroll is better than nothing.

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