Avoidance / Evitación

MOOSE HAS CAUGHT on that applying his medications is, for us, a team effort. He heads in another direction only when San Geraldo and I are in the same room. We’ve gotten skilled at the application. He’s gotten skilled at the avoidance. Only 4-1/2 more days of this. Oh, yeah, he’s healing well and obviously feeling fine. When he’s not watching us, he and Dudo are still avid birdwatchers, although not necessarily conservationists.

MOOSE SE HA dado cuenta de que aplicar sus medicamentos es, para nosotros, un esfuerzo de equipo. Se dirige en otra dirección solo cuando San Geraldo y yo estamos en el mismo cuarto. Nos hemos capacitado en la aplicación. Se ha capacitado en la evitación. Sólo 4-1/2 días más de esto. Ah sí, se está curando bien y obviamente se siente bien. Cuando no nos está mirando, él y Dudo siguen siendo ávidos observadores de aves, aunque no necesariamente conservacionistas.

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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24 thoughts on “Avoidance / Evitación”

  1. Moose, like most cats, is savvy, sneaky and smart.
    When we try to give MaxGoldberg a hairball concoction, he starts to run just as Carlos and u begin to move toward him.

  2. Our two see the red booties that we put on them sometimes and quietly disappear into another room. And even hiding them behind our backs doesn’t seem to work.

    1. Willym,
      Our California cata would hear a traveling cage door rattle and they’d both be under beds. And we had an Amazon parrot, too. We had to sneak the suitcases down to the car during the night while he was covered and asleep or he’d have a huge temper tantrum.

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