Allo Allo Allo

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THIS IS REALLY about aloe, aloe, aloe — two large planters of aloe vera to be exact. We have them in the hallway outside our front door (which is on the back of the building — Got it?). They’re about to bloom for the second consecutive year. (Click here for last year’s buds.) This year is even more exciting than last. Not only are the stems taller (the tallest is above my shoulder height, about 63 inches/160 cm), but they’ve each split and have two buds developing (last year’s blooms were individual). And that makes me say “Allo Allo Allo!”


ESTO ES REALMENTE sobre aloe, aloe, aloe — dos grandes plantadores de aloe vera para ser exactos. Los tenemos en el pasillo afuera de nuestra puerta principal. Están a punto de florecer por segundo año consecutivo. (Haz clic aquí para ver los capullos de flores del año pasado.) Este año es aún más emocionante que el anterior. No solo los tallos son más altos (el más alto está por encima de la altura de mi hombro, 160 cm), sino que tienen cada división y tienen dos cogollos en desarrollo (las floraciones del año pasado fueron individuales). Y quiero decir “Allo, Allo, Allo” que signica “Hello, Hello, Hello”, una forma dialéctica inglesa de decir “hola”. ¡Uf!

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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21 thoughts on “Allo Allo Allo”

  1. Oh good!! You’re our local sunburn relief provider. It’s nice to see the crop is doing well.

    1. Kathleen:
      There’s some thinning to do after blooming season. So, if you want there’ll be plant(s) for your new place!

  2. Monsters in your walkway…….those are truly amazing!
    I would give anything to witness those blooms.
    Are you feeding them a special nutrient mixture or is it Mother Nature in love with aloes!?

    1. Ron:
      Can’t believe the double stems this year. I wonder if they’ll keep expanding every year. Jerry did feed them lightly this year but they really just love where they are.

  3. Your photos last year were the first, for me, blossoms I had ever seen of aloe vera. The temperatures/sunshine here on the tundra are just not conducive to them developing buds.
    These will be truly amazing to see. Yes, these plants are liking where they are.

    1. Jim:
      Although I had seen aloes in bloom in natural settings and in gardens (the San Diego Zoo had some amazing specimens), we never had them at home. They’re amazing and are architectural elements, too.

  4. I’ve never seen an aloe bloom, except for photos here. The Pacific NW isn’t very conducive for tropical plants. But, man you should see my ferns and moss.

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