Puss in Books (and Boots) / El Gato con Libros (y Botas)

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DUDO AND I have returned to our studies. Yesterday, I renewed my enrollment in the driving school, and Dudo has lately been obsessed with what San Geraldo is reading and writing. More to the point, Dudo has been obsessed with SITTING ON whatever San Geraldo has been reading and writing.

My favorite moment was Thursday morning when I caught Dudo checking out Collins Bird Guide. Sadly for Dudo, there’s no chapter on the most flavorful native birds of Spain. Poor boy. He’ll just have to take his chances (as will the people of Spain when I’m once again behind the wheel).


DUDO Y YO hemos vuelto a nuestros estudios. Ayer renové mi inscripción en la autoescuela, y últimamente Dudo ha estado obsesionado con lo que San Geraldo está leyendo y escribiendo. Más concretamente, Dudo ha estado obsesionado con SENTARSE SOBRE lo que San Geraldo está leyendo y escribiendo.

Mi momento favorito fue la mañana de jueves cuando descubrí a Dudo revisando “Collins Bird Guide” (“Guia de Aves” de Collins). Lamentablemente para Dudo, no hay un capítulo sobre las aves nativas más sabrosas de España. Pobresito. Sólo tendrá que arriesgarse (como lo hará la gente de España cuando vuelva a estar detrás del volante)..

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38 thoughts on “Puss in Books (and Boots) / El Gato con Libros (y Botas)”

  1. Dudo does his research before ‘the hunt’. Smart kitty!
    Mitch, your driving skills will all come back to you just ‘like riding a bike’.

  2. Perhaps he could author the missing chapter, or publish a competing guide based on hunting methods and flavor.

  3. Why do cats do that? An age old mystery! My dear departed Barnaby used to bury himself under each layer of sheets and blankets as I made the beds. That is one photogenic kitty! Beautiful! Oooh, I just noticed the new side pictures. Moose in a ballet pose, and It seems Dudo is getting into bondage, or kidnapping 🙂

    1. Deedles:
      They’ve done experiments where they define an enclosed shape in masking tape on the floor. Cats will inevitably settle inside the shape. Fascinating. Don’t you love those side pictures. Those are from last year when I pulled the drawstring from an old pair of gym pants. Heaven!

    1. The mystery of the ages, solved! Thanks, Carebear, this explains so much 🙂 Cats are awesome!

  4. I have to say, I laughed out loud when I saw that picture of Dudo by the bird book. You didn’t even have to provide any text and I still would have been glad I dropped by.

  5. Sons cats like to drink from his water glass even though they have fresh water. They also like to burrow under the laundry as he is folding it.
    Adore the new side photos ! They are the most beautiful cats !

    cheers, parsnip

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