International Imps / Criaturas Internacionales

I HOPE YOU’RE not completely bored with pictures from the World People’s Fair of Fuengirola. I have just a few more to share. Today’s photos are of some of the adorable kidlings. After that, I promise to move on from the parade with some fun photos of our evening experience when our friends Nick and Alyson went on a sick-making ride while San Geraldo and I performed acrobatic feats.


ESPERO QUE NO esté completamente aburrido con las imágenes de la Feria Internacional de los Pueblos de Fuengirola. Tengo unas pocas más para compartir. Las fotos de hoy son de algunos de los adorables niños. Después de eso, prometo continuar con el desfile con algunas fotos divertidas de nuestra experiencia de la noche cuando nuestros amigos Nick y Alyson se embarcaron en un paseo enfermarse mientras San Geraldo y yo realizábamos proezas acrobáticas.

If the crocodile at top didn’t keep the kids in line, this woman gleefully displayed her sword. (I’ve never seen such a precise part in someone’s hair.)
Si el cocodrilo en la parte superior no mantuvo a los niños en línea, esta mujer mostró alegremente su espada. (Nunca he visto una raya tan precisa en el pelo.)

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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22 thoughts on “International Imps / Criaturas Internacionales”

    1. Jim,
      You’re so kind. Maybe another time I’ll share the ones I haven’t yet shared. But next up is cotton candy.

    1. Deedles,
      I didn’t see one complaining kid. Although some looked exhausted and others were sound asleep in their strollers!

    1. Susan,
      I really thought everyone had tired of these. But anyway today will NOT be parade and costume photos.

  1. The kids are always cute….the sword on the head, just weird. Adults in this parade went way over the top, unless there is a culture that walking around with a sword on your head is ok??? Perhaps a country I’ll avoid

    1. Cheapchick,
      I think she was with the India contingent. I couldn’t figure out why she was walking so oddly with that frozen smile. Then she got close. Some sort of tradition? I’ll look into it.

    1. Jennifer,
      Some of the kids were dragging but others were clearly enjoying themselves. That last group of kids filled my heart with joy.

    1. Walt the Fourth,
      Don’t get your hopes up, but you’ll see them today.

  2. If Madrid hosts an annual Gay Pride they’d be hard put to surpass shows like this. It seems to be in a Spaniard’s blood to do such things with such an extravagant flair.
    Btw: In first pic I initially felt sorry for the croc – or is it an alli? (I can never recall which is which). But on closer exam it looks like it’s papier mache.- I hope.

    1. Ray,
      Although I haven’t seen it in person, I’ve seen photos and videos of Madrid’s Pride. Incredible! Maybe next time. The photo makes that croc look real. I remember it looking very fake when I saw it. Australia, so croc. 🐊

    1. David:
      Not mine. And my parents felt that way about us but not other people’s kids. The parading kids, however, didn’t make much noise.

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