Do You Tuck? / ¿Lo Ocultas?

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I’M TALKING ABOUT clothing labels. But, first, do you remove overly large or annoying (well, they annoy ME) labels from your clothing? Do you make sure all labels that remain are carefully tucked and hidden from view? If you carry any kind of shoulder bag, do you always double-check to ensure the strap is not twisted? Belts? Are you mortified if you discover you missed a loop? If you answered “yes” to all these questions, you’re like me. And you therefore have my sympathy.

San Geraldo doesn’t care. Every morning, when we walked down the stairs, I would untwist his shoulder strap from behind. Every morning! (You’d think he would have gotten it right at least once.) But he finally had it and told me to stop doing so. I listened. After all, it was my issue, not his. However, I would quickly get alongside him so I wouldn’t have to look at the hideously twisted strap. He told me last week finally that, if it really bothers me, I can straighten his strap. It does. So I do. Thank you for understanding me, San Geraldo.

And, as for strangers: It takes all my self-control to not walk over and untwist their straps and tuck in their labels. Bras, underwear, shirts, blouses. Makes no difference. Sometimes I feel like I might explode if I don’t “fix” things. So far I’ve managed to control my urges. But it’s only a matter of time. Especially when a bathing suit has slid low on the ass and the untucked label aligns with the crack. It makes me crazy. One of these days I’m going to walk up behind them, pull up the shorts and then push in the label. Or maybe I’ll push the label in first. It depends.


ESTOY HABLANDO DE etiquetas de ropa. Pero, primero, ¿quitas etiquetas demasiado grandes o molestas (bueno, ME molestan) de tu ropa? ¿Se asegura de que todas las etiquetas que quedan estén cuidadosamente ocultas y ocultas a la vista? Si lleva algún tipo de bandolera, ¿siempre verifica dos veces para asegurarse de que la correa no esté torcida? Cinturones? ¿Estás mortificado si descubres que te perdiste un bucle? Si respondiste “sí” a todas las preguntas, eres como yo. Y por lo tanto, tienes mi simpatía.

A San Geraldo no le importa. Todas las mañanas, cuando bajábamos las escaleras, le quitaba la correa del hombro por detrás. ¡Cada mañana! (Uno pensaría que lo habría hecho bien al menos unas veces). Pero finalmente me dijo que dejara de hacerlo. Escuché. Después de todo, era mi problema, no el suyo. Sin embargo, rápidamente me uniría a él para no tener que mirar la correa horriblemente retorcida. Finalmente me dijo la semana pasada que, si realmente me molesta, puedo enderezar su correa. Lo hace. Así que hago. Gracias por entenderme, San Geraldo.

Y, en cuanto a los extraños: se necesita todo mi autocontrol para no caminar y desenroscar sus correas y meter sus etiquetas. Sujetadores, ropa interior, camisas, camisetas, blusas. No hace diferencia. A veces siento que podría explotar si no “arreglo” las cosas. Hasta ahora he logrado controlar mis impulsos. Pero es solo cuestión de tiempo. Especialmente cuando un traje de baño se ha deslizado hasta el fondo y la etiqueta despegada se alinea con la hucha. Eso me vuelve loco. Uno de estos días voy a caminar detrás de ellos, levantar los pantalones y luego presionar la etiqueta. O tal vez presionaré la etiqueta primero. Depende.

I’d probably pull up the shorts BEFORE I tucked the label.
Probablemente tiraría de los pantalones cortos ANTES de ocultar la etiqueta.

Author: Moving with Mitchell

From Brooklyn, New York; to North Massapequa; back to Brooklyn; Brockport, New York; back to Brooklyn... To Boston, Massachusetts, where I met Jerry... To Marina del Rey, California; Washington, DC; New Haven and Guilford, Connecticut; San Diego, San Francisco, Palm Springs, and Santa Barbara, California; Las Vegas, Nevada; Irvine, California; Sevilla, Spain. And Fuengirola, Málaga..

31 thoughts on “Do You Tuck? / ¿Lo Ocultas?”

  1. Can we create the fashion police with authority to politely correct these things? It would be good for the world’s mental health.

  2. Twice now I’ve gone out with my leggings inside out. You can’t tell as they don’t have a tag and look the same on the inside as they do on the outside, but they have a little painted symbol on the back and when it is missing The Other Half tells me oops, you did it again. 🙂

    But yes, if I know the person and they have a tag sticking out, I let them know and then fix it. I’m nice like that.

    1. Snoskred,
      With friends I automatically tuck their labels. They understand me, too. And some are even grateful.

  3. OH THAT VIDEO!!!! Where do you find this stuff! I will probably be coming back for more, just to cheer me up. Now for the meat of this post. First of all, I think that if a person’s pants are going to ride that low, for mercy’s sake let the tag cover the crack! I must admit that I’ve had the urge to pull up young men’s pants that are sagging down past the equator and almost to their knees. I know it’s “fashion”, but damn! I don’t pull out the tags on my clothing unless they’re held there by fiberglass (I think) thread. Ouch! I don’t seem to be mortified by anything on my person anymore, except maybe a vb. That’s my family’s code for visible booger. A public passing of the gas, okay massive unladylike FART can do it too. I have had perfect strangers, little old ladies mostly, come up to me on tiptoes and without a “by your leave” tucked my tags. I give them a thanks and take something off of the top shelf for them in appreciation (I’m usually in grocery stores when this happens). I’ve gone to work in a pair of jeans inside out and backward. The bad part is the they had a sewn in seam. That should have registered, not to mention the one pink shoe and one white shoe. I would drive you nuts, Scoot! I figure, I’m oldish, have limited arm range, have background pain acting as white noise so screw it! And no, nice German lady at Target, my walker’s handles don’t have to be raised (they’re as high as they go) so that I won’t slouch. Honey, that’s my normal posture!

    1. Deedles,
      I found that video as a result of Maddie’s recent video post. THAT got me exploring. I’ll have to reshare my stories of Jerry and his reversible underwear … stories from 2011. And, unlike the lady at Target, I have no problem minding my own business about things like walker posture! And that reminds me of aniypther Dowager Duchess story I need to tell. (I couldn’t tell it while she was alive.)

    1. Maddie,
      I found this “tuck” video thanks to you and one of your recen5 blog posts. Do you believe that hair? I’ve never seen quite such an arrangement of lower back hair. It looks like a Norfolk Island Pine… or a nuclear disaster.

  4. I can relate, have the same urge. Also want to throttle people who go to the store in their pajamas….have I opened another can of worms?

    1. I see the teens with words across there ass like Juicey, Hot stuff, Queen… then they rolldown the waistband to just about there. I was wondering how a mom could let them out of the house like that and then the mom came walking up dressed or not dressed just like the daughters. OMG !

      1. Parsnip,
        Glad you added that it’s not just teens. At least that doesn’t make want to fix things. I just shake my head.

    2. Yes!!!! And it’s even more lovely when they go to the store in pajamas with Uggs on…..or I even shudder to say……crocs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Such a sad epidemic.

      1. Maddie,
        Oh, do have men on the beach in their underwear? I don know really why it matters. It’s sometimes even more coverage than a bathing suit. But soggy cotton boxer briefs are surprisingly unsexy. (The sexy guys never do it.)

    3. Cheapchick,
      It’s funny, I find pajamas in public laughable, like underwear on the beach.

  5. do you remove overly large or annoying labels from your clothing? Do you make sure all labels that remain are carefully tucked and hidden from view? – I remove ALL the tags since they bother my sensitive skin (fucking itchy things).

    If you carry any kind of shoulder bag, do you always double-check to ensure the strap is not twisted? – yes.

    I don’t wear a belt.

    1. I remove all tags for the same reason as Anne Marie. I am a delicate flower with sensitive skin. snicker, snicker, but it IS true.

    2. Anne Marie,
      Labels bother my skin as well. My mother always cut them out. She said she was too fine for them… like the Princess and the Pea.

    1. Walt the Fourth,
      I just pictured myself walking around town FIXING everyone. It made me smile.

  6. I don’t know why (well, actually I do know why but that’s between me and my shrink) but I tend to notice fashion faux pas more on females more than on males. As for my own fashion faux pas, if I’m made aware of them, I immediately try to fix it. Unfortunately, I’m not always aware of them.

  7. Ha! I keep seeing an image of you skidaddling up to be next to San Geraldo while also keeping your head slightly turned so as not to see the offending strap. Awwww, Mitchell, it’s tough being a perfectionist, isn’t it? (Not that I am, but now I know you well enough to know that it is–ha!). And, Jerry wins the sweetheart award once again, for understanding.

    1. Judy:
      I wish I were more perfectionist than simply obsessive-compulsive… or at least i think I do.

  8. I have the same issue and urge 😊 swimwear, straps, and belts in particular as my Dad always said if you miss a loop you have not long to live – so I check and double check

    1. Lars:
      As far as I know, this has never happened to me. I say as far as I know because, as far as this guy knows, maybe he would say it never happens to him either.

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