Green, loin, and wieners / Verde, lomo, y nabos

La versión en español está después de la versión en inglés.

I SUPPOSE I SHOULD APOLOGIZE in advance. I’m finding it difficult to rein in my juvenile sense of humour. Maybe it was all the cracks about Susan’s cracked ass yesterday.

Sunday night, San Geraldo cooked pork loin. He sliced two pieces and served one to each of us. The one that remained looked an awful lot like… well, look at the first of the below photos and you’ll know. Then he baked banana bread… with chocolate chips, and I was back on the subject. Bananas.

We had some of the left-over pork phallus… I mean LOIN… for lunch Monday. For dinner, SG made lentil soup (commonly known now as “Jerry’s Lentil Soup”). Susan’s family even made her some for the freezer when she got home so she’d have meals for later. SG made it with green lentils this time. It was superb. I don’t know if it’s the green lentils that made it even better, but it could be.

He cut up the remaining pork penis… I mean LOIN… and added it to the stew. He then took out a package of wieners (that’s what he calls hot dogs), boiled them, and added them in. It was a one-pot feast followed by chocolate-chip banana bread. The top photo is this morning after sunrise.


SUPONGO QUE DEBO DISCULPARME DE antemano. Me resulta difícil controlar mi sentido del humor juvenil. Tal vez fueron todos los chistes sobre el culo roto de Susan ayer.

El domingo por la noche, San Geraldo cocinó lomo de cerdo. Cortó dos trozos y nos sirvió uno a cada uno. El que quedó se parecía muchísimo a … bueno, mira la primera de las fotos a continuación y lo sabrás. Luego horneó pan de plátano … con chispas de chocolate, y volví al tema. (Plátanos.)

Tuvimos un poco del falo LOMO de cerdo sobrante para el almuerzo del lunes. Para la cena, SG hizo sopa de lentejas (comúnmente conocida ahora como “Sopa de Lentejas de Jerry”). La familia de Susan incluso le preparó un poco para el congelador cuando llegó a casa para que pudiera comer más tarde. SG lo hizo con lentejas verdes esta vez. Fue soberbio. No sé si fueron las lentejas verdes las que lo hicieron aún mejor, pero podría serlo.

Cortó el pene LOMO de cerdo restante y lo agregó al guiso. Luego sacó un paquete de salchichas (así es como las llama a los hot dogs), las hirvió, y las agregó. Fue un festín en una olla seguido de pan de plátano con chispas de chocolate. La foto superior es esta mañana después del amanecer.

• Moose and Dudo await morning treats (Dudo does so quietly). Moose’s face shows signs of rough play with Dudo. Moose possibly started it. Possibly.
• Moose y Dudo esperan los aperitivos de la mañana (Dudo lo hace en silencio). La cara de Moose muestra signos de un juego brusco con Dudo. Possiblemente Moose lo inició. Possiblemente.
• Dancing tulips last night and this morning. Can you hear the music?
• Tulipanes bailando anoche y está mañana. ¿Puedes oir la música?

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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26 thoughts on “Green, loin, and wieners / Verde, lomo, y nabos”

  1. Hot diggity dog! Look at all that food! I, too, find a difference between the red and the green lentils once cooked. The green have a richer taste and consistency, I feel. Gives me an idea…..thanks Jerry and Mitch!

    1. anne marie:
      They were begging at 8:15 today but waited until 9:35. So proud of myself… and them.

    1. Wilma:
      They are girded. Dudo is never in time-out. That’s simply the bullpen.

    1. Steve:
      This is the box I’d like to get off my office floor. But, nooooo. Dudo likes it and Moosey rubs his face against it every time he comes in.

  2. I’m only surprised those tu-lips weren’t on a organ yet?

    Yeah, that first picture…if “they” did look like that….I wouldn’t be gay today I don’t think.

    1. Mistress Borghese:
      I know what you mean. That is one ugly looking … pork loin.

    1. finlaygray:
      Oh, yours will be so much better than mine. Mainly because of the voice and accent!

  3. Hahaha! That’s funny because I bought a small pork loin on my way home from work this afternoon and it looks like an extra long penis, too! Also, autocross just kept trying to change “penis” into “punishment”….LOL 😆

    1. Jennifer:
      Apparently, that’s what pork loin looks like. I’d wonder if it really was loin, but those would be some amazingly well-endowed pigs. Autocorrect is tryign to tell you something.

  4. That is a meal of pork penis! It’s clear to me. My mom said wieners, not hot dogs. Maybe it’s a Minnesota-Dakota thing.


    1. Janie:
      Oh, yeah, wieners are definitely a Midwest thing. But SG’s sister, who has lived in South Dakota all her life, laughed and said, “Even we don’t call them wieners anymore.” We actually grew up calling them frankfurters (at home).

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