A giraffe camel / Un camello jirafa

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IT WAS ANOTHER WEEKLY CONVERSATION (tug of war) last night with The Kid Brother. “Did you get any mail?” I asked. “A postcard.” “From anyone you know?” “The same person.” “Which person is that?” “Heh heh. Lemme go get it.”

He returned and immediately started spelling, “M-A-R-Y.” “Oh, Mary!” I said. “I know. I know.”

“Is it another colorful animal?” “Yeah. It’s a beauty.” “What is it?” 

“A giraffe camel… a giraffe… a camel. It’s a camel.” [I knew it was a camel because Mary had emailed a copy to me.]

“Remember, she hand-colors those just for you.” “I know. I know. She does a good job. It’s nice. Like for the wall.” “Well, maybe that’s something we’ll have to do when I visit.”

That’s Mary’s giraffe camel postcard at top. A labor of love… and kindness.

“Did anything arrive from me?” [I ordered him an Abbot & Costello DVD containing Who’s on First (because that’s how our weekly conversations always sound) after he told me he only had it on cassette tape.]

“Yeah. It’s here.” “The DVD?” “Yeah.” “Have you watched any of it yet?” “I can’t. The VCR won’t work.”

“Didn’t I send a DVD?” “Yeah.”

“Does your DVD player work?” “The VCR doesn’t work.”

[Sigh.] “But you play the DVDs on the DVD player. The VCR is for those old VHS tapes.”

“I know. I know. But the VCR’s old. It turns on but that’s it.”

[Heavy sigh.] “Well, I guess that’s something else we’ll have to look into when I visit.” [And, you’re welcome!]

I was exhausted at the end of our 20-minute conversation. And this is when he’s in a good mood!

But, today, San Geraldo and I are heading off on an adventure. I made reservations to visit prehistoric caves only a half hour from home and we’re hitting the road shortly. So, something for you to look forward to, as well.


FUE OTRA CONVERSACIÓN SEMANAL (TIRA y afloja) anoche con El Hermanito. “¿Recibiste algún correo?” yo pregunté. “Una postal.” “¿De alguien que conozcas?” “La misma persona.” “¿Qué persona es esa?” “Je je. Déjame ir a buscarlo”.

Regresó e inmediatamente comenzó a deletrear, “M-A-R-Y”. “¡Oh, Mary!” dije. “Yo lo sé. Yo lo sé.”

“¿Es otro animal colorido?” “Si. Es una belleza.” “¿Qué es?”

“Un camello jirafa… una jirafa… un camello. Es un camello”. [Sabía que era un camello porque Mary me había enviado una copia por correo electrónico].

“Recuerda, ella colorea a mano esos solo para ti”. “Yo lo sé. Yo lo sé. Ella hace un buen trabajo. Es agradable. Como para el muro.” “Bueno, tal vez sea algo que tengamos que hacer cuando visite”.

Esa es la postal del camello jirafa de Mary en la parte superior. Una labor de amor … y amabilidad.

“¿Llegó algo de mí?” [Le pedí un DVD de Abbot & Costello que contenía Who’s on First (porque así suenan siempre nuestras conversaciones semanales), después de que me dijera que solo lo tenía en casete.]

“Si. Esta aquí.” “¿Ya lo has visto?” “No puedo. La videograbadora no funcionará”.

“¿No envié un DVD?” “Si.” “¿Tu reproductor de DVD funciona?” “ La videograbadora no funciona”.

[Suspiro.] “Pero reproduces los DVD en el reproductor de DVD. La videograbadora es para esas viejas cintas VHS”.

“Yo lo sé. Yo lo sé. Pero la videograbadora es vieja. Se enciende, pero eso es todo”.

[Suspiro profundo.] “Bueno, supongo que eso es algo más que tendremos que investigar cuando visite”. [Y de nada.]

Estaba exhausto al final de nuestra conversación de 20 minutos. ¡Y es entonces cuando él está de buen humor!

Pero, hoy, San Geraldo y yo nos vamos de aventura. Hice reservaciones para visitar cuevas prehistóricas a solo media hora de casa y saldremos a la carretera en breve. Entonces, algo que tú también puedes esperar.

Author: Moving with Mitchell

From Brooklyn, New York; to North Massapequa; back to Brooklyn; Brockport, New York; back to Brooklyn... To Boston, Massachusetts, where I met Jerry... To Marina del Rey, California; Washington, DC; New Haven and Guilford, Connecticut; San Diego, San Francisco, Palm Springs, and Santa Barbara, California; Las Vegas, Nevada; Irvine, California; Sevilla, Spain. And Fuengirola, Málaga..

24 thoughts on “A giraffe camel / Un camello jirafa”

  1. That is one nicely coloured camel. I am imagining Kid Brother’s wall now…….
    Have a good time in those caves and looking forward to seeing it. Take care.

  2. So glad he actually received the postcard. One day last week it showed up in my informed delivery (many days after I had mailed it) meaning it was coming back to me. Luckily, my mail person must have seen what was going on and sent it back into the system–v, happy it finally arrived. A pink and green kittycat postcard on its way today.

    Sounds like you will need to remove the old VCR when next you are in Brooklyn. That way he’ll only have one machine to worry about. And no doubt, he will.

    1. Mary:
      And I’ve been surprised how quickly your cards have gotten to him. I wonder what’s going on with the mail! As for removing the VCR, not a possibility. “What about all my tapes?!?” I think he just calls them both by the same name, but we’ll just have to wait until I get there.

  3. Love the camel! That’s beautiful! Even your frustrating conversations with your brother are funny to read, I must admit. Woo hoo! A road trip! I can’t wait!

    1. Steve:
      He’s probably one of the reasons I have no hair (other than genetics…), but I do find our conversations very entertaining (even if they make my brain hurt). More about the road trip tomorrow.

    1. Debra:
      I love the camel, too. Can’t wait to see everything when I visit. The caves were amazing. More tomorrow. Photos are not what they could be. (Caves are dark.)

  4. Gorgeous card, and maybe you should record your conversations with the Kid brother and play them back later; they’re as funny as any Abbott and Costello routine!

    1. Bob:
      Recording is a great idea… but then I’d have to hear ME, too! I’ll think about it. It could be very entertaining. Besides, he always slips in an Abbott & Costello routine at some point.

  5. You could liken the Brits to a camel. Show them 15 pints and down they go!!!

    Beautiful camel.

    1. Karen:
      But I don’t think any Brit could hold those pints as long as a camel!

    1. Wilma:
      He did love the camel and does feel very special that Mary would do that for him. The caves were even better than expected! More tomorrow.

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