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I HIRED A LOCAL COMPANY called Hermanos Cortes Ruíz to install custom screens in the bedrooms, two offices, one bathroom (mine has no window), utility/laundry room, as well as two removable screens for the glass curtain on the terrace. Just a week later, the screens have been installed and they look great. My office window opens to our entry hall, which has a wall of windows that can be open to the fresh air. I’m now sitting in my office with the window wide open and the cats can’t get out to the hall. Dudo is currently inspecting. I’m hoping he won’t try to claw his way through the sturdy mesh.

The laundry room is off the kitchen and is accessed by a glass door. The wall is open brick work, which not only lets in mosquitos, but also, every so often, a stray bird. A couple of times we managed to save a bird, but a couple of other times, we found them dead in the mop bucket, which was of course upsetting. Fortunately, the kitchen door was closed whenever a bird found its way inside. We worried a bird would fly in and continue through the apartment followed by two crazed cats. The quality is better than we imagined and the price was much lower than expected.

I’ve been working on the grievance I’ll file against our New York lawyer. I hope to have that done by the end of the week.

Some of you asked where we are in the photo I shared of the view of Fuengirola from the Stupa (click here). So, I’ve included that photo again with an arrow indicating where our building is located. Because the building isn’t visible at that angle, I’ve included another photo from my walk on the Paseo. You’ll get the idea.

The hibuscuses are in glorious bloom all over town. Ours, except for one, are still dropping their buds — although the buds are getting closer to opening than they did before. I haven’t yet given up.

The city has finished replacing tamarind trees for the season. Some are doing well. But others continue to die and⁄or tilt. The work ended after they completed our street. I’m so glad we don’t have to wait until next year.


CONTRATÉ UNA EMPRESA LOCAL LLAMADA Hermanos Cortes Ruíz para instalar mosquiteros personalizados en los dormitorios, dos oficinas, un baño (el mío no tiene ventana), cuarto de servicio/lavandería, así como dos mosquiteros removibles para la cortina de vidrio en la terraza. Solo una semana después, los mosquiteros se han instalado y se ven geniales. La ventana de mi oficina se abre a nuestro pasillo, que tiene una pared de ventanas que se pueden abrir al aire fresco. Ahora estoy sentado en mi oficina con la ventana abierta de par en par y los gatos no pueden salir al pasillo. Dudo está inspeccionando actualmente. Espero que no intente abrirse camino a través de la resistente malla.

El lavadero está al lado de la cocina y se accede por una puerta de vidrio. La pared es de ladrillos abiertos, que no solo deja entrar mosquitos, sino también, de vez en cuando, un pájaro callejero. Un par de veces logramos salvar un pájaro, pero un par de veces más, lo encontramos muerto en el cubo de la fregona, lo que por supuesto fue molesto. Afortunadamente, la puerta de la cocina estaba cerrada cuando un pájaro entraba. Nos preocupaba que un pájaro volara y continuara por el piso seguido por dos gatos enloquecidos. Estamos extasiados. La calidad es mejor de lo que imaginamos y el precio fue mucho más bajo de lo que esperábamos.

He estado trabajando en la queja que presentaré contra nuestro abogado de Nueva York. Espero haberlo hecho antes de fin de semana.

Algunos de vosotros preguntabais dónde estamos en la foto que compartí de la vista de Fuengirola desde la Stupa (haz clic aquí). Entonces, he incluido esa foto nuevamente con una flecha que indica dónde está ubicado nuestro edificio. Como el edificio no es visible desde ese ángulo, he incluido otra foto de mi paseo por el Paseo. Entenderáis la idea.

Los hibiscos están floreciendo gloriosamente por toda la ciudad. Los nuestros, excepto uno, todavía están cayendo sus cogollos, aunque los cogollos están cada vez más cerca de abrirse que antes. Todavía no me he rendido.

La ciudad ha terminado de reemplazar los tamarindos para la temporada. A algunos les va bien. Pero otros continúan muriendo y/o inclinándose. El trabajo terminó después de que terminaron nuestra calle. Estoy muy contento de que no tengamos que esperar hasta el próximo año.

• On our side street. There used to be metal framing to protect the trees from the cars. As you can see, this tree was already on its last legs.
• En nuestra calle lateral. Solía haber marcos de metal para proteger los árboles de los coches. Como puedes ver, este árbol ya estaba en sus últimas patas.
• As viewed from the Stupa in Benalmádena.
• Visto desde la Estupa de Benalmádena.
• As viewed from the Paseo in Fuengirola about a 20-minute walk from home.
• Visto desde el Paseo de Fuengirola a unos 20 minutos andando desde casa.

Author: Moving with Mitchell

From Brooklyn, New York; to North Massapequa; back to Brooklyn; Brockport, New York; back to Brooklyn... To Boston, Massachusetts, where I met Jerry... To Marina del Rey, California; Washington, DC; New Haven and Guilford, Connecticut; San Diego, San Francisco, Palm Springs, and Santa Barbara, California; Las Vegas, Nevada; Irvine, California; Sevilla, Spain. And Fuengirola, Málaga..

25 thoughts on “We’ve been screened / Mosquiteras”

  1. Hibiscus are the staple flower for sure…..beautiful.
    Thanks for arrow……gives some perspective.

    1. Jim:
      Thanks for asking. I had considered doing in the first place. Hibiscus are everywhere in town.

  2. I wonder if Dudo and Moose, once unattended, will go for the screens??
    Ours are real good about not messing with new stuff, until we leave the room!!

    1. Bob:
      That’s what I’m worried about. Dudo sniffed the screen in my office today, but nothing more. I’m sure when we’re not watching, the claws will be out!

  3. Oh, so many beautiful colors in the hibiscus! J’adore!
    I remember when you decided to move from Sevilla, and I remember following the move, but I don’t remember if you had this apartment already picked out, or if you had to stay elsewhere for a bit, first? Did you come down here on a mini vacation to find an apartment, or do online research?

    I’m so happy for you to have the screens! I hope we’ll get to see photos!

    1. Judy C:
      We came down here for an overnighter, looked at two apartments and took this one, which made the move relatively easy. I’m trying to take some very exciting and artistic photos of the screens… without much success. But you’ll see them anyway.

    1. Debra:
      The hibiscuses are all over the city, even on the business streets. Incredible.

  4. I only cat-sat once–for a weekend. Amy the Cat had a unique way of garnering attention at open, screened windows. She would take her little paw and with one tiny nail would pluck, pluck, pluck away at screens like she was playing a damn harp until you were ready to lose your mind. She particularly liked to do this at the bedroom window–right over my head. Her way of saying let-me-out, play-with-me or feed-me–take your pick. I resented 3 am harp playing. The reason there were no repeat cat sitting events, besides the wake up pluck, is that it turned out I’m highly allergic to cats–as in my eyes hugely swell up, breathing is a tad difficult and I break out in hives. Sorry Dudo/Moose–still love you. Hope your screens fair better than Amy’s.

    Thanks for the arrows on the photos. Looks like a prime location.
    Don’t think I’ve ever seen a row of hibiscus bushes like your photo. Lovely.

    1. Mary:
      Oh, I can’t wait for the harp music to begin here. What a shame about the cat allergy. Good you didn’t end up in hospital!

  5. Those are beautiful hibiscus! Just gorgeous.

    Hooray for screens on the windows! Nothing is better than fresh air without pesky mosquitoes. And you’ll have sea air, too, right?

    1. Jennifer:
      Yes, fresh sea air. And yesterday and today have been glorious with sea breezes. Ahhhhhhh!

  6. All those colors! The dark pink and orange works so well together. Poor tamarind tree –
    the city is guilty of serial murders.

    1. Wilma:
      The mix of hibiscus colors can be exquisite. The tamarind trees just don’t get a break around here. Winds, sea spray, drunks, kids, cars.

    1. Urspo:
      I know the cats will do their thing. Hope it’s minimal. We’ll only use the screen in the bedroom and offices when we’re there — thanks to the screens on the terrace. But at night when we’re in bed and Dudo finds an open window with a screen blocking his access to the terrace, I’m sure he’ll be waking us up with his clawing. Oh well.

  7. Hmm, your hibiscus porn always make me forget what the post is about. Thanks, Scoot. I needed this today.

  8. That poor tree! But the flowers are beautiful. The kitties had better be on their best behavior with the screens installed by the Bros.


    1. Janie:
      The kitties are sometimes on best behavior… Sometimes… But only when we’re looking.

  9. I wonder if there is a nutritional or water answer to the dropping buds? Such pretty flowers. Such a pretty place.

    1. David,
      I’m now feeding every week, which seems to be improving things. Should have been doing that all along in bloom season. But another major issue, I’m told, is they like good air circulation. And they don’t get that on the terrace, although the two screens will help a little. Even the city hibiscuses that are now thriving have awful times throughout the year. Covered in bugs and ants, dropping buds. They’re regularly cut down to stubs. The ones that look stunning now were mostly very sad looking just last month. And many have been removed and replaced.

  10. Nice to know where you are in the grand scheme of things! I know you’re frustrated with your hibiscus, but for what it’s worth, the ones around town DO look beautiful. Maybe they just don’t like to be in pots?

    After praising the sunscreen in the laundry room in my comment on your subsequent post, now I understand why you don’t like it.

    1. Steve:
      The brick looks finished with the addition of the framed screen. And it’s now a pleasure out there without worrying about insects and birds. Pots are more challenging for hibiscus, and I do think the lack of good air circulation doesn’t help. But the ones around town have their ups and downs and can sometimes look really sad… and then get cut down to nothing.

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