Stupa-fied / Estupa-facto

La versión en español está despue´s de la versión en inglés.

THE ENLIGHTENMENT STUPA IN BENALMÁDENA directly overlooks a residential development (urbanización) called Reserva del Higuerón (Fig Tree Reserve). My orthodontist is in a complex in the uppermost area of the reserva called Altos de Higuerón (Fig Tree Heights), a building containing offices, some shops and restaurants, and luxury apartments. It’s all very nice, with majestic views, but if you live there, you need to get in your car to go almost anywhere else. So, it’s not the place for me. Besides a walk to the beach can take up to an hour downhill. And you then have to take that same winding way back up to the top.

Today’s photos show you how close together are the Parque Rústico Rutamar, Enlightenment Stupa, and Butterfly Park (Mariposário). I just learned the Mariposário opened right before we arrived in Spain. So, the first time we visited after moving down to the coast, it was only about two years old. It was built in Thai style to complement the nearby Buddhist temple and as a nod to the fact that the breeding of butterflies for the production of silk began 4,000 years ago in China. Many of the materials came from Thailand, including the blue tile roof, a color produced specifically for the Mariposário. A nice touch. I might take another drive next week.


LA ILUMINACIÓN STUPA EN BENALMÁDENA da directamente a un desarrollo residencial (urbanización) llamado Reserva del Higuerón (Reserva del Higuerón). Mi ortodoncista está en un complejo en la zona más alta de la reserva llamado Altos de Higuerón (Higuerón Heights), un edificio que contiene oficinas, algunas tiendas y restaurantes, y departamentos de lujo. Todo es muy bonito, con vistas majestuosas, pero si vives allí, necesitas subir a tu coche para ir a casi cualquier otro lugar. Entonces, no es el lugar para mí. Además, un paseo hasta la playa puede llevar hasta una hora cuesta abajo. Y luego tienes que tomar ese mismo camino sinuoso de regreso a la cima.

Las fotos de hoy muestran lo cerca que están el Parque Rústico Rutamar, la Estupa de la Iluminación y el Mariposário. Me acabo de enterar de que el Mariposário abrió justo antes de que llegáramos a España. Entonces, la primera vez que visitamos después de mudarnos a la costa, tenía solo dos años. Fue construido en estilo tailandés para complementar el templo budista cercano y como un guiño al hecho de que la cría de mariposas para la producción de seda comenzó hace 4.000 años en China. Muchos de los materiales vinieron de Tailandia, incluido el techo de tejas azules, un color producido específicamente para el Mariposário. Un buen toque. Podría dar otro paseo la semana que viene.

• It’s a short walk from Christianity to Buddhism.
• Es un camino corto del cristianismo al budismo.
• Benalmádena (Reserva del Higuerón) in foreground. Fuengirola in background.
• Benalmádena (Reserva del Higuerón) en primer plano. Fuengirola al fondo.
• A hazy view of Fuengirola.
• Una vista nebulosa de Fuengirola.
• I would love a dragon for our terrace. They have two. Do you think they’d miss one?
• Me encantaría un dragón para nuestra terraza. Tienen dos. ¿Crees que se perderían uno?


Author: Moving with Mitchell

From Brooklyn, New York; to North Massapequa; back to Brooklyn; Brockport, New York; back to Brooklyn... To Boston, Massachusetts, where I met Jerry... To Marina del Rey, California; Washington, DC; New Haven and Guilford, Connecticut; San Diego, San Francisco, Palm Springs, and Santa Barbara, California; Las Vegas, Nevada; Irvine, California; Sevilla, Spain. And Fuengirola, Málaga..

23 thoughts on “Stupa-fied / Estupa-facto”

  1. We should plan a caper to *borrow* the dragon, I do not think they would miss it. 🙂

    But only if you’ll help me with my caper of painting out a few arrows here locally on the roads so people cannot turn right from a left lane on a two lane round about. Oh, the insanity!

    1. Snoskred:
      You name the date. I wonder if we should dress all in white so we blend in with the dragon. I’d be very happy to help paint those arrows. THAT would drive me crazy.

    1. David:
      San Diego had a shop called Column One where you could get just about anything in fiberglass resin or something lightweight like that. Gargoyles, columns, you name it. I wish it still existed! When I get these ideas here, I only find what I’m looking for in stone or poured concrete versions. Not easily movable!

  2. Trying to figure out where your place would be located on that photo looking down on Fuengirola. Not sure my eyes are up to the task…or should I say my glasses aren’t. While the views from up top are nice, I agree that your place on the water is definitely better for a whole host of reasons–especially the walk-ability.

    1. Mary:
      I thought of adding an arrow to the photo. I’ll do so and will reshare today.

  3. What fabulous views.
    And, as I said yesterday, I am fascinated by religious or spiritual buildings, though not so much, for most, of what goes on inside.

  4. No mariposas? Were they not out? I’m guessing it wouldn’t be easy to carry that dragon! Love the Buddhist stupa. What a cool thing to have on your home turf. (More or less.)

  5. Magnificent view! And love that gorgeous white Stupa and dragon carving! I visited a lovely little Stupa in Maui, much smaller than yours, but you could nevertheless go inside where there was a huge Buddhist prayer wheel which took up almost the entire interior. You could turn the prayer wheel by walking around it in a circle — just enough space to do that! I thought it was kind of neat.

    1. Debra:
      I had never visited a stupa before this one. The prayer wheel sounds like fun.

  6. The Dragon is wonderful but they might miss it.
    I have a small Prayer Wheel by my front door.
    Your photos are wonderful, especially #3

    1. Parsnip:
      Don’t worry. I had a great idea. I’ll put a large garden gnome in its place.

  7. So does this Stupa and Butterfly park attract Buddhists from around the world?
    Both are quite lovely.
    Maybe if one owned a scooter/Moped it would be more conducive to living in Fig Tree Reserve. What a spectacular view! Can your see your building?

    1. Jim:
      I think it is well-known and visited. You won’t catch me on a motorcycle, moto, or any kind of scooter. Too many accidents. In the shots I shared our building is tucked behind another building (our and the building beyond aren’t visible at that angle), but I’ll reshare today with an arrow showing where it is.

  8. Ahhh, okay, so… I feel like either these white or orange staggered, fancy apartment/condo buildings way up in the hill, overlooking the water from far away, might be where the people bought who were on House Hunters International that one time (I mentioned it, but I didn’t know what the actual location was of the place that they chose). I’d say the setting was like that. I totally see why that would be a drag for daily living, as you mention. So much better to have the location that you have.
    (P.S. I have always loved that expression, STUpefied, said with the exaggeration on the STUP )

    1. Judy C:
      I wonder if those are from House Hunters. Stunning places. I also love the word STUP-efied.

    1. Walt the Fourth:
      I’d just hop on the dragon’s back and fly it home. The views from up there really are wonderful. I wasn’t expecting such a good view on such an overcast day.

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