Coin slots / Huchas

La versión en español está después de la versión en inglés.

WHEN MY FRIENDS SEE ASS cracks, they seem to immediately think of me and send me photos. I understand. It started when our friend Tere taught me a Spanish slang term for asscrack (known in English as plumber’s crack, carpenter’s crack, plumber’s butt, builder’s bum, and more). There are several variations on the same theme in Spanish, but Tere taught me about the hucha. An hucha is a coin slot (for example, in a piggy bank or a parking meter) and, therefore, works to describe an exposed asscrack. Ever since, of course, being the mature adult I am, I have been on the lookout for huchas and have regularly shared them. I’m always tempted to insert a coin (or a cigarette butt, as I shared here recently).

I had another clear hucha sighting Saturday (there are always more that don’t make for great photos), but Elena sent me one she caught from her terrace that was the best of the week.


CUANDO MIS AMIGOS VEN CULO grietas, parece que inmediatamente piensan en mí y me envían fotos. Entiendo. Comenzó cuando nuestra amiga Tere me enseñó un término de la jerga en español, la hucha. Desde entonces, por supuesto, siendo la adulta madura que soy, he estado buscando huchas y las he compartido regularmente. Siempre estoy tentado a insertar una moneda (o una colilla de cigarrillo, como compartí aquí recientemente).

Tuve otro avistamiento claro de hucha el sábado (siempre hay más que no hacen buenas fotos), pero Elena me envió una que capturó desde su terraza que fue la mejor de la semana.

• Yesterday’s surf.
• Oleaje de ayer.
• Dudo, top, and Moose wait (quietly but insistently) for treats this morning.
• Dudo, Top y Moose esperan (en silencio pero con insistencia) los aperetivos esta mañana.
• My walk in the haze this morning. Only 24˚C/75˚F but 84 percent humidity. Uf!
• Mi paseo en la neblina esta mañana. Solo 24˚C/75˚F pero 84 por ciento de humedad. ¡Uf!
• My waist has gotten a bit trimmer in recent months, but I’ll never again have one of these (unless I pay for it).
• Mi cintura se ha recortado un poco en los últimos meses, pero nunca más volveré a tener uno de estos (a menos que lo pague).
• Elena’s view.
• La vista de Elena.
• Continuing on the subject of my immaturity, these things always look phallic to me — with no help from him.
• Continuando con el tema de mi inmadurez, estas cosas siempre me parecen fálicas — sin la ayuda de él.

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24 thoughts on “Coin slots / Huchas”

  1. The hucha,huh? Sounds like a mystical creature such as Bigfoot, a yeti or Madonna. Oh wait, that last one’s the Hoochie. Never mind.

  2. Someone once told me, “every man needs a hobby.” Stay immature as long as you can.

  3. Look at all those stripes in the first image! The arrangement of the umbrellas is a visual delight. The huchas, not so much of a visual delight, are amazing in their own way.

    So, my eye procedure was also a visual delight – I could see, from inside my nicely numbed eyeball, the tiny little tweezers and scissors that they used to clip and pull off the epiretinal membrane that was distorting my vision. It was super-cool to watch, especially when the blue dye was injected. Before surgery, I could see only the big “E” on the chart and by 4 days post-surgery I was 20:25! It is only now that I realize how close to blind I was in that eye. Back home now.

    Oh yes, I did get the first Pfizer shot on Friday. (OK, I may have neglected to tell them at the pharmacy that I had had the AZ shots previously. Oops.). My arm was sore at the injection site that day and my entire arm felt like it had been crushed by a steamroller that night, but I was back to normal by the time my flight left Dallas the next day. I’ll get the second Pfizer shot when I go back to Dallas for a post-surgery recheck in 6 weeks.

    1. Wilma:
      I love that first image and plan to do a drawing of it. I am so glad your eye procedure went well. It’s fascinating how we adjust to different limitations and don’t realize the full impact until we’re lucky enough to have them fixed. Great news about the Pfizer shot!

  4. I think I’ll hold onto my coins…ugh.

    Glad Wilma’s eye procedure was successful. May she continue to heal well.

    1. Mary:
      Ditto your wishes for Wilma. Yeah, I think I’ll hold onto my coins, too.

  5. That has to be some telephoto lens you have on that camera! How the hell the did you get so close to that hunk’s stomach? You can even see the sand (which I’ll gladly towel off.)

    1. Kirk:
      I’ve got a 40x optical lens, but I was on the Paseo next to the beach watching 4 different volley ball games. I was perhaps 30 feet away from that guy.

    1. Bob:
      The hottie’s head would do it for you, too. I’ve seen huchas that would also do it for you, but I haven’t been positioned to not be noticed.

  6. I’d be tempted to lob a Loonie or two into that hucha just to see that guy’s reaction! (a Loonie is Canada’s dollar coin)

    1. Tundra Bunny:
      Thankfully, I knew what a Loonie was or lobbing one would have sounded very unpleasant. A Loonie would, however, be more than I’d contribute.

  7. Hucha Hucha Hucha! It sounds like something Charo would have shouted. Although I never cared for the Charo persona, I loved it when she played the guitar.


    1. Janie:
      Charo is surprisingly talented. But it’s unfortunately her over-the-top “personality” that made her a hit in the States.

  8. Ok that looks like a Scotty so close to big wave ! Scotties usually sink because they are so dense wee gud dugs.
    Thanks for the sweet kitties !

    1. Parsnip:
      It definitely wasn’t a Scotty, although from that distance I couldn’t tell you exactly what it was.

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