A butt butt / Un trasero para colillas

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IT’S CURRENTLY 88˚F/31˚C. NOTHING TO complain about when I hear the extremes many of you are experiencing. The Pacific Northwest has been experiencing record highs. Portland, Oregon might see 116˚F/47˚C today. Seattle, a few hours north of Portland could see 105F/41C. Daily maximums there this time of year are usually between 70F/21C and 77F/25C. Our “extreme heat” would be a relief… even if The Weather Channel says the real feel is 89F/32C!

I had an appointment with the optometrist this morning. I dropped my sunglasses on the pavement one too many times. Last time, they landed face down (as usual) and spun on one of the lenses a few times. Ever since, I’ve been peering through major scuffs. Also, I was due for a vision exam. Nothing had changed. But my glasses (for reading only) needed repair. A few years ago, I bought a pair of very expensive glasses by Marco Polo (a brand I had never heard of). For the second time, the temples (what I would call the arms on the sides) were coming apart. I had them replaced once last year. Also, the hinge on the elegant, hard-sided glass case broke for a second time. No big deal. I simply used one of the 10 glass cases I had lying around (because they never die). I expected to buy a new pair of glasses today, but our optometrist is sending my old frames back to Marco Polo. The other optometrist on staff found five frames that would fit my lenses and I got to choose. I’ll pick up my new, cool glasses this afternoon — free of charge! I found two pairs of sunglasses and couldn’t decide between them. When she told me the prices — with my discount [gasp]— I chose neither and instead found a sporty pair for half the price. I told the optemetrist I don’t take good enough care of my sunglasses to spend that kind of money.

On my walk home from the Nao Victoria yesterday, I took a bunch of photos of the Port of Fuengirola — the areas that don’t look out on the boats. When I’m there, I find it disappointing. When I see it in pictures, it doesn’t look quite so bad. It’s in need of a redesign.


ACTUALMENTE ES 31˚C/88˚F. NADA de qué quejarme cuando escucho los extremos que muchos de ustedes están experimentando. El noroeste del Pacífico ha experimentado niveles récord. Portland, Oregon podría hacer 47˚C/116˚F hoy. Seattle, unas horas al norte de Portland, podría hacer 41C/105F. Los máximos diarios en esta época del año suelen estar entre 21C/70F y 25C/77F. Nuestro “calor extremo” sería un alivio… incluso si The Weather Channel dice la sensación real es 32C/89F.

Tenía una cita con el optometrista esta mañana. Dejé caer mis gafas de sol en la acera demasiadas veces. La última vez, aterrizaron boca abajo (como de costumbre) y giraron sobre una de las lentes varias veces. Desde entonces, he estado mirando a través de grandes desgastes. Además, debía hacerme un examen de la vista. Nada ha cambiado. Pero mis anteojos (solo para leer) necesitaban reparación. Hace unos años compré gafas muy caras de Marco Polo (una marca de la que nunca había oído hablar). Por segunda vez, las sienes (lo que yo llamaría los brazos a los lados) se estaban deshaciendo. Los hice reemplazar una vez el año pasado. Además, la bisagra de la elegante caja se rompió por segunda vez. No es gran cosa. Simplemente usé una de las 10 cajas que tenía por ahí (porque nunca mueren). Esperaba comprar un nuevo par de gafas hoy, pero la optometrista está enviando mis viejas monturas a Marco Polo. El otro optometrista del personal encontró cinco armazones que se ajustarían a mis lentes y yo pude elegir. Recogeré mis gafas nuevas y geniales esta tarde — ¡sin cargo! Encontré dos pares de gafas de sol y no pude decidir entre ellos. Cuando me dijo los precios, con mi descuento [jadeo], no elegí ninguno y en su lugar encontré un par deportivo por la mitad de precio. Le dije al optemetrista que no cuido lo suficiente mis gafas de sol como para gastar esa cantidad de dinero.

En mi camino a casa desde la Nao Victoria ayer, tomé un montón de fotos del puerto de Fuengirola, las áreas que no miran hacia los barcos. Cuando estoy allí, lo encuentro decepcionante. Cuando lo veo en imágenes, no se ve tan mal. Necesita un rediseño.

• On our terrace.
• En nuestra terraza.
• At the port.
• En el puerto.
• Instead of tossing his cigarette butts in the sand, I found a perfect receptacle. A butt butt!
• En lugar de tirar las colillas a la arena, encontré un receptáculo perfecto. Un trasero para colillas.

Author: Moving with Mitchell

From Brooklyn, New York; to North Massapequa; back to Brooklyn; Brockport, New York; back to Brooklyn... To Boston, Massachusetts, where I met Jerry... To Marina del Rey, California; Washington, DC; New Haven and Guilford, Connecticut; San Diego, San Francisco, Palm Springs, and Santa Barbara, California; Las Vegas, Nevada; Irvine, California; Sevilla, Spain. And Fuengirola, Málaga..

36 thoughts on “A butt butt / Un trasero para colillas”

  1. A place for everything, something to fill that space. Nice flowers, glad they are fixing the expensive glasses. I had a pair of Prada frames, loved them.

    1. David:
      They didn’t fix the glasses. They gave me brand new ones with the same lenses. Different brand, and I love them.

  2. I see you beaches are back to being packed again! I’m not quite ready for Rehoboth beach yet. May do P-town here soon. The pandemic has me no programed to where I can’t take crowds and have no patience for it. That one building…what odd architecture…looks very dated, I agree.

    And that last one? I see crack like that, and I think I’m in a bad neighborhood.

    1. Mistress Borghese:
      The photo of the beach looks more packed than it was, although still too close for MY comfort. That specific beach is a little man-made bay that fills up quickly. Thankfully, it’s never like that on our beach. The port has two buildings that are dated and off-putting. Completely uninviting. I know city planners were discussing new designs for the port, but I have no idea how long that will take.

      1. Mistress Borghese:
        I’ll stay away from that specific crack, but not all crack is wack.

  3. The butt butt gave me a good morning laugh. Thank you! I need a pair of sunglasses myself. I stopped wearing contact lenses last summer, so I am thinking I may get a pair of prescription sunglasses.

    1. mcpersonalspace54:
      I was very proud of my idea for a butt butt. It could be lined with something heat-resistant… or it could just be used as-is as punishment for tossing cigarette butts on the beach. SG used to wear contacts and loved having prescription sunglasses. I would do it!

  4. See what you mean about the port area. Pretty bland. Butt-crack land could use some better views, too.

    My hibiscus is blooming, too. Considering at 10 am it is 88 (feels like 97)–just right for some flowers. Just not this wilting one–me. Feel bad for folks in PNW and BC–so many don’t have a/c. Those of us in Mid-Atlantic US couldn’t survive without a/c at least six months of the year. If it isn’t the heat, then there is the spring/fall pollen forcing us to keep windows closed.

    1. Mary:
      The design of the port makes it feel like you´re walled off from it, too. The best view is of the roofs of the restaurants and bars at the edge of the parking lot and then the parking lot. It will be a major project to redo it. I can’t imagine what people in the Pacific Northwest are feeling right now. Thankfully, our friends there have central air, but it’s got to be unbearable at nearly 40 degrees F higher than normal.

  5. Here on the north coast of California we have been protected from the heat by a wonderful marine layer of fog, lots and lots of heavy fog. Our high temps are in the 60s. East of us, over the coast range and north it is 40 degrees hotter.
    Love seeing the views there. I don’t fly so I never get to travel. Fellow bloggers are my views of the world. Thank you!

    1. Robin Andrea:
      We lived up and down the California coast and remember well May Gray and June Gloom. I’m glad you’re not experiencing that awful heat.

  6. A bare crack without a butt to speak of is quite appalling! There’s nothing there with which to keep the pants/shorts/trunks/ bottom coverers up. My father’s physical legacy- flat butts and bubble bellies. *SIGH*.
    These pictures are so crisp and pretty. I’m not just talking about your gorgeous face, either.

    1. Deedles:
      My mother and her sisters joked about their flat butts and round bellies. Six of them and pretty much the standard. My gorgeous face [groan] thanks you!

    1. Debra:
      That heat wave looks horrific. I hope you have AC! Currently 28C here. I am NOT complaining. Stay cool.

  7. Yeah, the port area looks OK in the pictures. Those towers are interesting — at the sailing school, I guess? They remind me of minarets.

    1. Steve:
      Those towers have no connection with anything. I think you could perhaps climb them originally, but they’re locked up tight now. The whole design was clearly meant to mimic Moorish and North African architecture, which was the norm here at one time.

  8. I’m with Debra on this one!! 33C here along the coast of Nova Scotia! Yes, -33C we can handle. But this??!!
    You must keep your hibiscus ‘cut back’. Ours is like a mini tree.

    1. Jim:
      I can’t imagine what it must be like for you at that heat. We’ve been keeping the hibiscuses cut back because there were constantly bugs and other problems. Plaza Mayor has a huge area of tree-like hibiscus. So beautiful. Maybe there’ll be an opportunity to do that with at least one of ours in the future.

  9. Love those new glasses. You need them or you will blinded by those glorious hibiscus blooms! You and I both have eye and glasses issues. I love the implanted multifocal lenses I got when I had cataract surgery 3 or 4 years ago. Got to toss my prescription glasses and readers! But I need very good sunglasses. As a small-headed adult, I can wear “youth” sunglasses – adult women’s glasses are just too big. Oakley makes the perfect ones and they cost much less! About a year ago, though, I started having major distortions in the vision in my right eye. Last week finally was able to fly to the US to see my ophthalmologist and was diagnosed with an “epiretinal membrane” that has pulled my retina out of shape. Next Monday I will have outpatient surgery to remove it. It will take about a year for the retina to flatten back out. Another of those things that happens to some lucky folks as they age. The only upside is that at least I am alive and therefore am ageing.

    1. Wilma:
      The new sunglasses work well! I didn’t wear glasses until my arms got too short for reading. It evolved into needing glasses all the time. I had monovision cataract surgery, so now need glasses just for reading again and the prescription is minimal. I’ve bever geard if epiretinal membrane! I’ll be thinking of you and wishing you an easy recovery next week. And, yes, I’m with you. I’d much rather age … than not!

  10. That’s some plumber butt. Free is my favorite price. I have Burberry frames. I’m sure they’re the only Burberry item I’ll ever own.


    1. Janie:
      I don’t go by labels when I select glasses, but I always end up with the most expensive ones. Interestingly, I love the style and feel of my new glasses and they retail for a third of the price of my defective Marco Polos. I have never owned anything by Burberry.

      1. I didn’t care that the frames were Burberry. I liked them and my insurance covered all but $15.

    1. larrymuffin:
      This IS a very clean city. Where we lived in Sevilla was the same. It’s a pleasure and a source of pride.

  11. The title had me dreaming of Spanish butts and then you gave me that!!!!!

    I may never recover, and so i will go have a lie down on my Lindsey Graham Fainting Couch™!

  12. New Mexico went from 100+F to 60s today. Monsoons have supposedly arrived…Looking forward to a trip to the Pacific coast in September. Still envying you living by the ocean.

    1. Frank:
      This location makes me so happy. I’ll be in the Pacific Northwest in September!

  13. Some of the temperatures mentioned here sound un-livable! ( Is that a word?) It is about 14c here this morning in SE England ( 9am) and that suits me fine. Top temp today will be 16c apparently.

    1. Frances:
      We’d be whining about your 14C, but would also be whining about 47C, especially in places that aren’t prepared for it. We lived in the desert southwest and adjusted well to those temps, but everyplace was air-conditioned. And there were misters everywhere. Sometimes it was so hot that the mist evaporated before it reached anyone.

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