Hey, 98.6 / Oye, 98,6

La versión en expañol está después de la versión en inglés.

TODAY IS THE 10TH ANNIVERSARY of our arrival in Spain. I can’t believe how much time has passed. After spending less than two exceptional years in Sevilla, we moved down to Málaga Province where we have lived — in the same apartment — for 8 years and 5 months. It may not be the longest we’ve lived in one country, but it’s the longest we’ve lived in one city and one home. As far as I’m concerned, other than settling down with San Geraldo, it’s the best decision I’ve ever made. Click here for my first blog post from Spain.

The heat was intense when we arrived 10 years ago. I think it was around 40˚C/104˚F in Malaga. A few days later, while we were on the train to Sevilla (usually much hotter), the temperature climbed to 44˚C/111˚F.

I walked to the public health center this morning to change my second vaccine appointment. It was already 34˚C/93˚F and is now 36/97. But the humidity is now only 35 percent, so it’s almost more pleasant than yesterday (but not quite). Still, not as bad as 10 years ago.

The photo at top is a guy I saw below the wall along the beach the other day. Ohm.

Of course, I still don’t have my drivers license. Thursday is my phone appointment with the Traffic Department. OHM!!!


HOY ES EL 10º ANIVERSARIO de nuestra llegada a España. No puedo creer cuánto tiempo ha pasado. Después de pasar menos de dos años excepcionales en Sevilla, nos trasladamos a la provincia de Málaga donde llevamos viviendo, en el mismo piso, 8 años y 5 meses. Puede que no sea el período más largo que hemos vivido en un país, pero es el período más largo que hemos vivido en una ciudad y una casa. En lo que a mí respecta, aparte de establecerme con San Geraldo, es la mejor decisión que he tomado. Haz clic aquí para ver mi primera publicación de blog desde España.

El calor era intenso cuando llegamos hace 10 años. Creo que en Málaga hacía alrededor de 40˚C / 104˚F. Mientras estábamos en el tren a Sevilla (generalmente mucho más caluroso) unos días después, la temperatura subió a 44˚C / 111˚F.

Caminé hasta el centro de salud pública esta mañana para cambiar mi segunda cita de vacunación. Ya era de 34˚C / 93˚F y ahora es de 36/97. Pero la humedad ahora es solo del 35 por ciento, por lo que es casi más agradable que ayer (pero no del todo). Aún así, no tan mal como hace 10 años.

La foto de arriba es un tipo que vi debajo de la pared a lo largo de la playa el otro día. Ohm.

Por supuesto, todavía no tengo mi licencia de conducir. El jueves es mi cita telefónica con el Departamento de Tráfico. ¡¡¡OHM!!!

La canción al fin se llama “98.6” que es la temperatura corporal normal en fahrenheit.

• Another renovated chiringuito (beach bar) opened its doors over the weekend.
• Otro chiringuito renovado abrió sus puertas durante el fin de semana.
• San Geraldo went grocery shopping. “Do you want any chocolate?” he asked.
• San Geraldo fue de compras. “¿Quieres chocolate?” preguntó.
• A tartalette with chocolate and caramel. Crispy, chewy, smooth. Like my men?
• Tartaleta de chocolate y caramelo. Crujiente, masticable, suave. ¿Como mis hombres?
• I moved the truffles from the kitchen to the air-conditioned bedroom. Priorities.
• Moví las trufas desde la cocina al dormitorio con aire acondicionado. Prioridades.
• Even sun-worshipping Dudo has opted for the air-conditioning.
• Incluso el adorador del sol Dudo ha optado por el aire acondicionado.
• I will not comment on the so-called fountain that is nothing more than a filthy wading pool that everyone and their dog rinses off in when they leave the beach. I will not comment.
• No voy a comentar sobre la fuente que no es más que una piscina infantil sucia en la que todos y su perro se enjuagan cuando salen de la playa. No voy a comentar.


• With backing vocals by The Tokens, my high school classmate’s brothers, famous for The Lion Sleeps Tonight.
• Con coros de The Tokens, los hermanos de mi compañnera de secundaria, famoso por The Lion Sleeps Tonight [El León Duerme Esta Noche].

Author: Moving with Mitchell

From Brooklyn, New York; to North Massapequa; back to Brooklyn; Brockport, New York; back to Brooklyn... To Boston, Massachusetts, where I met Jerry... To Marina del Rey, California; Washington, DC; New Haven and Guilford, Connecticut; San Diego, San Francisco, Palm Springs, and Santa Barbara, California; Las Vegas, Nevada; Irvine, California; Sevilla, Spain. And Fuengirola, Málaga..

29 thoughts on “Hey, 98.6 / Oye, 98,6”

  1. “Crispy, chewy, smooth.” I get the second two, but that first one, in men, has me stumped.

    I like the little dog in the fountain, but people. And that guy’s feet? Honey, no.

    Lastly, as always, Dudo has the right idea!

    1. Debra:
      Yep. I came close to making the title Serenity Now and including a clip. It’s the first thing I thought when I saw that guy.

    1. Wilma:
      “The Team” will contact me to change the apartment. But I was supposed to already have received a call to change the appointment without any action from me. Oh well. I suppose this is progress. The truffles have been moved. Dangerous place for chocolate.

  2. Why does SG even ask you about the chocolate? Surely it is on the weekly buy list. 🙂

    Had to laugh at the music…as soon as I read “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” I was off humming the tune — a wimoweh-a wimoweh, a wimoweh-a wimoweh…always tried to hit the high notes of the woman wailing in the background–not always successfully :). Remember the other one, too.

    1. Mary:
      He also asks me after every meal if I got enough to eat. It’s just the way SG rolls.

    1. David:
      We SHOULD just eat all the chocolate. It’s too liquidy at room temperature and too solid in the middle out of the fridge. I’ve taken to leaving one on my desk for a half hour or so. But just one.

  3. I went to the grocery store yesterday and actually found a Ben & Jerry’s ice cream called Chocolate Therapy. I’m saving it for an especially bad day. However, I would also like to have numerous tartalettes on hand, although I don’t think I can describe The Man as chewy or smooth. Maybe a bit crispy. Was the temporary apartment of your first post from Spain the apartment you live in now? Best wishes with the traffic dept. Some of the members of the band Kansas went to my high school, as did actress Dee Wallace Stone, but all of the people who became famous were there long before I was. My attendance was a low point for the school as I skipped classes frequently.


    1. Janie:
      I love Chocolate Therapy. Haven’t seen it here… yet. We flew into Málaga because we initially thought that’s where we’d be living. Even rented the temporary apartment to hold us over for the first month or two. But before our arrival we learned that our residency visas required us to start in Sevilla (where we first applied). So we spent only a few days in Málaga before moving into a hotel in Sevilla for 6 weeks while we found and then waited for our apartment (the water and electric needed to be turned back on; it was summer and things were slow with the utilities; and the building manager was useless). Neil Sadaka and Neil Diamond also went to my high school… not to mention Buddy Rich, Arthur Miller, Herbie Mann, John Forsythe… Why do we say “not to mention”? Anyway, I wasn’t at mine very often either. Thursdays, I was forced to cut classes to meet a friend who went to Brooklyn College for pancakes at iHop.

      1. When I skipped school, a friend and I usually found a place to park and drink a couple of beers. A bit of drunkenness made school more pleasant.

      2. Janie:
        Oddly, that’s not something I skipped school for. I didn’t drink beer, and I toked and drank wine at night. Times have changed.

  4. I read your 2011 entry on arriving in Spain at that time I was living Rome to return to Canada and retirement. Well congratulations on 10 yrs in Spain. I wonder if you wrote a diet book on eating chocolates and losing weight? We are currently at the beach for 2 weeks, just enjoying it all.

    1. Walt the Fourth:
      One of my pet peeves. I usually avoid looking at the “fountain” when I pass. Couldn’t help myself when I saw the sandy dog ordered to jump in. If it were just dogs cooling off, I wouldn’t care. But it’s NOT a fountain.

  5. Those tartalettes look tasty. We always keep our chocolate in the fridge. Lindor truffles are especially good when chilled!

    1. Frances:
      I like the truffles a little softer in the center, which is why I moved them from the fridge to the bedroom. But they’re back in the fridge and I’m not complaining.

  6. 10 years, 1 decade, 1/10th of your life on this beautiful planet ~ thanks for sticking with us and may your love for SG grow stronger and your love for your true self even more! R

    1. Ron:
      Thanks! I don’t think love for SG could be any stronger. Love for my true self? Funny. I was thinking about that on my walk today.

  7. Wow, good luck with the drivers’ license. Looks like the red tape in Malaga might be worse than in NY.

    I had my very first “stroop waffle” at the Immersive Van Gogh exhibit on Monday. It was delicious. I think you mentioned them once in your posts.

    1. Carole:
      This license fiasco goes beyond their red tape and into their incompetence. It’s an embarrassment. I love stroop waffles. I hope you enjoyed the Van Gogh exhibit. It was here a few years ago. We’ve now got an impressionist exhibit done similarly. I haven’t seen it yet.

      1. The exhibit was beautiful, of course, but very poorly organized. They let people keep coming in throughout the show and it was really distracting. The music was wonderful.

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