A religious experience / Una experiencia religiosa

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DON’T PANIC (OR CELEBRATE). I haven’t found god. I had an appointment in Benalmádena with the orthodontist this morning and had decided beforehand I’d follow that with a visit to the butterfly park (click here) which is just a few minutes from there by car. Clustered nearby are another park that always looked interesting from the road and the Buddhist Enlightenment Stupa with beautiful views of Fuengirola and the coastline.

It turns out the park is called the Parque Rustica Rutamar [Rustic Sea Route Park] and contains the Gruta Virgen de Lourdes [Virgin of Lourdes Grotto]. Unfortunately, I missed the Virgin herself — a small statue displayed in a sanctuary in a location [the grotto] I didn’t know to look for.

However, I did see where the Last Supper was served. The table is in surprisingly good condition, although I was disappointed to find that the Disciples irresponsibly discarded a plastic water bottle and a lot of cigarette butts.

I then walked over to the stupa on my way to the butterfly park. But, although the temperature was comfortable at around 77˚F/26˚C, it was hazy and humid, which made it less pleasant. By the time I finished with the stupa, the largest in the western world and one of the few with an interior meditation hall (most stupas are closed monoliths), my shirt (and I was wearing a nice shirt, for the orthodontist, instead of my usual tank top) was soaked with sweat. The butterfly park is always a bit steamy inside, so I admired it from outside and headed home. It still made for a nice change. And I drove myself!

Today’s photos are from the park surrounding the Grotto of Lourdes. More to come of the Englightenment Stupa and a view of the butterfly park.


NO SE ASUSTE (O CELEBRE). No he encontrado a Dios. Tuve una cita en Benalmádena con el ortodoncista esta mañana y había decidido de antemano, seguiría eso con una visita al mariposario (haz clic aquí), que está a solo unos minutos de allí en automóvil. En las cercanías, hay otro parque que siempre se veía interesante desde la carretera y la estupa de la iluminación budista con hermosas vistas de Fuengirola y la costa.

Resulta que el parque se llama Parque Rústica Rutamar y contiene la Gruta Virgen de Lourdes. Desafortunadamente, perdí a la virgen, una pequeña estatua que se muestra en un santuario en una ubicación [La Gruta] no sabía cómo mirar.

Sin embargo, vi dónde se sirvió la Última Cena. La mesa está en una condición sorprendentemente buena, aunque me decepcionó encontrar que los discípulos descartaron irresponsablemente una botella de agua de plástico y una gran cantidad de colillas de cigarrillos.

Luego me acercué a la estupa en mi camino hacia el parque de mariposas. Pero, aunque la temperatura se sentía cómoda en alrededor de 77 ° F / 26˚C, fue nebuloso y húmedo, lo que lo hizo menos agradable. Cuando terminé con la estupa, la más grande del mundo occidental y uno de los pocos con una sala de meditación interior (la mayoría de las estupas están cerradas monolitos), mi camisa (y llevaba una camisa agradable, para el ortodoncista, en lugar de Mi top sin mangas habitual) estaba empapado de sudor. El parque de la mariposa siempre es un poco de vapor por dentro, así que lo admiré desde afuera y se dirigí a casa. Todavía hecho para un buen cambio. ¡Y me conduje!

Las fotos de hoy son del parque que rodean la gruta de Lourdes. Más para venir de la estupa de la iluminación.

• I had never seen Queen Anne’s Lace as it dried and turned in on itself to protect the seeds. San Geraldo had to tell me what it was.
• Nunca había visto el encaje de la reina Anne mientras se secaba y se dirigí a sí misma para proteger las semillas. San Gerardo tuvo que decirme qué era.


Author: Moving with Mitchell

From Brooklyn, New York; to North Massapequa; back to Brooklyn; Brockport, New York; back to Brooklyn... To Boston, Massachusetts, where I met Jerry... To Marina del Rey, California; Washington, DC; New Haven and Guilford, Connecticut; San Diego, San Francisco, Palm Springs, and Santa Barbara, California; Las Vegas, Nevada; Irvine, California; Sevilla, Spain. And Fuengirola, Málaga..

22 thoughts on “A religious experience / Una experiencia religiosa”

  1. I wouldn’t have recognized that dried plant as Queen Anne’s Lace either. Look like little bird’s nests.

    Hope the visit to orthodontist went well.

    1. Mary:
      I can’t believe I’d never before seen Queen Anne’s lace at that stage. Picked up new retainers that I can’t destroy in my sleep. All’s well.

  2. Oh, Mitchell, cooooool for you to get to drive 🙂 Thanks for sharing your photos. What a place!
    I see that you (like Ken B.) have done a display of photos in a side-by-side table… I really have to try this on my blog. Ken sent me the source code that is behind what he does.

    1. Judy C:
      The display of images is a breeze in WordPress. I just select “gallery” and decide how many I want in a row. I can even create a “mosaic.” I don’t use it often for the main photos, because they get cropped to fit and you have to click on them to see the complete image. But that’s what I often use at the bottom (the thumbnails to be enlarged).

      1. Ohhhh, well that is great … Google blogger (as you probably remember) does not offer that at all!

      2. Judy C:
        I actually had forgotten that Blogger didn’t do that. But now I remember how pleased I was to discover it when I switched to WordPress.

  3. I was at UGA in Athens when REM was in its infancy. It was a great time be there. The B52s were also starting out. It was just a dream . . . .

    The Stupa bears more exploration on a cooler, less humid day. Maybe those butts will rise from the dead and move to the garbage. Also just a dream . . . .

  4. Wonderful view!
    Humidity is a bummer……makes everything feel like you are trudging through a swamp.

    1. Jim:
      To think we lived in Washington DC for three years AND Sevilla for a year and a half. They’d laugh at our complaints about heat and humidity.

  5. My mom would have dad drive us to the Lourdes shrine in the Bronx whenever she was feeling well enough for a long ride. Your drive may have been shorter, but have gone a lot further than we did.

    1. Frank:
      I guess I’ll have to get back at least once more to see the actual shrine… in honor of your family.

  6. I love the photos. I am no fan of religion, but I love churches and meditation spaces. When you remove the religion, they become peaceful beautiful spots!

    1. Bob:
      I feel the same way as you about meditation spaces. And at least the Buddhist temple isn’t filled with millions of dollars worth of “decoration.)

    1. Debra:
      I figure someone who knows their Christianity would be able to say what each of those places signify. Stations of the cross? But that sure did look like the Last Supper table.

  7. I smiled when I read that you think that 26c is ” comfortable” ! I am happy between 10c and 20c, though 20 is pushing it a bit!

    1. Frances:
      In Sevilla, we regularly had temps over 40 with 80 percent humidity. Washington DC would be in the 30s with 90 percent humidity. Everything is relative. We whine when it’s below 20.

  8. Looks like a nice park! I see Queen Anne’s Lace like that in the cemetery back in London in late summer. (It might technically be wild carrot? I’m not sure. So many of those umbelliferous flowers look alike.)

    1. Steve:
      I’ve never even heard of wild carrott. Now I don’t know what it is! Wait! I just looked it up. It’s one and the same.

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