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THE YUCCA BLOSSOMS HAVE BEEN opening and they’re stunning. I’m glad we didn’t miss the second flower spike. But the big news of the day is that one of the double hibiscus blooms has opened. You can see why it takes so much more effort. The weather is more of the same today. Hot, humid, hazy (but with some blue sky). And the chance of rain ranges from 4 percent to 35 percent. I find it so unpleasant during the day, that I’ve decided to save my wanderings for early evening.

In fashion news, I saw the woman below come off the beach yesterday evening. With the little black mesh dress, she looks ready for a night on the town. Monochromatic. No plaids and stripes. But the leather hat must be so hot — and I think she has it on backwards.


LAS FLORES DE YUCA HAN sido abriendo y son impresionantes. Me alegro de que no nos perdiéramos la segunda flor. Pero la gran noticia del día es que se ha abierto una de las flores dobles de hibisco. Puede ver por qué requiere mucho más esfuerzo. El clima es más de lo mismo hoy. Caliente, húmedo, brumoso (pero con algo de cielo azul). Y la probabilidad de lluvia varía entre el 4 y el 35 por ciento. Lo encuentro tan desagradable durante el día, que he decidido dejar mis caminatas para las primeras horas de la noche.

En las noticias de moda, vi a la mujer de abajo salir de la playa ayer por la noche. Con el vestidito negro de malla, parece lista para una noche en la ciudad. Monocromo. Sin cuadros ni rayas. Pero el sombrero de cuero debe estar tan caliente — y creo que lo lleva puesto al revés.

• That’s one flower.
• Esa es una flor.
After my yucca close-up. It could have been worse. You could poke an eye out — well I could.
• Después de mi primer plano de la yuca. Podría haber sido peor. Podrías sacar un ojo — bueno, yo podría.

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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33 thoughts on “Beach chic / Playa chic”

    1. Judy C,
      The yucca is even more beautiful today. The double hibiscus had its day in the sun. I hope we get more flowers (lots of buds right now).

    1. Sillygirl,
      She somehow pulled off the look. Of course she didn’t put much on in the first place.

  1. We have no hibiscus here but about 5000 varieties of Yuccas Some of which like the ones in our yard look more like palm trees 20 feet high or more. I’ve had to trim some of the lower daggers After I’ve had similar mishaps.

    1. Anon (Frank?),
      Unfortunately, since these are on our terrace, they’ll always be the perfect height to poke me in the eye.

  2. I thought the idea of a beach coverup was to “cover up”?
    And don’t get me started on her choice of beach footwear!!

    1. Bob,
      I’m guessing those boots must have zippers or they’d be a royal pain to lace up before leaving the beach. I wish I had seen her before she left the beach. I’ve seen a number of beach “cover-ups” that aren’t what they’re billed as, but this was the best.

  3. If I saw her around here, I would say she was dressed for work. Especially in the evening.

    1. David,
      It’s interesting how accustomed I’ve become to hooker looks over the years. There’s no truth in advertising.

  4. I can see why MeshGirl needs to carry two bags–needs it them to hold all the clothes she ISN’T wearing. But, hell, if ya got it, flaunt it. Even if it looks painful…

    As for getting hit in the eye (thankfully, you didn’t), I spent Friday evening in the local ER with DDiL who did get hit in the eye–with a projectile inadvertently shot from a toy gun while she was in a store with her children (ages 2,4,6) and Mom. Her mom dropped her at the ER (in excruciating pain), took the kids home and I went to stay with her in the ER (bringing KN95 masks, a blanket, a sandwich, snack and a drink for her–DS is currently on military duty overseas). Good thing, we were there for five hours. Took her home after 10pm…corneal abrasion. Doing okay now. Awaiting appointment with ophthalmologist. All this to say: Be careful!!

    1. Mary,
      So sorry about DDiL! I assume one of her own kids was the projectile shooter? They must feel awful. Do you think that will be a lesson learned? Hope she recovers quickly and painlessly.

  5. That hibiscus blossom is beautiful! Very much worth the wait!
    Mesh Lady……why those HUGE boots!? Must be very warm.
    Goggles/eye protection may be the answer to keep your eyes safe.

    1. Jim,
      The boots were a surprise. Can you imagine what I’d look like if I wore everything I should to keep me protected?

  6. Oh, ho tacky! That hat is much too casual to be paired with that *ahem* outfit, especially the shoes! Scoot, you really need to distance yourself from sharp, pointy objects!

    1. Deedles,
      Yes! Oh HO tacky! (And I don’t think that’s what you even intended. Freudian slip?) I don’t think there’s enough distance in the world for me and sharp objects.

  7. By far the most gorgeous hibiscus flower I have ever seen! I generally don’t care for double flowers, but that one is luscious. The woman in the mesh (un)cover-up has the most beautiful skin.

    1. Wilma,
      I wish that bloom lasted more than a day. Here’s hoping we get more from that plant.

  8. I sit up when I see such a title, knowing what I am going to see will not be at all ‘chic’ but more likely the beach version of “People of Walmart”
    I liked the flowers too!

    1. Urspo,
      She had too much style for the people of Walmart I think. Although she had about the same amount covered.

    1. Adam,
      That she is not. GREAT to see you here! Hope all is well for you and your families!

      1. Adam:
        Well, at least you came back from hell. But hope everyone is alright. What awful times!

  9. Poor Beach Girl thinks she looks sexy, when in reality, she just looks like a cheap prostitute. How sad.

    1. Tundra Bunny,
      My sensibilities have definitely changed. I didn’t think she looked at all like a “cheap” prostitute. Really though, that would have shocked me a few years ago. Now it’s just someone to take a picture of!

    1. Kirk,
      I wonder if she even knows who Betty Paige is. I doubt it, but I’m sure she’d love her.

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