Hurricane Henri and me / Huracán Henri y yo

La versión en español está después de la versión en inglés.

THERE WAS AN 82 PERCENT chance of rain at 10:00. There was no rain. At 11 there was a 4 percent chance of rain. At noon (9 minutes away as I begin this post), there’s a 90 percent chance. I’m going out to run some errands. I hope I get caught in a downpour — or at least more than the four drops I experienced yesterday. But I’d better write quickly because the chance of rain drops to 5 percent in an hour.

La Caixa Bank ususally sponsors an exhibit space on a vacant lot (they knock down a wall and rebuild it every year). Of course, there was nothing at all last year and, again thanks to Covid, they didn’t build anything this year. But they did erect the display I’ve shared in photos today (taken several weeks ago before the haze and humidity set in). Beautiful images.

Kathleen had a great suggestion yesterday. The next time San Geraldo makes a pot of pulled pork (which he has perfected), we should bring it over to their house for dinner. She apologized for even suggesting it, but we both think it’s a great idea. However, we’re not taking the car out of the parking lot until September. So, the pulled pork potluck will have to wait. Besides, they’re still in a neighbor’s house while Santi (our friend and expert contractor/painter), and his son Joshua, finish renovating their house.

I was supposed to arrive in New York City today, along with Hurricane Henri. Now I’m truly relieved I canceled that trip. Otherwise, I’d be announcing my arrival with, “Look what the wind blew in.” (I wonder if New Yorkers and New Englanders pronounce it the french way, Henri, or the English way, Henry.)

P.S.: It’s 12:13 and, according to one weather station, the chance of rain is now 10 percent.


HABÍA UN 82 POR CIENTO de probabilidad de lluvia a las 10:00. No llovió. A las 11 había un 4 por ciento de probabilidad de lluvia. Al mediodía (a nueve minutos de comenzar esta entrada), hay un 90 por ciento de posibilidades. Voy a salir a hacer algunos recados. Espero quedar atrapado en un aguacero, o al menos más de las cuatro gotas que experimenté ayer. Pero será mejor que escriba rápido porque la probabilidad de que llueva desciende al 5 por ciento en una hora.

La Caixa Bank suele patrocinar un espacio expositivo en un terreno baldío (derriban un muro y lo reconstruyen todos los años). Por supuesto, no hubo nada en absoluto el año pasado y, otra vez gracias a Covid, no construyeron nada este año. Pero sí erigieron la pantalla que he compartido en las fotos de hoy (tomadas hace varias semanas antes de que comenzara la neblina y la humedad). Hermosas imágenes.

Kathleen tuvo una gran sugerencia ayer. La próxima vez que San Geraldo haga una olla de puerco desmenuzado (que él ha perfeccionado), deberíamos llevarlo a su casa para cenar. Se disculpó incluso por sugerirlo, pero ambos pensamos que es una gran idea. Sin embargo, no sacaremos el automóvil del estacionamiento hasta septiembre. Entonces, la comida de cerdo desmenuzado tendrá que esperar. Además, todavía están en la casa de un vecino mientras Santi (nuestro amigo y experto contratista / pintor), y su hijo Joshua, terminan de renovar su casa.

Se suponía que iba a llegar a la ciudad de Nueva York hoy, junto con el huracán Henri. Ahora estoy realmente aliviado de haber cancelado ese viaje. De lo contrario, estaría anunciando mi llegada con “Mira lo que sopló el viento”. (Me pregunto si los neoyorquinos y los habitantes de Nueva Inglaterra lo pronuncian al estilo francés, Henri, o al estilo inglés, Henry.)

P.D.: Son las 12:13 y, según una estación meteorológica, la probabilidad de que llueva ahora es del 10 por ciento.

Author: Moving with Mitchell

From Brooklyn, New York; to North Massapequa; back to Brooklyn; Brockport, New York; back to Brooklyn... To Boston, Massachusetts, where I met Jerry... To Marina del Rey, California; Washington, DC; New Haven and Guilford, Connecticut; San Diego, San Francisco, Palm Springs, and Santa Barbara, California; Las Vegas, Nevada; Irvine, California; Sevilla, Spain. And Fuengirola, Málaga..

26 thoughts on “Hurricane Henri and me / Huracán Henri y yo”

  1. I guess it was meant to be that you didn’t go. Today would have been a helluva day to arrive.
    Every single day this week, when they say we’ll have rain, we have none; the days they say there’ll be no rain we have downpours.
    Tiz a puzzlement.

    1. Bob:
      Guilford, our old shore community in Connecticut had mandatory evacuations yesterday. We supposedly have a 4 percent chance of rain this hour. 3 percent an our later. What are the chances?

  2. Better to be what blew in on the wind, than what the cat dragged in. Video screens or prints behind glass? Nice street art.

    1. Ron:
      There are people in the US (Trump supporters, I’m sure) who probably think the hurricane was sent by France.

  3. Great art indeed!
    Henri is on his way here but will diminish to a post tropical storm………mostly a rain event I guess.
    Always trust your instincts.

    1. Jim:
      I absolutely canceled my trip because my instincts told me there was a hurricane or tropical storm coming. I swear that’s the truth. So glad it’s easing before it hits you. Hope it picks up the pace and doesn’t dump too much rain there. It didn’t hit NYC directly but still records have been broken.

  4. In New Mexico a 50% chance of rain means it “might” rain on one side of the street and remain perfectly dry on the other.

    1. Frank:
      Not dissimilar to our rain chances here. We had friends across town who texted us during a major exciting downpour to share stories. We didn’t have a drop.

  5. Well, the channel is pronouncing it the French way–I hadn’t paid attention to how the local news weather reporters were saying it, because it was ehn-ree to me!

    I just happen to be making pulled pork in my slow cooker, today, but I’m winging it, because I never make it. Have you posted SG’s recipe and methods? I don’t want to put BBQ sauce in it until it’s being eaten, because I want to avoid the sugary sauce, for myself. But, I could use pointers on how he cooks it.

    Oh, and…whew! I’m so glad that you aren’t flying into NY today!

    1. Judy C:
      SG has been using the same recipe for a while now. I’ll look for the link or will share it for the first time. Henri didn’t even land in NYC, but what a mess. Record-breaking rainfall.

  6. I pronounce it the way Judy C. does, because that’s the way it’s spelled. It also sounds less threatening, though that may be because an ex-brother-in-law (a wife beating, drunken asshole) is named Henry.
    I’m happy that you are only in danger of being hit by a stray raindrop. Knowing you, though, it would hit you on some part vulnerable to falling raindrops and put you in the hospital 🙂
    Here’s to Chuck staying safe and dry.

    1. Deedles:
      I had a friend named Henry when I was little. He went by Hennie… which didn’t seem to be an improvement. I’ve known one other Henry since then; he was at least not as bad as your sister’s ex. Good he’s her EX. I hope she’s much happier now. Chuck’s neighborhood didn’t flood during Sandy, while my mother’s neighborhood, 5 miles away and on the beach, was under 4 feet of water. Assuming he’s fine although they had record-breaking rainfaill. I didn’t want to call last night and stir up any anxiety.

  7. I like that exhibit! I also like that you weren’t flying with Henri! I postponed my return flight from Dallas by one day to give Grace a chance to move out of the flight path. Glad I did and glad to be home again.

      1. Thanks for asking. Vision is improving more quickly than expected. I can actually read small(ish) print again with my “bad” eye. And my shoulder doesn’t need surgery, just PT. But the MRI showed that I had a complete tear of one of the 2 biceps tendons (which will never improve) and smaller, healable tears in 3 rotator cuff tendons and damage to various shoulder ligaments. Everything except the biceps tendon will improve with “aggressive treatment with anti-inflammatories and dedication to a program of physical therapy.” Fortunately, like you, I love to exercise, so the PT won’t be a problem.

      2. Wow! That’s the pits about the biceps tendon. But good news I guess about the shoulder AND great news about the eye. Recover well from all.

  8. How is your chance of rain vacillating so wildly? Is your meteorologist bipolar? (That’s probably an inappropriate joke. Sorry, everybody.)

    Yes, thank goodness you didn’t go to NYC. You’re definitely getting a message from the Universe that you made the right decision.

    I like the “Interplanet Janet” artwork!

    1. Steve:
      Our rain predictions are often like that. I have no clue how. Today is not quite so extreme but still odd. From 4 to 3 to 4 to 5 to 8 to 19 to 24 to 19 to 18 to 19 to 23 to 33 to 24! I had to look up Interplanet Janet. I can’t believe I never saw Schoolhouse Rock (although I knew of it). My first solar system midge.

    1. Kirk:
      Better to photograph at night I think, although some of the reflections were fun.

  9. The CNN people seem to saying “Henri” the French way as well. Are those images on LED screens or are they paper photos? The colors and vibrance are stunning!

    1. Walt the Fourth:
      The images are back-lit transparencies (like the kind used in tradeshow booths). The quality is impressive.

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