Puppy love / Amor de cachorros

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MY COUSIN CARLY (ACTUALLY MY first-cousin twice removed) sent me a video yesterday to remind me of the day we had together in New York City exactly two years ago (click here).

I got together with Carly, her sister, Brooke, (in their final and second years, respectively, at Parsons School of Design; both gifted and two of my favorite people) and their parents (another two of my favorite people) at a brunch place in Chelsea and we then wandered around, shopped, had donuts, shopped some more, and never stopped talking. It feels like forever ago. We all, including The Kid Brother, will be happy when I can reschedule this year’s trip (this year I hope). And, regarding the top photo, those open dresser drawers are driving me crazy.

Brooke and Carly are the great-grandchildren of my Aunt Lilly and Uncle Aaron (click here). They’re a family of animal lovers and Carly captured a special moment when we all stopped to love a puppy. The family has an older version at home (along with other loved rescue animals). All today’s photos are courtesy of Carly. Who says New Yorkers aren’t friendly?


MI PRIMA CARLY (REALMENTE MI prima, eliminada dos veces) me envió un video ayer para recordarme el día que tuvimos juntos en la ciudad de Nueva York hace exactamente dos años (haz clic aquí).

Me reuní con Carly, su hermana, Brooke, (en su último y segundo año, respectivamente, en Parsons School of Design; ambos dotados y dos de mis personas favoritas) y sus padres (otras dos de mis personas favoritas) en un brunch. lugar en Chelsea y luego deambulamos, compramos, comimos donas, compramos un poco más y nunca dejamos de hablar. Se siente como hace una eternidad. Todos, incluido El Hermanito, estaremos felices cuando pueda reprogramar el viaje de este año (este año espero). Y, con respecto a la foto de arriba, esos cajones de la cómoda abiertos me están volviendo loco.

Brooke y Carly son los bisnietos de mi tía Lilly y mi tío Aaron(haz clic aquí). Son una familia de amantes de los animales y Carly capturó un momento especial cuando todos nos detuvimos para amar a un cachorro. La familia tiene una versión mas mayor en casa (junto con otros animales de rescate queridos). Todas las fotos de hoy son cortesía de Carly. ¿Quién dice que los neoyorquinos no son amigables?

• Brooke with theirs.
• Brooke con la suya.

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21 thoughts on “Puppy love / Amor de cachorros”

  1. That face!!!!!

    I’m beginning to think will we ever gay back to normal? And I think how many times I say a day….”well, before the pandemic”

    1. Mistress Borghese:
      I’m the same. I find myself constantly referring to the “before” days.

  2. Frenchies are so adorable, though Jack Russells and Pugs are cute too. I’m glad the Chihuahua fad has burned out though — I’ve never met one that wasn’t shrill, yappy and annoying!

    1. Tundra Bunny:
      I’m with you regarding types of dogs I like (most, actually). I hate to say it, but I loathe chichuahuas… with apologies to any chihuahua lovers out there.

    1. Wilma:
      Oh those drawers. That’s why I could never live with teenagers… unless they were slightly (???) obsessive compulsive like me. The Kid Brother and I did fine (mostly) sharing a room. And my twice removed cousins and their parents are amazing. If I could choose my family, I’d choose them. I just didn’t have to. Good, kind, interesting, creative, loving, intellgient… I could go on and on.

    1. Walt the Fourth:
      Have you already forgotten that time in Tasha’s life? She’s such an elegant grown-up now.

    1. Steve:
      I don’t know what the problem is with the video. Sometimes I have sound. Sometimes I don’t. You COULD go to YouTube, but all you’d hear anyway is background noise and me saying (partially cut off), “Adrain, otra vez.) and “Gracias.”

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