Shake your groove thing / Sacudir su cosa con ranura

La versión en español está después de la versión en inglés.

WE HAD A GREAT MORNING (and early afternoon) today at Mesón Salvador. Tynan and Elena just returned from a late summer vacation. They go to the best places here in Spain and know how to do it right. We met them for coffee, which was a pleasure, and were then surprised by Lulu and her friend Rita, both from Finland. After Tynan and Elena left, we sat a while more with Lulu and Rita.

Adrian, who works at Mesón Salvador knows everyone well. He said something in Finnish to Lulu. She was very impressed with his knowledge of Finnish. He admitted he learned most of it from former Finnish porn actor, Henry Saari (also know as Henry the Great and, in Spain, as “El Cinturonero de Finland,” which I think has something to do with the size of his “belt”).

Saari was Mr. Finland 1993 and came in third in that year’s Mr. Europe competition. He’s also more recently appeared in mainstream films. It turns out Saari, when he’s in town, is a regular customer at Mesón Salvador. When Adrian showed me photos, I immediately recognized him. We used to see him around regularly. Several years ago, while we all enjoyed The World Cup (fútbol/soccer) on TV at Mesón Salvador, Saari was drunk and out of control and needed to be calmed down by staff. (To his credit, he behaved after that, but we didn’t think much of him.)

Anyway, Adrian proceeded to share all the Finnish phrases he had learned from Saari’s porn movies. He said he had no idea what any phrase meant, but he pronounced them perfectly. I asked Lulu to translate and she did, always somehow remaining poised and seemingly appropriate while repeating lines that you only hear in porn (well mostly).

I’ve shared below a couple of photos of Saari, when he was a star (he retired from porn in 2001) and a more recent photo (which is how I recognized him). I think the second photo was taken after he participated in a reality TV celebrity diet and fitness show in Finland. Today’s final bit (before the music) is Adrian shaking his groove thing.


TENEMOS UNA GRAN MAÑANA (Y primera hora de la tarde) hoy en Mesón Salvador. Tynan y Elena han estado disfrutando de unas vacaciones de verano tardías. Van a los mejores lugares de España y saben hacerlo bien. Nos reunimos con ellos para tomar un café, lo cual fue un placer, y luego Lulu y su amiga Rita, ambas de Finlandia, nos sorprendieron. Después de que Tynan y Elena se fueron, nos sentamos un rato más con Lulu y Rita.

Adrián, que trabaja en Mesón Salvador, conoce bien a todos. Le dijo algo en finlandés a Lulu. Ella estaba muy impresionada con su conocimiento del finlandés. Él admitió que aprendió la mayor parte del ex actor porno finlandés, Henry Saari (también conocido como Henry the Great [Enrique el Grande] y, en España, como “El Cinturonero de Finlandia.”

Saari fue Mr. Finland 1993 y quedó tercero en la competición Mr. Europe de ese año. También ha aparecido más recientemente en películas convencionales. Resulta que Saari, cuando está en la ciudad, es un cliente habitual del Mesón Salvador. Cuando Adrian me mostró fotos, lo reconocí de inmediato. Solíamos verlo con regularidad. Hace varios años, mientras todos disfrutábamos de la Copa Mundial en la televisión en Mesón Salvador, Saari estaba borracho y fuera de control y necesitaba que el personal lo calmara. (Hay que reconocer que se comportó después de eso, pero no pensamos mucho en él).

De todos modos, Adrian procedió a compartir todas las frases en finlandés que había aprendido de las películas porno de Saari. Dijo que no tenía idea de lo que significaba ninguna frase, pero las pronunció perfectamente. Le pedí a Lulu que tradujera y lo hizo, siempre de alguna manera manteniéndose serena y aparentemente apropiada mientras repite líneas que solo escuchas en la pornografía (bueno, en su mayoría).

He compartido a continuación una foto de Saari cuando era una estrella (se retiró del porno en 2001) y una foto más reciente (que es como lo reconocí). Creo que la segunda foto fue tomada después de que él participara en un “reality show” de dieta y acondicionamiento físico de celebridades en Finlandia. La última parte de hoy (antes de la música) es Adrian sacudiendo su ritmo.


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    1. Wilma:
      I don’t know why. It didn’t show on my ipad but showed on my desktop. I tried reloading and see it on my ipad now. Hope it works for you! Thanks for telling me!

  1. Adrian learning those ‘special’ Finnish phrases reminds me of my decades in refugee resettlement. My co-workers over the years spoke more than 68 different languages/dialects, so I used to collect the best non-English swear words off the folks who appreciated my sense of humor. A particular Thai expression is the only phrase I still remember. Gotta be careful with the inflections with that one. 🙂

  2. The porn and post-porn pictures are particularly interesting. Judging by his musical tastes, can I assume his heyday as a porn star was the late ’80s-early ’90s?

  3. OMG, that must have been hilarious, having Lulu translate Finnish porn phrases. I’ve never heard of this Saari guy. Clearly I’m behind on my Finnish porn!

    1. Steve:
      My question when Adrian said, “the Finnish porn star,” was “You have porn in Finland?!?” Lulu and Rita burst out laughing.

    1. Bob:
      The same exact phrases you’d hear in English-language porn. (And, shockingly, not a word about reindeer or Santa Claus [he’s from there, you know]!)

  4. One advantage of my always being a bit on the frumpy side is that the age does not produce such a visible decline. The problem with being hot is that it takes more and more effort to maintain that condition.

    1. wickedhamster:
      I almost shared one of his BEFORE the diet show pictures, which he proudly shared, but his navel took up too much space on the screen… not to mention the big belt.

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