Freeze dried sour gummi worms / Gusanos de goma agria liofilizados

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My Saturday with my cousins wasn’t only a love-fest, it was also food-tastic. We had lunch at the 2nd Avenue Deli. From there we visited a shop called Economy Candy on the lower east side, onward to Erin McKenna’s [gluten-free, vegan, kosher] Bakery, and finally bubble tea on Union Square. Today is about Economy Candy.

We filled a couple of shopping bags. Brooke bought freeze-dried sour gummi worms. The process causes them to swell and have the texture of cheese puffs. That wouldn’t be bad. But, it didn’t dawn on me that they’d of course retain the flavor of sour gummi worms, which I hate. Carly and Brooke loved them. Their mother, Ellen, took a bite and quickly threw the remainder back in the bag for her daughters to scavenge. (I was appalled.) I had the decency to finish mine off. It wasn’t easy.


Mi sábado con mis primos no solo fue un festival de amor, también fue una comida fantástica. Almorzamos en el 2nd Avenue Deli. Desde allí visitamos una tienda llamada Economy Candy en el lado este más bajo, hasta la panadería de Erin McKenna [sin gluten, vegana, kosher] y, finalmente, té de burbujas en Union Square. Hoy se trata de Economy Candy.

Llenamos un par de bolsas de compras. Brooke compró gusanos de goma agria liofilizados. El proceso hace que se hinchen y tengan la textura de las bolitas de queso. Eso no estaría mal. Pero, no me di cuenta de que, por supuesto, conservarían el sabor de los gusanos de goma agria, que odio. Carly y Brooke los amaban. Su madre, Ellen, dio un mordisco y rápidamente tiró el resto a la bolsa para que sus hijas lo hurgaran. (Yo estaba horrorizado.) Tuve la decencia de terminar el mío. No fue fácil.

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36 thoughts on “Freeze dried sour gummi worms / Gusanos de goma agria liofilizados”

  1. The name Economy Candy slays me. But the entire store would be lost on me unless it was filled with Peanut Butter cups as that is the only candy I eat.
    And those gummi cheese puffy things sound awful!

    1. Bob:
      I wish I had known. Of course they had peanut butter cups. Jumbo ones, too.

  2. I have heard of the store, I should go there next trip. Sour candies are not my favorite.

  3. That store would totally overwhelm me, and not in a good way (weigh?). Complete sensory overload. But I would love to sit outside it and send someone in to shop for me!

    1. Wilma:
      I’d be happy to be your designated shopper. I could have spent another hour in there.

  4. Whaaaaatttt!!?? Haaa!
    I am a real food lover, but, thankfully, I am never tempted whatsoever by sugary candy like this. Chocolate, yes, but little fruity sugary things? Nope. Whew!

  5. Gummies are my absolute favorite candy after chocolate! Sour gummies? Blerghhh! Those things are huge! I also must have my glutens. I will accept free-range glutens, caught and slaughtered in a humane fashion, but I gots to have them!

    1. Deedles:
      I like gummies but they’re not one of my favorites. Sour gummies, however… like you said, Blerghhh! The vegan, kosher, gluten-free bakery was surprisingly good… and there was a line out the door.

  6. I love sour gummies, but with a cheese puff texture…….um, no thanks. 🙂 The rest of that shop looks like a FUN place to shop!

    I’m glad you’re home safe and had a great trip.

    1. Jennifer:
      For me, the only thing good about those sour gummies was the cheese puff texture. The shop was a blast.

    1. Jon:
      Other than the freeze-dried sour gummies, I bought some really good stuff.

  7. No thanks to the freeze dried gummy worms, I’d rather have a delicious chocolate bunny! Glad you made it home to Malaga OK. Happy Easter to you, SG, Dudo and Moose!

  8. Ha! I have never heard of a freeze-dried gummy worm. A little candy goes a long way in my book. I love the pictures, though!

    1. Steve:
      A friend had brought us a bag of mixed chocolates that San Geraldo saved (mostly) for me. I haven’t even started on Economy Candy.

    1. Urspo:
      Well, the shop did have its Cadbury shelves, but I don’t know how much of the UK was represented elsewhere.

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