Fasten your seatbelt / Abroche el cinturón de seguridad

La versión en español está después de la versión en inglés.

I had coffee with friend Tynan this morning, which made it feel even better to be home. San Geraldo went back to bed after breakfast. I’m going to try a walk in the warmth and sunshine this afternoon. (I just had an explosive sneeze that woke up SG, and the cats, too. Sorry!)

During the one gloriously sunny day in Bergen, we heard a plane overhead and enjoyed a great view of the show that was part of Fjordsteam Bergen (the celebration during our first weekend in town). I videoed from the terrace while San Geraldo watched from inside the room. I was unable to upload it to YouTube at the time, so here it is.

My girlfriend Maria, and her parents, Cristina and Alfonso arrived from Madrid for their summer holiday at the same time we returned to Fuengirola. We had breakfast together Friday morning, which was yet another reason it felt good to be home.

There were some unexpected sightings at Bergen Airport. I’ve shared some today. The best one was when I was on my way to meet San Geraldo at the gate. I heard someone call out my name and turned to see SG’s second cousin once-removed, Håkon, returning from a trip of his own.

I think the inclusion of the “no service” sign in the café was intended for the guy in what was barely more than a thong. Besides, he looked like he was having way too much fun.

I plan to get a start on the laundry today, which isn’t really bad at all. Isabel left us with clean towels, a freshly made bed, and empty clothes hampers. Moose and Dudo are ecstatic we’re home, but I think Isabel is an earlier riser than we two. Moose started yowling for his treats very early this morning and would not stop; Dudo simply sat by silently staring. SG finally got up and fed them while muttering the entire time at Moose.

Moose then followed me into the bathroom and I told him to go F#@K himself. I’m sure he swore back before sitting and staring at me through the shower door.


Tomé café con mi amigo Tynan esta mañana, lo que hizo que me sintiera aún mejor al estar en casa. San Geraldo volvió a la cama después del desayuno. Voy a intentar dar un paseo bajo el calor y el sol esta tarde. (Acabo de tener un estornudo explosivo que despertó a SG y a los gatos también. ¡Lo siento!)

Durante un día gloriosamente soleado en Bergen, escuchamos un avión sobre nuestras cabezas y disfrutamos de una gran vista del espectáculo que era parte de Fjordsteam Bergen ( la celebración durante nuestro primer fin de semana en la ciudad). Grabé desde la terraza mientras San Geraldo observaba desde el interior de la habitación. No pude subirlo a YouTube en ese momento, así que aquí está.

Mi novia María, y sus padres, Cristina y Alfonso llegaron de Madrid para sus vacaciones de verano al mismo tiempo que regresábamos a Fuengirola. Desayunamos juntos el viernes por la mañana, que era otra razón por la que me sentía bien de estar en casa.

Hubo algunos avistamientos inesperados en el aeropuerto de Bergen. He compartido algunos hoy. La mejor fue cuando me dirigía a encontrarme con SG en la puerta. Escuché que alguien gritaba mi nombre y me giré para ver al primo segundo de San Geraldo, una vez retirado, Håkon, que regresaba de un viaje por su cuenta.

Creo que la inclusión del cartel de “no hay servicio” en el café estaba destinada al tipo en lo que era poco más que una tanga. Además, parecía que se estaba divirtiendo demasiado.

Planeo empezar a lavar la ropa hoy, lo cual no está nada mal. Isabel nos dejó toallas limpias, una cama recién hecha y cestos de ropa vacíos. Moose y Dudo están encantados de que estemos en casa, pero creo que Isabel se levanta más temprano que nosotros dos. Moose comenzó a aullar por sus golosinas muy temprano esta mañana y no paraba; Dudo simplemente se sentó mirando en silencio. SG finalmente se levantó y les dio de comer mientras murmuraba todo el tiempo a Moose.

Moose luego me siguió al baño y le dije que se fuera a vete a la mierda. Estoy seguro de que maldijo antes de sentarse y mirarme a través de la puerta de la ducha.

• Just what I’d expect to find in a Norwegian airport shop.
• Justo lo que esperaría encontrar en una tienda de un aeropuerto noruego.
• Do you suppose they fry up the Starbucks siren and serve her with chips?
• ¿Supones que fríen la sirena de Starbucks y la sirven con papas fritas?
• My new look. Where can I find those Capri pants? (And what gets snapped to them?)
• Mi nuevo look. ¿Dónde puedo encontrar esos pantalones capri? (¿Y qué se les ajusta?)


Author: Moving with Mitchell

From Brooklyn, New York; to North Massapequa; back to Brooklyn; Brockport, New York; back to Brooklyn... To Boston, Massachusetts, where I met Jerry... To Marina del Rey, California; Washington, DC; New Haven and Guilford, Connecticut; San Diego, San Francisco, Palm Springs, and Santa Barbara, California; Las Vegas, Nevada; Irvine, California; Sevilla, Spain. And Fuengirola, Málaga..

24 thoughts on “Fasten your seatbelt / Abroche el cinturón de seguridad”

  1. Getting back to normal I see. Good.
    I may have missed something…..did you have Covid as well?

    1. Anon JIm: (And I wish I knew why there are so many Anons showing up suddenly)
      I never tested positive for Covid but SG and I had the same symptoms and he tested positive 5 days after my symptoms appeared. So the assumption is I had it first.

  2. The only person who ever looked just fine in capris was Rafa Nadal. You wouldn’t catch me flipping around in the heavens like that plane in the video, no way! Still quite amazing to watch ~ and to think my father was a Flying Ace in WW2 doing aerials like that.

    1. Ron Anon:
      When I was a kid I had clam diggers. Capris with a cooler name. I’ll have to fish out one of those photos. And, you wouldn’t catch me flipping around like that either. I knew you were this Anonymous because of the reference to your heroic father.

  3. Sounds like life is getting back to normal quickly, what with cats swearing in the bathroom and such!
    As for Capri pants: No.

  4. A Pitts Special, I knew someone who owned one of those. He took lessons in acrobatics, and his wife convinced him to stick to helicopters. There they go demanding pants again.

  5. Glad you are able to spend time with the lovely Maria (growing up so fast, I bet) and her family.

    Loved the video of the bi-plane. Might have been a Stearman–I’ve gone up in one of those. Open cockpit, wearing a Snoopy helmet. Wind streaming by. The pilot gave me a little extra fun by doing one of those loops. Was glad I was getting all that fresh air or it might have ended badly. But still, it was great. Though I will say my favorite flight (and I’ve made many hundreds since I was two years old) was on a B-17 –ten years ago yesterday, actually. Very emotional flight for me as my Dad had been with a B-17 bomb group during WWII, based in Suffolk, UK and I had spent a lot of time with him back in the 1970s at the Smithsonian Archives researching the history of his bomb group. We gathered stories and facts from various missions while going through artifacts like the pilot logs (heartbreaking), and even finding bomber jackets and other clothing in the boxes we went through. I’ve also visited the farms where the old base was originally located; part of the flight line is still there and I flew off of it in a small WWII plane back in the 1980s. So I was very attuned to the history of what it meant to fly on a B-17. On the day of my flight, I carried in my pocket a list of all the men Dad served with during that time. As I sat behind the pilot for take off–tears were streaming down my face as I thought of my Dad and all those young men. Twas a memorable flight.

    1. Mary:
      Maria, I’ll never stop saying Maria. What a joy. How lucky you were to be have a father who shared those memories with you.

  6. Siren ‘n chips, LOL! Those shorts with snaps are probably a pair of “convertable” pants where the lower leg parts are removable to convert the pants into shorts. That would be my guess. I had a pair back in the day but zippers were involved, not snaps.

    1. Debra She Who Seeks Anonymity:
      I had a pair of those pants, too. Zippers and canvas. Not snaps and denim. But I have a feeling those snaps (or rivets) are just for decoration.

    1. Judy C:
      I was really happy with the quality of that video. So much fun to be there and have it right over head. Oh that view.

      1. It is vexing Blogger (or someone like them) won’t let me directly comment nowadays.

      2. Urspo:
        I don’t know what’s going on. Like you, I’m on WordPress, not Blogger. But I’m seeing an awful lot of anonymous comments all over the blogiverse lately.

  7. Well, I’m glad you’re home, and I’m sure you are too — annoying cats notwithstanding.

    Glad your last hours in Norway were interesting, at least! I don’t know why someone would wear skimpy clothing on a plane. I always get cold on planes.

    1. Steve:
      So good to be home, even if it means catching the tail end of the summer crowds here. I can’t imagine dressing like that on a plane either. Also, I wouldn’t want to follow behind him in that chair!

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