Flamenco kids and other animals / Niños flamencos y otros animales

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Today I’m sharing more photos from Friday at Plaza de la Constitución. The dog above looks calm in the photo but she appeared to be very stressed by the crowds of people. The other dog, below, looks stressed but was actually having a ball prancing around and checking everything out. At the time of the photo, she found something interesting to sniff and refused to budge.

While I was there, I received a phone call from the medical center to schedule my colonoscopy. I thought I’d have a month to not think about it, but it’s been scheduled for Thursday. I suppose it will be nice to get it over with. I have to admit, the procedure is nothing, recovery is easy, and the prep (the worst part) isn’t as bad as it used to be. I was under the impression in 1982 that my father had colon cancer, then another cancer a couple of years later, and another that he died from in 1987. In 2010, however, my mother argued he never had colon cancer. Dumbfounded, I asked her what he had. She said, “Something else in the colon.” Hmmm. So, I go every five years despite the fact that it’s a pain in the ass.

Yesterday, I did my  “fit walk” in the morning. I felt energized and increased and decreased my speed at intervals to make it interesting. In the afternoon, I went out thinking I was going to look for some cheap new toys for the cats. On the way, sort of, I walked over to the fairgrounds and checked things out. I was there between 5 and 6 p.m. and there were already crowds of people, loud music, and lots of dancing. A couple of hours later is when things really get going. I’ll share all of that with you in the coming days. I did remember to shop for cat toys after my time at the fair. I haven’t unveiled them yet.

Hoy comparto más fotos del viernes en la Plaza de la Constitución. La perra de arriba se ve tranquila en la foto, pero parecía estar muy estresada por la multitud de personas. La otra perra, abajo, parece estresado, pero en realidad se lo estaba pasando en grande dando cabriolas y comprobando todo. En el momento de la foto, encontró algo interesante para olfatear y se negó a moverse.

Mientras estaba allí, recibí una llamada telefónica del centro médico para programar mi colonoscopia. Pensé que tendría un mes para no pensar en eso, pero está programado para el jueves. Supongo que será bueno acabar con esto. Debo admitir que el procedimiento no es nada, la recuperación es fácil y la preparación (la peor parte) no es tan mala como solía ser. Tenía la impresión en 1982 de que mi padre tenía cáncer de colon, luego otro cáncer un par de años más tarde y otro por el que murió en 1987. Sin embargo, en 2010, mi madre argumentó que nunca había tenido cáncer de colon. Estupefacto, le pregunté qué tenía. Ella dijo: “Algo más en el colon”. Mmm. Entonces, voy cada cinco años a pesar de que es un dolor en el culo.

Ayer hice mi “caminata deportiva” por la mañana. Me sentí energizado y aumenté y disminuí mi velocidad a intervalos para hacerlo interesante. Por la tarde salí pensando que iba a buscar juguetes nuevos y baratos para los gatos. En el camino, más o menos, caminé hacia el recinto ferial y revisé las cosas. Estuve allí entre las 17:00 y las 18:00 y ya había mucha gente, música a todo volumen y mucho baile. Un par de horas más tarde es cuando las cosas realmente se ponen en marcha. Compartiré todo eso contigo en los próximos días. Me acordé de comprar juguetes para gatos después de mi tiempo en la feria. Todavía no los he desvelado.

• On my way home.
• Camino a casa.
• A quick stop at the fairgrounds.
• Una parada rápida en el recinto ferial.

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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27 thoughts on “Flamenco kids and other animals / Niños flamencos y otros animales”

  1. Always good to ‘get things checked out’ every so often…….even if the prep is the worst part of it. we have been involved in a provincial colon cancer research program for past 20 years. All has been good.
    Great photos of dogs and kids’ costumes!

  2. Oh, my goodness… people, please … don’t color your dog’s hair!
    Great photos, though… colonoscopies coming up in our world, too.

  3. The festival looks fun and the kids look cute but it is beyond me why people insist on taking their pets and big huge crowns like that. Most dogs get very stressed in that. And I feel sorry for the first poor one.

    1. Mistress Borghese:
      I agree about the pets. That one dog was terrified most of the time. The other risk getting trampled or tripping someone.

    1. Wilma:
      Oh, yeah, the shoes have to match. I think parents who dress their kids up like that really care about the details.

  4. Good to see it’s not just the little girls who get their chance at dressing-up! The dogs, however, just look stupid… Jx

    1. John:
      I just counted. This will be my 7th colonoscopy. Had the first when I was 34. I was awake for that one and didn’t mind at all. Since then, I haven’t been given a choice. I’m always out. But, you’re right it IS much more relaxing.

  5. Kudos to Minnie Mouse for not getting upset that kids and dogs have stolen her polka dotted signature look!

  6. I wonder if the dogs are stressed by the crowds or wearing those flamenco dresses. Remember the pooches already have fur. It’s not like they need any more covering up, and it might be a bit uncomfortable.

    1. Kirk:
      Clearly the one dog was terrified of all the people. The dress and dye job were an added bonus.

  7. Flamenco dogs! Poor things… At the risk of TMI, I had my 3rd colonoscopy a couple of weeks ago. I’m also on the five-year plan owing to some family history. But it’s all been good results-wise and the whole process seems to be getting easier every time. And you’re right, the prep is not as bad as it was the first time.

    1. Walt the Fourth:
      Thursday will be my 7th colonoscopy. It started with a scare (that turned out to be nothing but a cautious doctor at Yale) when I was 34. I get worked up a bit before-hand, but it really is easy… and so worth it.

  8. “Cheap new toy” was my nickname in high school.

    I’ve had more than my fair share of colonoscopies. It’s the only but play I can safely get these days.

    1. Sassybear:
      Yeah, look who I’m whining to. I hadn’t had one in 7 years, which it turns out was too long to wait. Having them so rarely makes them still stressful for me.

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