Horse pucky / Caca de caballo

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I made an excellent, long video Saturday as I walked around outside the casetas at Feungirola Fair. Just a brief glimpse of some of the rides. I wanted to give you a sense of the start of the crowds, the noise (music) blasting from all the different casetas, the beauty of the horses and carriages (and people), and all the horse pucky. When I finished the video, I hit stop. And then my iPhone began recording a video. I had never hit record in the first place! Horse pucky!

So, I did another video. It’s no where near as good. It might even give you motion sickness at times. And I didn’t get as many great visuals of the people. I’m sorry. But it will give you some idea of what that end of the fairgrounds, away from the rides and sweets, looks like. I was there between 5 and 6 p.m., so the crowd was probably only about 10 percent of what it would become a few hours later. After dark, the teens and 20-somethings (and older) arrive in droves to dance, drink, party, and make noise. We’ve tried, but it sends San Geraldo running in any other direction. My former disco darling hates crowds and noise. But we might try and check it out tonight — briefly.

I’ve included just a few photos. Check out the video. If you do manage to watch it, I’ve also included a one-minute video I took on the walk home to help you calm down. It helped me. And now I’m off for some exercise.


Hice un video excelente y largo el sábado mientras caminaba afuera de las casetas en la Feria de Feungirola. Sólo un breve vistazo de algunos de los paseos. Quería darles una idea del comienzo de las multitudes, el ruido (música) a todo volumen de todas las diferentes casetas, la belleza de los caballos y los carruajes (y la gente), y todo el juego de caballos. Cuando terminé el video, presioné detener. Y luego mi iPhone comenzó a grabar un video. ¡Nunca había presionado el botón de grabar en primer lugar! ¡Caca de caballo!

Así que hice otro video. No es tan bueno. Incluso podría causarle mareos a veces. Y no obtuve tantas imágenes geniales de la gente. Lo siento. Pero te dará una idea de cómo es ese extremo del recinto ferial, lejos de las atracciones y los dulces. Estuve allí entre las 5 y las 6 p. m., por lo que la multitud probablemente era solo el 10 por ciento de lo que sería unas horas más tarde. Después del anochecer, los adolescentes y veinteañeros (y mayores) llegan en tropel para bailar, beber, festejar y hacer ruido. Lo hemos intentado, pero envía a San Geraldo corriendo en cualquier otra dirección. Mi antiguo amor de disco odia las multitudes y el ruido. Pero podríamos intentarlo y comprobarlo esta noche — brevemente.

He incluido solo algunas fotos. Mira el video. Si logra verlo, también he incluido un video de un minuto que tomé en el camino a casa para ayudarlo a calmarse. Me ayudó. Y ahora me voy a hacer un poco de ejercicio.

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Author: Moving with Mitchell

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26 thoughts on “Horse pucky / Caca de caballo”

    1. sillygirl:
      It’s so nice to know I’m not alone (although you have my empathy). I have that problem regularly with my new iPhone. I don’t know why.

  1. The carriages/horses/costumes and all those people you captured so well! Felt I was there right behind you. Thanks.
    yes, I too would prefer the daytime festivities than the night time ones……must be OLD! lol

    1. Jim:
      It gets so crowded and so loud at night. But I love the lights and the rides are much more fun lit up.

  2. I liked the video, though I wished you had turned around and followed that kinda hot guy with the beard in the red and white striped shirt.
    But that’s just me.

    1. Bob:
      The first time through, I captured (well, didn’t) so many hot guys. Did you notice the buns on the cop? I lingered a moment.

  3. Great fair footage! So many places to eat &drink, listen to music & dance. Love the women’s dresses and how some rode side-saddle on the horses’ rumps behind the riders. My favourite things were the horses and carriages. And that one guy riding a mule!

    1. Debra:
      That mule was so popular. What amazes me about the women riding side saddle (especially independently) is how much more difficult that is than riding astride.

  4. Gotta admit, I’d be hanging out at home with SG. I appreciate the festivities (and your video footage), but I’m not fond of crowds or noise. Part of it is being short and unable to see over people to keep track what is happening. And part of it is having been caught in a bad crowd situation where I was literally lifted off my feet and almost crushed to the point of passing out, but had just enough scream in me that I was rescued. So. No crowds for me, if I can avoid it. Of course, this is the same person who stood up on a table at a crowded party and danced like a fool to In a Gadda Da Vida (good ole Iron Butterfly). But that was also five+ decades ago. Watching the waves is more my style these days–not riding them anymore.

    1. Mary:
      Your experience would put me off crowds. At 6’2”, I’m usually able to see over the crowd. I’m often grateful for that advantage. I have NEVER stood on a table and danced to In a Gadda Da Vida!

  5. There was a time I would have the loved the crowd and been energized by it and the music. Those days are gone and don’t miss them. Fun to watch your video – with the sound down low!

    1. Wilma:
      Neither of us have ever liked crowds. A lot of people is one thing, a mob is another. At night, the fair is a mob. You were supposed to watch the video with the volume way up to truly appreciate the experience… and have a panic attack.

  6. Love it, love it, love it! I can almost feel the atmosphere, thanks to that video – and, of course, there’s a good smattering of totty on show, mounted or otherwise. Jx

    1. Jon:
      I captured (didn’t) so much more totty the first time through. I think that was my biggest disappointment.

  7. For an event with horses, there seems to be a lack of road apples on the pavement. Or did you miss filming the guys with shovels and wheelbarrows, LOL?

    The lacy metal fretwork at your fair entrance reminded me of similar fretwork lit up at Coney Island in a 1928 Harold Lloyd silent film I watched last night. Your fair must be beautiful lit up at night too!

    1. Tundra Bunny:
      I didn’t realize you couldn’t see all the horse pucky in the video. It was everywhere. The cleaners were at the ready, but there was too much horse activity at that time to bother trying to keep up. That lacy metal framework is actually the special arch lighting for the fair. I hope to get some shots tonight. It’s magical. I love those old films shot in Coney Island. It was a different place back then. My parents grew up in Brooklyn during that time and got to experience it.

  8. I like seeing the horses in their finery. How do women stay on horses when they’re riding side-saddle? It’s a mystery to me. I would enjoy the sights for a few minutes and then join San Geraldo.


    1. janiejunebug:
      It takes a lot more skill for women to ride side saddle. When riding independently, the right leg is hooked around a pommel to keep the rider in place and in control.

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