I shake my little tush (Auf da bierbank) Sacudo mi pequeño trasero

La versión en español está después de la versión en inglés.

There were fireworks Friday night. We heard them begin and watched from the terrace. We didn’t even have to leave the house. Today’s blog title is the song that’s been going through my head since Friday when I saw the guy below in the shades strut his stuff through Plaza da la Constitución.

Today’s photos are just some more of the flamboyant self-expression I saw on display. San Geraldo and I might check out the fair tonight — with earplugs. In preparation for my colonoscopy Thursday, I’m on a white diet today. Tomorrow will be only liquids. So glad my electrolyte drinks are permitted.

We finally started watching “The Good Doctor” and are completely hooked. The character is beautifully and respectfully written and acted. In some ways, he reminds us of The Kid Brother. Have you seen the series? No spoilers, please.

And now I’m going to the gym. I’ll probably work with the plants on the terrace and in the hall this afternoon. San Geraldo just passed by hiding behind his back a small package of cookies topped with chocolate — so I wouldn’t be jealous. I wasn’t. Before the gym is not the time for cookies topped with chocolate anyway. He said he need them because he shouldn’t take his pills on an empty stomach. I asked him if his breakfast didn’t count. You can guess the answer. But it’s OK. Realizing last night I wouldn’t be able to have chocolate until Thursday afternoon, I ate an entire container of Magnum double chocolate deluxe ice cream.


Hubo fuegos artificiales el viernes por la noche. Los escuchamos comenzar y los observamos desde la terraza. Ni siquiera tuvimos que salir de casa. El título del blog de hoy es la canción que me ronda por la cabeza desde el viernes cuando vi al tipo de abajo en las gafas de sol pavoneándose por la Plaza da la Constitución.

Las fotos de hoy son solo algunas más de la autoexpresión extravagante que vi en exhibición. San Geraldo y yo podríamos visitar la feria esta noche, con tapones para los oídos. En preparación para mi colonoscopia del jueves, hoy tengo una dieta blanca. Mañana serán solo líquidos. Me alegro de que mis bebidas con electrolitos estén permitidas.

Voy al gimnasio esta mañana y probablemente trabajaré con las plantas en la terraza y en el pasillo esta tarde. Finalmente comenzamos a ver “The Good Doctor” y estamos completamente enganchados. El personaje está bellamente y respetuosamente escrito y actuado. En cierto modo, nos recuerda a El Hermanito. ¿Has visto la serie? Sin spoilers, por favor.

Y ahora voy al gimnasio. Probablemente trabajaré con las plantas en la terraza y en el pasillo esta tarde. San Geraldo acaba de pasar escondiendo detrás de su espalda un pequeño paquete de galletas cubiertas con chocolate, para que no esté celoso. yo no estaba De todos modos, antes del gimnasio no es el momento para las galletas cubiertas con chocolate. Dijo que las necesitaba porque no debería tomar sus pastillas con el estómago vacío. Le pregunté si su desayuno no contaba. Puedes adivinar la respuesta. Pero está bien. Al darme cuenta anoche de que no podría comer chocolate hasta el jueves por la tarde, me comí un recipiente entero de helado Magnum doble chocolate de lujo.

• I’m too sexy for my shirt.
• Soy demasiado sexy para mi camisa
• The white parasols in the background are at the restaurant where we had lunch last Tuesday with Cousin Inger. The terrace tables had been removed and a long bar was set up in their place.
• Las sombrillas blancas del fondo son del restaurante donde almorzamos el martes pasado con la prima Inger. Las mesas de la terraza habían sido retiradas y en su lugar se instaló una larga barra.
• At the doors to the Church of Our Lady of the Rosary.
• A las puertas de la Parroquia de Nuestra Señora del Rosario.
• “Auf da bierbank” means “on the catwalk.
• “Auf da bierbank” significa “en la pasarela”.

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22 thoughts on “I shake my little tush (Auf da bierbank) Sacudo mi pequeño trasero”

  1. I had to stop, go back and stare at the woman in the white dress with the purple shawl because, even studying the photograph she looks like Aunt Gloria, who would have worn that outfit and been the star of the festival.
    Even now … it’s Gloria.

    1. Bob:
      I love it! That’s how I’ve imagined Aunt Gloria when you’ve talked about her — although not in that dress and shawl.

    1. Debra:
      We’re 5 episodes in and are so impressed. Oh the strut of that peacock. He reminded me of one of my uncles.

  2. I always love those women and those Flamenco looks. I think it’s safe to say the lady in the red steals the show. And Isn’t it nice when you have a good view of fireworks and you don’t have to leave the house? Does the sounds bother your cats?

    1. Mistress Borghese:
      The cats don’t seem to get stressed about the fireworks. They’ve actually sat on their kitty condo on the terrace and watched fireworks in the past. The lady in red threw a lot of dramatic poses in front of the church.

    1. Jon:
      Oh my god, she does look like Lesley Manville! The lady in red struck many great poses. The guy with Lesley Manville had serious attitude.

  3. The older lady in the black hat and orange/red skirt and yellow gold jewelry looks the most regal in her classic Spanish attire!

    I’ve been watching a Spanish drama series called “La Otra Mirada” that’s set in 1920’s Seville and I’m totally hooked — thank Jeebus it has English sub-titles though, LOL!

    1. Tundra Bunny:
      The woman in the black hat was very classy. I loved her style and her comfort. Ooh, I have to look up La Otra Mirada. Hadn’t heard of it. In this house, we watch everything with subtitles, even American movies and series.

  4. Wow. Those are some interesting looks.

    We watched “The Good Doctor” for a while but we eventually stopped. It wasn’t bad but we moved on to other things.

    1. Steve:
      We just watched another episode of The Good Doctor. It was the first one that didn’t sit well with us. Inconsistent character behaviors and story line. We’ll see how it goes. Until today, the main character has been handled so well.

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