Attitudinal rehab / Rehabilitación actitudinal

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I don’t know why my mood went south over the weekend. Maybe I’m just reading too much news. I planned on taking my mood north this afternoon to see some new, sanctioned public art that friends Karen and Peter (visiting from Switzerland) saw beginning not far from the castle on Friday. It would be a long and chilly walk (about 9 km / 6 miles round-trip). The temperature is currently 11˚C / 51˚F but the wind is gusting directly off the sea at 45 to 60 kph (28 to 37 mph). It’s already approaching 5 p.m. and will be dark and colder for my walk home. I think I might have talked myself out of it. I’d have to start off wearing too many layers. I’d start to sweat. I’d remove layers. I’d get a chill. Never mind.

Friday afternoon, I bought a lumbar support belt that could help ease the pressure on the sciatic nerve. I tried all the sizes at the pharmacy and ended up with the largest one, which made no sense to me or the pharmacist, but did seem to fit correctly. Saturday, when I tried putting it on under my clothes, it was too big and didn’t offer decent compression. I tried exchanging it but somewhere between home and pharmacy, I lost the receipt. I checked at home and didn’t find it anywhere. So, I’ll head back to the pharmacy and see if I can exchange it without the receipt. Otherwise, the charity shop will get a nice, brand-new lumbar belt while here I am trying to spend less.

Continuing on the subject of rehabilitation, I saw something new (to me) in Málaga last week. While walking past the cathedral I saw an elegant old building covered in an advertisement for a Netflix film. I couldn’t believe that would be allowed. But as I got closer I realized the building was being rehabbed and instead of simply protecting the multiple stories of scaffolding with canvas, they went with paid publicity. I’d rather see canvas, although I suppose the ad helps fund the renovations. Not far from there I came upon another building with large images stretched across the facade. But that was simply to show what the restoration of the 16th-century building was about.

Maybe it’s time for me to go back to the pharmacy to buy myself some new scaffolding — and a new attitude.


No sé por qué mi estado de ánimo se fue al sur durante el fin de semana. Tal vez estoy leyendo demasiadas noticias. Planeé llevar mi estado de ánimo al norte esta tarde para ver un nuevo arte público sancionado que los amigos Karen y Peter (visitantes de Suiza) vieron comenzar no muy lejos del castillo el viernes. Sería una caminata larga y fría (alrededor de 9 km / 6 millas de ida y vuelta). La temperatura es actualmente de 11˚C / 51˚F pero el viento sopla directamente desde el mar a una velocidad de 45 a 60 kph (28 a 37 mph). Ya se acercan las 5 p.m. y estará oscuro y más frío para mi camino a casa. Creo que podría haberme convencido de no hacerlo. Tendría que empezar usando demasiadas capas. Empezaría a sudar. Quitaría capas. Me daría un escalofrío. No importa.

El viernes por la tarde compré un cinturón de soporte lumbar que podría ayudar a aliviar la presión sobre el nervio ciático. Probé todos los tamaños en la farmacia y terminé con el más grande, que no tenía sentido ni para mí ni para el farmacéutico, pero parecía encajar correctamente. El sábado, cuando intenté ponérmelo debajo de la ropa, era demasiado grande y no ofrecía una compresión decente. Traté de cambiarlo, pero en algún lugar entre la farmacia y la casa, perdí el recibo. Revisé en casa y no lo encontré por ninguna parte. Entonces, regresaré a la farmacia y veré si puedo cambiarlo sin el recibo. De lo contrario, la tienda benéfica obtendrá un bonito cinturón lumbar nuevo mientras aquí estoy tratando de gastar menos.

Ya que estoy en el tema de la rehabilitación, vi algo nuevo (para mí) en Málaga la semana pasada. Mientras pasaba por la catedral, vi un elegante edificio antiguo cubierto con un anuncio de una película de Netflix. No podía creer que eso estaría permitido. Pero a medida que me acercaba me di cuenta de que el edificio estaba siendo rehabilitado y en lugar de simplemente proteger los múltiples pisos de andamios con lonas, optaron por publicidad pagada. Prefiero ver lienzos, aunque supongo que el anuncio ayuda a financiar las renovaciones. No muy lejos de allí me topé con otro edificio con grandes imágenes estiradas a lo largo de la fachada. Pero eso fue simplemente para mostrar de qué se trataba la restauración del edificio del siglo XVI.

Tal vez sea hora de volver a la farmacia para comprarme un nuevo andamiaje y una nueva actitud.

• Around 8 this morning. I even went out on the terrace and opened a panel of the glass curtain. The wind was cold. Sunday morning’s view is at the top of this post.
Alrededor de las 8 de esta mañana. Incluso salí a la terraza y abrí un panel de la cortina de cristal. El viento era frío. La vista del domingo por la mañana está en la parte superior de esta publicación.
• A new way to make a buck… I mean a euro.
• Una nueva forma de ganar dinero… me refiero a un euro.
• Rehabilitation of Saint Augustin Convent (16th century)for the new headquarters of the provincial public library in Málaga.
• Rehabilitación del Convento de San Augustín (siglo 16) para la nueva sede de la biblioteca pública del estado en Málaga.

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28 thoughts on “Attitudinal rehab / Rehabilitación actitudinal”

    1. Chrissoup:
      Yeah, this mood makes the rounds, doesn’t it.

      The center of the old city of Málaga has mostly pedestrianized streets. It makes it so much nicer.

    1. Debra:
      It’s often impossible to stay in bed and miss a sunrise. However, it’s rarely impossible to go back to bed.

  1. I can understand the news affecting your mood. The video of the cops killing Tyre Nichols was released. A lot of people are very upset. We also have a video of the man hitting Paul Pelosi in the head. Trump is hitting the campaign trail. McCarthy is still an asshole. George Santos spoke in the House on Holocaust Remembrance Day, which would be fine if we didn’t know that he lied when he said his grandparents fled the Holocaust. It’s all very disheartening. Hang in there, my friend.



    1. janiejunebug:
      And here I was thinking a few months ago that I was seeing a glimmer of hope.

    1. Deedles:
      I feel hugged. I’m getting ready for the gym. Come with me. You can watch the hunks while I work out my demons.

    1. Bob:
      It’s nothing more than a giant billboard, really, in the historic center of a beautiful city.

  2. Is that Snow Girl? Starts out in Malaga at the Three Kings parade…complete with candy…gently tossed from floats

    1. Jssw:
      I know nothing about Snow Girl. I just looked it up and see it’s a series. Wonder if SG will be interested.

  3. If the same pharmacist is on duty, surely he/she will remember your effort to find one the right size and let you exchange.

    I only watch or read enough news to stay current on what’s happening in the world. Too much is too depressing. I’d rather focus on things like your two gorgeous morning photos!

    1. Kelly:
      Yes, I hope that pharmacist will be there. But, it’s a huge pharmacy with a lot of staff. Anyway, I know his name, so that might help me with someone else. And, yes, I should stick to the sunrises.

    1. Jon:
      It looks like more of the same. But plenty of sunshine and blue skies. It’s not England.

  4. You just know I’m adoring those big old wooden doors on that building. Things like that at such character on buildings.

    I allow myself any more to watch the news 3 to 4 days a week, four days is pushing it. I can’t take it and I can’t take my blood pressure going through the roof over such nonsense, or my gin intake to get any higher. I don’t want to be ignorant, but I also don’t want to be driven insane by such stupidity, so you’re not the only one that feels that way.

    1. Mistress Borghese:
      I should go around and do a series on the doors of Málaga. I think I’m due for a break from the news for a day.

  5. Sometimes it is not a good thing to listen to the news, I feel. The state of our world can really affect us.
    I am surprised at the temperatures you are having lately. Also surprised at the ones we are having here… it was 10C along our trail walk. As you would have done had you gone to the museum, we were shedding our layers as well on the way back.
    Goota love climate warming, eh?!

    1. Jim:
      What climate warming? Didn’t you see that senator make a snowball a couple of years ago? (More of the same weather today. My fingers are cold!)

  6. Thanks for the Netflix promo, we were trying to find another thriller series ~ saw Clickbait last year `~ it was a good one. I sure understand the layers of clothing conundrum, everyday so many layers. Sometimes I feel like the Michelin Man but not in white.

    1. Ron:
      I didn’t know Snow Girl was a series and just learned from our friend Judy (Jssw) that it opens in Málaga. No wonder they chose that for the side of the building.

      1. my bad ~ it is 6 episodes ~ the lead girl (with the perpetual sad face) is in a few other Spanish productions so I figured this production would be a series. Spanish productions are really the best!

      2. Ron:
        I’m looking forward to watching it now. If for nothing else other than the local scenery.

  7. To quote my late brother-in-law, no time for a”stinken thinken.” I glance the Washington Post, read no more than one story, shrug and get on with my day. There are soo many sunrises and ancient doors to fill our days. Just think what has passed through those doors,

    1. David:
      Good advice. I just got back from the gym and was still having a stinken thinken all the way home.

  8. “Snow Girl.” (Or “Girl of Snow”?) I’m sure it will show up on our Netflix too at some point. We get Spanish shows now and then.

    I don’t blame them for putting advertising on the scaffold. If you have to have such a big hideous thing erected while your building is under renovation, why not make it pay? (That’s the American capitalist in me! LOL)

    1. Steve:
      It really does make sense to make money while doing the renovations. It just looks too much like Las Vegas.

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