Dos de Mayo / May 2nd

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Due to the fact that yesterday’s pneumonia diagnosis was in the past tense — I had it; I no longer have it — I was somehow expecting to feel all better today. The doctor did tell me it would take a while. I went for a walk before lunch to one end of the Paseo. With side jaunts, it was about 6.5 km / 4 miles. It felt good. During the first half, I passed just about everyone. On my way back, the pace slowed significantly. We had lunch and, after I post this, I’m going to have a siesta. I’m worn out once again.

In my mind, I’m still in Seville with San Geraldo’s cousins, Sarah and Magoo. When we first visited Sevilla in early 2011 to decide where in Andalusia we wanted to live, we were introduced to Dos de Mayo, what we were told was the best seafood tapas place in town. When we moved there 6 months later, we found a grand apartment online that we both immediately fell in love with. It was even better in person, especially since it turned out to be two floors above Dos de Mayo. We always make a point of returning when we visit Seville. We had lunch our second day there and it was better than ever.

Sarah is a trained chef and Magoo, despite being 14, loves everything, including cloves of garlic slathered on a slice of fresh bread. One of my favorite local dishes of Seville (which I have only found once down here in Málaga) is spinach and garbanzo beans (pictured at top). We shared a big bowl and finished off the meal with complementary cups of a frothy lemon sorbet (or something like it).

I slept until 10 today — when Dudo woke me up. He didn’t want a treat. He didn’t want affection. He just wanted me to get the hell out of bed. I have more food stories and photos to come. Last night we went with friends Lulu and Rita to a place called Tapas & Thai. They’d already been there a number of times. Phenomenal. And only a 9-minute walk from home. Can’t wait to share it all.


Gracias al hecho de que el diagnóstico de neumonía de ayer fuera en tiempo pasado: lo tenía; Ya no lo tengo, de alguna manera esperaba sentirme mejor hoy. El doctor me dijo que tomaría un tiempo. Fui a caminar a un extremo del Paseo. Con desvíos, fue de unos 6,5 km / 4 millas. Se sintió bien. Durante la primera mitad, pasé a casi todos. En mi camino de regreso, el ritmo se desaceleró significativamente. Almorzamos y, después de publicar esto, me voy a dormir la siesta. Estoy agotado una vez más.

En mi mente sigo en Sevilla con los primos de San Geraldo, Sarah y Magoo. Cuando visitamos Sevilla por primera vez a principios de 2011 para decidir en qué parte de Andalucía queríamos vivir, nos presentaron Dos de Mayo, lo que nos dijeron que era el mejor lugar de tapas de mariscos de la ciudad. Cuando nos mudamos allí 6 meses después, encontramos un gran apartamento en línea del que ambos nos enamoramos de inmediato. Era incluso mejor en persona, sobre todo porque resultó ser dos pisos por encima de Dos de Mayo. Siempre hacemos un punto de volver cuando visitamos Sevilla. Almorzamos nuestro segundo día allí y fue mejor que nunca.

Sarah es una chef capacitada y Magoo, a pesar de tener 14 años, ama todo, incluidos los dientes de ajo untados en una rebanada de pan fresco. Uno de mis platos locales favoritos de Sevilla (que solo he encontrado una vez aquí en Málaga) son las espinacas y los garbanzos (en la foto de arriba). Compartimos un tazón grande y terminamos la comida con tazas complementarias de un sorbete de limón espumoso (o algo parecido).

Dormí hasta las 10 de hoy, cuando Dudo me despertó. Él no quería un regalo. No quería cariño. Solo quería que me largara de la cama. Tengo más historias de comida y fotos por venir. Anoche fuimos con las amigas Lulu y Rita a un lugar llamado Tapas & Thai. Ya habían estado allí varias veces. Fenomenal. Y a tan solo 9 minutos andando de casa. No puedo esperar para compartirlo todo.

• The side of the building. One of our seven balconies is visible two stories up. How we wish we could have moved that apartment to where we are now.
• El lateral del edificio. Uno de nuestros siete balcones es visible dos pisos más arriba. Cómo nos hubiera gustado haber trasladado ese apartamento a donde estamos ahora.

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      1. Jon:
        The first time I visited the site, I got the entire recipe. Now, I too need to subscribe. So, I scanned it and added it to the post. It does exactly replicate the dish we have in Sevilla.

      2. Bob:
        I just added the recipe from The New Spanish Table to the post. The dish is exactly like the traditional ones served in Sevilla.

  1. Pneumonia may be gone, but residual fatigue will be with you for some time to come. You don’t have to be the Energizer Bunny for a while. Give your body the rest it needs to give you a good recovery in the long run. Think Tortoise, not Hare. 🙂 xo

    1. Mary:
      I have to keep reminding myself. Still feeling pretty miserable. Tortoise. Tortoise. Tortoise.

  2. Now that first photo is MY kind of food! (minus the eggs) I’ll take a side of the bread and garlic, too, please.

    Love the photo of you and SG. What a great place that would be to live!

    1. Kelly:
      That was the first time I’d seen the dish topped with hardboiled eggs. I’ve added the recipe to the blog post.

  3. All that food looks delicious (as always). I find the spinach and chickpeas dish particularly intriguing; it (inevitably, given Andalusia’s history) looks very Middle-East-North-African! Must try it. Jx

  4. I so enjoy all your stories and the food, if we return to Spain, I have made a note of the addresses and would love to eat in those eateries. You do want a lot and see many nice things. With the nicer warmer weather returning I hope to start walking more in our little town.

  5. Making me very hungry! Almost time for supper…….
    You are smart to listen to your body the way you.
    You will get better soon.

    1. Jim:
      If I don’t listen, my body yells! I don’t have much patience for this myself. I haven’t been to the gym all month.

    1. Debra:
      The hard-boiled eggs were a surprising addition. Fine with me. I added the recipe to the blog post, if you’re interesred.

  6. One of the vendors at the market has had wonderful spinach the last couple of weeks, I am about to head that way. The pastry boy is back.

  7. I love spinach. Isn’t there an Indian dish that’s similar to that? Maybe I’m thinking of sag paneer, but that’s cheese, not chickpeas. Hmmm…

    1. Steve:
      I’ve never had sag paneer. This is very clearly of North African origin, as are mother of the specialties here.

  8. I wish I could go on those long walks with you. I need the exercise, I’d LOVE the company, and the scenery there is MUCH better than here. Keep getting and feeling better.

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