Not the boss of me / No el jefe de mi

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To be clear, Dudo and Moose are the boss of me. Last week I bought them four new toys. I spent about €12 and they played for about 12 minutes. I also brought home my three pairs of shoes in a large paper shopping bag. It’s Dudo’s favorite new toy. He sits inside for a half hour at a time. He loves to attack it noisily, especially when he wants to vent his frustration at my delay in giving him more wet food. He sits quietly inside and waits for Moose to come by at which point he comes flying out as if released by a sling shot. I don’t like mess but that bag has sat on my office floor for more than a week. I also hate when closet doors are left open. However, Dudo hates when any door is closed (and he lets me know it). So my closet door sits open most of the time. I suppose it’s good for me. But Dudo needs to lighten up, too.

I’m still on a high from our Sunday lunch at Tynan and Elena’s. I’m going to head into Málaga for the day to explore a neighborhood that I’ve learned has great public art. There’s a possibility of rain and clouds as the week progresses. Today is another glorious Costa del Sol day. I’m sure I’ll have several hundred photos to share.


Para ser claros, Dudo y Moose son los jefes de mi. La semana pasada les compré cuatro juguetes nuevos. Gasté unos 12€ y tocaron unos 12 minutos. También traje a casa mis zapatos nuevos en una bolsa grande de papel. Es el nuevo juguete favorito de Dudo. Se sienta dentro durante media hora a la vez. Le encanta atacarlo ruidosamente, especialmente cuando quiere desahogar su frustración por mi retraso en darle más comida húmeda. Se sienta en silencio adentro y espera a que pase Moose, momento en el que sale volando como si lo hubiera lanzado una honda. No me gusta el desorden, pero esa bolsa ha estado en el suelo de mi oficina durante más de una semana. También odio cuando las puertas de los armarios se dejan abiertas. Sin embargo, Dudo odia cuando se cierra cualquier puerta (y me lo hace saber). Así que la puerta de mi armario permanece abierta la mayor parte del tiempo. Supongo que es bueno para mí. Pero Dudo también necesita relajarse.

Todavía estoy en lo alto de nuestro almuerzo dominical en casa de Tynan y Elena. Voy a ir a Málaga por el día para explorar un barrio que he aprendido que tiene un gran arte público. Existe la posibilidad de lluvia y nubes a medida que avanza la semana. Hoy es otro día glorioso en la Costa del Sol. Estoy seguro de que tendré varios cientos de fotos para compartir.

• A flower fell off the second desert rose and landed in the cactus below it.
• Una flor se cayó de la segunda rosa del desierto y aterrizó en el cactus debajo de ella.
• Barn swallows doing good work — eating mosquitoes, I hope. Tiger mosquitoes have arrived in Andalusia.
• Las golondrinas hacen un buen trabajo: espero que coman mosquitos. Los mosquitos tigre han llegado a Andalucía.
• We have two big planters filled with crown of thorns always in bloom. The painting was done by my mother in 1963. The pig is in that location because there was already a hook in that spot.
• Tenemos dos maceteros grandes llenos de corona de espinas siempre en flor. La pintura la hizo mi mamá en 1963. El cerdo está en ese lugar porque ya había un anzuelo en ese lugar.
• A pensive Dudo.
• Un Dudo pensativo.

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Author: Moving with Mitchell

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20 thoughts on “Not the boss of me / No el jefe de mi”

  1. I remember uttering the line on several hundred occasions, “I can’t make the bed today because Tuxedo’s sleeping.”
    It’s a cat’s world and were just here to make things easier.
    I love Dudo In The Bag!

    1. Bob:
      Oh, yes. The bed has been unmade often… all because of the cats. SGT can’t sit at his desk sometimes, because the cats refuse to share their office chair.

  2. I like your Mom’s painting, especially the depiction of light and shadow. Is it from her that you got your artistic talent? She must have been pleased when you went to art school.

    1. Debra:
      My mother was always gifted with sewing, knitting, and any kind of needle work, but she had no idea she could paint until she took an oil painting class in the neighborhood when we were kids. She then ended up doing so many different things the rest of her life, sculpture, life drawing, puppetry. She loved that I was an artist but, sadly, strongly discouraged my BEING an artist as a profession. She only approved of commercial art or architecture. When I became an art therapist, she was proud — except that it didn’t pay enough. I was miserable and didn’t last long.

    1. Jim:
      Great day and, yes, I’m trainable. The cats are, too, to some degree.

  3. What is it with cats and bags? (Or boxes!)

    I thought that flower belonged on the cactus at first. I love crown-of-thorns — I used to have it in Florida. I wonder if it’s sunny enough for it here in the UK!

    1. Steve:
      Hah! You get 126 sunny days a year as compared to our 300+. I wonder. I’d love to let these crown of thorns get huge, but they attack Isabel when she’s cleaning, so I keep them tamed. I was surprised to see the flower on the cactus. It didn’t look like it had been ready to drop.

  4. I always always found cats are like kids… the money. It’s he simplest of everyday things that provide the most fun.

    1. Mistress Borghese:
      You’re right about saving the money. Dudo is still having a blast with this paper bag. Maybe I’ll get him a box when this wears out.

  5. Dudo is clearly the star of this post! I love both photos of him. When I use to mail my son’s Christmas gifts, he would always send me a photo of Ornstein sitting in the shipping box. He considered it his gift from me.

    1. Kirk:
      Yes, a big bag. Isabel folds it every week. I unfold it and put it back on the floor for Dudo.

    1. Urspo:
      You’d think I’d have learned. I’ve spent a fortune on toys. Dudo’s faves have been bags, boxes, and the peacock feathers our niece brought one time.

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