Naked cowboy, dusty balls, cheesecake, and dicks / Vaquero desnudo, bolas polvorientas, y pollas

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I’m headed on the train into Málaga in a bit to take in SOHO’s Urban Market — artists, artisans, creators, crafters, designers and local products. It’s held the fourth Sunday of every month and I have never yet managed to attend. Today’s images are from my day in Málaga last week. San Geraldo and I had lunch at a restaurant I have really wanted to love, Naked and Sated. But the food, although interesting, is always lacking in flavor — and it’s pricey for small servings. We decided to not risk dessert there and enjoyed ours somewhere else.


Me dirijo en el tren a Málaga en un rato para disfrutar del Mercado Urbano de SOHO: artistas, artesanos, creadores, artesanos, diseñadores y productos locales. Se lleva a cabo el cuarto domingo de cada mes y todavía no he logrado asistir. Los imágenes de hoy son de mi día en Málaga la semana pasada. San Geraldo y yo almorzamos en un restaurante que tenía muchas ganas de amar, Naked and Sated. Pero la comida, aunque interesante, siempre carece de sabor, y es cara para porciones pequeñas. Decidimos no arriesgarnos con el postre allí y disfrutamos el nuestro en otro lugar.

• I was tempted to order the salad just because of the name. When I asked the server why it was called Cowboy Salad, she said she thought it was because of the dressing. As an old colleague of mine used to say: “I don’t know. Nobody knows.”
• Tuve la tentación de pedir la ensalada solo por el nombre. Cuando le pregunté al servidor por qué se llamaba Ensalada Cowboy, dijo que pensaba que era por la salsa. Como decía una vieja colega mío: “No lo sé. Nadie lo sabe.”
• San Geraldo’s Marinated Salmon Poke Bowl. See the menu image immediately below. The ceramic bowl, at least, looked the same.
• Poke Bowl de Salmón Marinado de San Geraldo. Vea la imagen del menú inmediatamente debajo. El cuenco de cerámica, al menos, tenía el mismo aspecto.
• My chicken with brie burger with an avocado “bun,” and sweet potato and regular fries/chips, both soggy.
• Mi hamburguesa de pollo con queso brie con un “bollo” de aguacate y camote y papas fritas regulares (ambas empapadas).
• Part of the permanent collection at the Centre for Contemporary Art.
• Parte de la colección permanente del Centro de Arte Contemporáneo.
• We’d be better reflected without the dust.
• Nos reflejaríamos mejor sin el polvo.
• I’m tempted to offer to dust for them. Such a shame.
• Me siento tentado a ofrecerme para quitarles el polvo. Es una pena.
• Cheesecake with strawberries and strawberry jam. I’m so glad we waited. My mother would have an entire set of their silverware. “Oh, don’t make such a big deal. They won’t miss a few pieces.”
• Tarta de queso con fresas y mermelada de fresa. Estoy tan contenta de haber esperado. Mi madre tendría un juego completo de sus cubiertos. “Oh, no hagas un gran problema. No se perderán algunas piezas”.
• I needed a new keychain. I didn’t buy one here. I have no need for another bottle opener — or penis.
• Necesitaba un nuevo llavero. No compré uno aquí. No necesito otro abrebotellas, ni un pene.

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Author: Moving with Mitchell

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24 thoughts on “Naked cowboy, dusty balls, cheesecake, and dicks / Vaquero desnudo, bolas polvorientas, y pollas”

  1. Look forward to hearing about the market, I caught one in December – I think it was a special holiday market. The food looks interesting, a pricy

    1. David:
      The food could have been presented better, but it didn’t taste as good as it looked. All bland.

  2. That green thing you were served looks truly disgusting – you were very wise to go to another place for the cheesecake. As for the dusty balls, that is a bit shoddy for an exhibition that is based around mirrored surfaces! Jx

    PS we have two extra penises in our house, courtesy of “amusing” souvenir gifts people have brought back from holidays.

    1. Jon:
      I’m glad no one has ever gifted us a detached penis. The best part of my lunch was that green thing. A delicious fresh avocado. The rest had no flavor at all. Sad about the dust at CAC. It’s a free museum. I’d gladly volunteer to dust… but I’d be nervous about those glass sacks.

    1. Bob:
      The first time I saw the reflective art, it was much more reflective. I love it. Too bad about the restaurant. Not much on presentation and less on flavor.

    1. Deedles:
      I’ve always gotten by with just one… keychain. I like to have an extra penis (someone else’s) nearby.

      1. Mistress Borghese:
        Was the NO!!!!!!!! about the dust on the art… or maybe it was in response to Deedle’s quantity of pen… keychains.

    1. Debra:
      The museum is free and I have a feeling budget is low. But, there really should be a system for keeping the artwork dusted. Soon, those pieces won’t be able to reflect at all.

  3. I can’t even see the dust, but that may say more about my eyes than anything.

    The cowboy salad is so-called because of ginger dressing? I’m pretty sure no self-respecting cowboy is eating ginger dressing.

    The avocado “bun” is alarming.

    What is it with Spain and penises? I feel like the Spanish really get a kick out of penis imagery. (Thinking of the penis-shaped waffles…)

    1. Steve:
      I should have done a close-up of the dust; I just wanted you to take my word for it. In the description, the salad is called “cowboy style.” I have no clue what that means. The avocado bun was an interesting idea, but there was no artfulness. There’s no shame in body parts around here and they know the tourists will grab all the penises they can as souvenirs.

  4. I eat a lot of avocados, but I’ve never seen one used as a bun before.

    I guess you’re not supposed to touch the exhibits, but I wonder how stable the “balls” are. They might dangle too aggressively if swiped with a duster!

    1. Kelly:
      The avocado bun was an interesting idea, but the chicken although tender, was completely bland. When I thought of volunteering to dust, I did wonder how I would handle those balls.

  5. Too bad about about the food you ordered…..hate it when it appears no effort was put into the preparation. Now you know not to return.
    A dusty exhibit is quite surprising…….someone needs a good talking to, I’d say.

    1. Jim:
      I think CAC is very poorly funded (there’s no charge for entry) but keeping the exhibits dusted is important.

    1. Urspo:
      We learned the difference between those words in our first months in Spain when SG offered to make sopa de polla for a friend of ours.

  6. Oh dear Goddess…..does that sandwich look putrid. Mat be as putrid as crocs. Green foods are truly revolting, except salads of course.

    And I’m one to always keep a share or three penis around.

    1. Mistress Borghese:
      The avocado was fresh. The chicken was bland. Not much going for it. There are always two penises at hand in our house.

      1. Lmao!!!!!!!!!

        And yes….my NO was in response to Deedle’s comment. One can ever have enough penises at hand. Penis pins and bottle cap openers of course…

      2. Mistress Borghese:
        Penis pins sound painful!!! Ooh, painful penis pins… er… pens.

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