Big City Style

Living here in Fuengirola, a small-ish city (population 75,000) on the beach in Southern Spain, I sometimes miss out on the latest cool fashion trends of the big cities.

So, one nice thing about spending time in Brooklyn (at 2.6 million, the largest of the five boroughs of New York City) and seeing the style of the people who live along the beach there is that … well …

… I’m not really missing anything at all.

Doctor My Eyes

Don’t worry. The lased eye is doing fine. But take a look at what I spotted on the paseo last night. I’m not supposed to turn my head quickly, so I had to do a slow-motion double-take.

Sorry it’s blurry; I must have focused with my left eye.

I thought this guy deserved a page all his own, even if he has put back my recovery by at least a week.

Was I unwise to leave them open for so long?

What’s Trending In Beachwear

Update On the Residency Cards:

I went through a box of miscellaneous stuff in my office and found our old passports! I have no idea why the US Embassy mailed them directly to that box. OK, I apologize for saying we never received them. Anyway, San Geraldo will make copies of our old passports and we can head back this week to complete the process. What a relief! Coming up with other documentation was turning into a major problem.

Hot Style at the Beach
I was walking on the beach the other day when I spotted someone in the distance who was exposing so much of his hind quarters that he needn’t have bothered wearing a bathing suit.

Major plumber’s crack (commonly referred to as builder’s bum in parts of Great Britain). It’s also called “hucha” in Spanish, which is the word for the slot in a piggy bank or vending machine.

Since, as you might remember, I enjoy sharing collected images of huchas (click here and here), I began snapping away. But when I zoomed in I was even more surprised by what I saw.


Truth be told, this is just a pocket belt to hold all the loot he finds while metal-detecting. But I’m much more entertained by my own version of reality.