Lockdown Day 12: Fabulous Fran / Encierro Día 12: Fran Fabuloso

La versión español está después de la versión inglés.

MANY OF YOU may remember our friend Fran whom we met at Restaurante Primavera (click here, here, and here). If you did meet Fran, believe me, you’d remember him. Fran is a local boy, a former fireman, phenomenal waiter, actor, model, and more, who studied at both the University of Sevilla and the University of Málaga (where he also studied law, I think). A true Renaissance man.

Fran left for Madrid several months ago to continue his professional development, perfecting his craft in front of and behind the camera. We miss him, but have been happy to know he’s been thriving in Madrid.

Fran shared a clip yesterday that surprised even us, who thought we couldn’t be surprised by the breadth of his talents. He qualifies his performance with a statement in Spanish, that I’ve translated below:

“Clearly I’m not a musician but I wanted to put myself in a musician’s shoes and feel for myself how complex it is to give birth to a song. In today’s challenge I have ‘composed’ a song with rhythm and lyrics, and I’ve interpreted it with my best intentions. I hope your ears forgive me. I’m proud to feel part of this world and I’m proud of all its artists.”


MUCHOS DE VOSOTROS recordaráis a nuestro amigo Fran, a quien conocimos en Restaurante Primavera (haz clic aquí, aquí, y aquí). Si conocieras a Fran, créeme, lo recordarías. Fran es un chico local, un ex bombero, un camarero fenomenal, actor, modelo y más, que estudió tanto en la Universidad de Sevilla como en la Universidad de Málaga (donde también estudió derecho, creo). Un verdadero hombre renacentista.

Fran se fue a Madrid hace varios meses para continuar su desarrollo profesional, perfeccionando su oficio delante y detrás de la cámara. Lo extrañamos, pero nos alegra saber que ha prosperado en Madrid.

Fran compartió un clip ayer que nos sorprendió incluso a nosotros, que pensaron que no podíamos sorprendernos por la amplitud de sus talentos.




The photo at the top of the story was grabbed a few minutes ago this beautiful (finally) morning from Webcam Fuengirola on Plaza de la Constitución.
La foto en la parte superior de la historia fue hecho hace unos minutos esta hermosa (finalmente) mañana desde Webcam Fuengirola en la Plaza de la Constitución.

¿Capitán América?

La versión español está después de la versión inglés.

THE IRRESISTIBLE FRAN trimmed his beard a few weeks ago into what he thought was Captain America style. He wants to BE Captain America but no one will buy him the costume. And, of course, he doesn’t want just ANY Captain America costume. He wants one that’s totally authentic. Do you suppose he looks pathetic enough in the first photo below? Would YOU buy him the costume?

In addition to not getting his wish of a Captain America costume, Fran was, as I mentioned previously (click here), a bit put out by the fact that so many of his co-workers have gotten air time on my blog. So, Thursday night, while dining at Restaurante Primavera, we made a special request for Fran and only Fran to grate our cheese. All is apparently forgiven. He’s so easy.


EL IRRESISTIBLE FRAN recortó su barba hace unas semanas en lo que él pensó que era el estilo del Capitán América. Quiere SER el Capitán América, pero nadie le comprará el disfraz. Y, por supuesto, no quiere CUALQUIER disfraz de Capitán América. Él quiere uno que sea totalmente auténtico. ¿Crees que se ve lo suficientemente patético en la primera foto a continuación? ¿Le comprarías el disfraz?

Además de no obtener su deseo de un disfraz de Capitán América, Fran, como mencioné anteriormente (haz clic aquí), estaba un poco molesto por el hecho de que muchos de sus compañeros han tenido momentos en mi blog. Entonces, el jueves por la noche, mientras cenábamos en el Restaurante Primavera, hicimos una solicitud especial para que Fran y solo Fran rallaran nuestro queso. Todo está aparentemente perdonado. Él es tan fácil.

San Geraldo: “You think that’s enough? More!”
San Geraldo: “¿Crees que es suficiente? ¡Más!”
Don’t you love how the heavens shine down on him?
¿No te encanta cómo brillan los cielos sobre él?
Carmen photobomb/fotobomba

Ronda: The Fan Dance

Friday, while strolling scaling the streets of Ronda, Judy and I noticed a shop called ArtesamArt (http://www.artesamart.com). There were some beautiful fans in the windows and the place didn’t look touristy, so we went inside.

I roamed the store and admired the jewellery, leather goods, pottery, and other handmade pieces while Judy talked with the salesperson, Maria. Judy was looking for a “typical Spanish fan.”

We met one of the owners, Francisco, who told us some of the history of fans and encouraged us to visit the exhibit space upstairs. He joined us and we got a private tour beyond compare. I had no idea the fan actually originated in Egypt and the folding fan was invented in China, probably in the 7th century.

Francisco explained to us how some of the different types of fans are made and also shared stories of his mother (a collector), grandmother, and great-grandmother. Apparently, his grandmother didn’t fan herself but slapped the open fan against her breast, while his great-grandmother opened and closed hers incessantly, never fanning herself, but instead tapping the closed fan against her open palm. We came home with little booklets describing the “language” of the fan.

We were in the store for well over an hour. I’m now a huge fan.


Lessons from the expert…