The First Cut Is The Deepest

I had a little accident Friday morning while getting ready to face the world.

My beard was in serious need of a trim. We were meeting old friends Steve and Hector for dinner in Málaga and I had to look my best.

So, after breakfast and before my shower, I pulled out my trusty beard trimmer, set the blade height, and took a first broad upward swipe just right of center — from chin to the corner of my mustache.

Important Reminder: 
Always double-check the trimmer settings before using your beard trimmer.

Instead of neatening the uneven growth, I created a trail of bald. Oops!

Not one to cry over spilt milk (usually), I figured I could just leave the soul patch and mustache. But after trying that, I decided it wasn’t a good look for me. Nor, I decided, was a lonely mustache.

So, I buzzed it all off to stubble.

Unlike the hair on top of my head, the hair on my face still grows back.

P.S.: Selfies always make my nose look enormous! (Or maybe I just never realized it really is enormous.)